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Buffy, my crush on Jonah? It's gone.

Jyrus is the friendship pairing between Cyrus Goodman and Jonah Beck on the TV series, Andi Mack. Cyrus is fascinated by Jonah and Jonah is very friendly and nice to Cyrus. They both care about each other a lot. Cyrus reveals to Buffy that he has a crush on Jonah in Hey, Who Wants Pizza? and to Andi in Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!. In Keep a Lid On It, however, Cyrus reveals that his crush on Jonah has gone away for good.

Cyrus and Jonah are portrayed by Joshua Rush and Asher Angel respectively.

Ship name:

  • Jyrus = Jonah + Cyrus


Season 1

Outside the Box

  • When Cyrus learns about Jonah Beck and Andi practicing frisbee together, he says that's the best thing to ever happen and it didn't even happen to him.
  • Cyrus gets nervous and tongue-tied when he sees Jonah Beck approaching; and when Jonah talks to him.
  • Jonah Beck is pleased when Cyrus says he's their first fan.
  • Cyrus thinks Jonah Beck is very cool for having a high school girlfriend and he calls Amber "pretty".


  • Cyrus is excited for Jonah Beck during the first Space Otters Frisbee game.
  • Cyrus helps Jonah Beck's team by providing them with sunscreen, drinks and snacks. He later does this for every game.
  • Jonah Beck leads the team to cheer for Cyrus which makes Cyrus very happy.

Dancing in the Dark

  • Cyrus gets nervous and starts to tense up when Jonah comes over to talk to the three of them.
  • Cyrus photobombs Jonah Beck and Andi Mack's selfie.

It's Not About You

  • Cyrus tells Buffy and Andi how amazing it is for Jonah to say hi to him.
  • When Jonah asks Cyrus to talk, Cyrus gets nervous thinking he did something wrong.
  • When Andi is staring at Jonah lovingly, saying that he would never love her, Jonah is looking at Cyrus the same way.
  • Jonah and Cyrus do a handshake and try a "hi five" but Cyrus is too nervous so he messes up.
  • Cyrus calls the double date a hang with Jonah and doesn't seem to remember it's about Iris.
  • Cyrus asks Andi for advice on what to wear on his hang with Jonah.
  • Both Jonah and Cyrus are afraid of riding the rides.
  • After the wreck during the date, Cyrus is most worried that Jonah Beck might never talk to him again.

She Said, She Said

  • Cyrus says Jonah Beck is like a human sunbeam.
  • When Jonah Beck gets brokenhearted after finding out about Amber, Cyrus says he didn't need to know that Jonah Beck is a human.

Dad Influence

  • Cyrus offers to talk to Jonah Beck instead of letting Buffy do it.
  • Cyrus smiles when Jonah says that he doesn't want a girlfriend.
  • Cyrus cheers Jonah up by asking him to follow his heart, and he can do anything since he's Jonah Beck. Unfortunately, it backfires when Jonah follows his instincts to get back to Amber.

Terms of Embarrassment

  • Cyrus doesn't seem excited about Andi ever finding out what Jonah Beck wanted to tell her.
  • It's shown once again that Cyrus is the only fan of Jonah Beck's Space Otters Frisbee team.
  • Cyrus smiles when he gets a text from Jonah Beck but is surprised when the text says, "U R Girly".
  • Cyrus enlists Buffy to help him learn how to talk to Jonah Beck and impress him.
  • Cyrus gets so nervous around Jonah that he can't even think of a cool nickname for him.
  • Jonah says Cyrus is cool and he reveals that the text was meant to say "Gnarly" but got auto-corrected.

Home Away From Home

  • When Amber and Iris bail on their double-date with Cyrus and Jonah, Cyrus blows off Buffy just so he and Jonah could still do the date alone, without the girls.
  • Jonah Beck and Cyrus buy matching jackets and they plan to wear them at the same time.
  • Cyrus is so excited to show Buffy all the photos he took with Jonah Beck during their time together.
  • Cyrus is heartbroken when Jonah Beck fails to wear the matching jacket and calls it "dorky".
  • Cyrus tries to play cool and act like he's not hurt in front of Jonah Beck but makes it clear to Buffy that he's hurt.

Were We Ever?

  • Cyrus stares at Jonah through the window when he taps on it to talk to Andi Mack.

Best Surprise Ever

  • Cyrus and Jonah Beck wave at each other despite Andi's wish for a Jonah-free lifestyle.
  • Cyrus tells Andi he misses Jonah Beck and that he liked it better when they liked Jonah.
  • Amber tells Jonah that if Andi looks back, she likes him more than a friend. Both Andi and Cyrus look back. In fact, Cyrus looks at Jonah the longest.
  • Jonah talks to Cyrus to help figure out what's going on with Andi and Cyrus wants to help him out.
  • Cyrus tries to cheer Jonah Beck up by bringing up Space Otters next game, but Jonah is too upset to be there. So, he asks Cyrus to tell the team that the game is cancelled.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

  • Jonah invites Cyrus to an event concerning their Frisbee team. When Jonah announces the Space Otter’s MVP, both Buffy and Cyrus turn to Andi, saying it would be her. Much to the group’s surprise, Jonah crowns Cyrus the MVP of the Space Otters.
  • Jonah and Cyrus share their first hug in the series (excluding the episode "Terms of Embarrassment", when they did the hand-shake and patted each others' backs).
  • Jonah and Cyrus dine with friends at the Spoon.
  • Cyrus reveals to Buffy that he has feelings for Jonah, and is jealous of Andi's relationship.
  • Cyrus stares at Jonah Beck along with Andi Mack when Jonah is talking to some friends across the cafeteria.
  • Buffy and Cyrus have a conversation and he tells her that seeing Jonah and Andi together doesn't pain him. Buffy knows that he's lying.
  • Iris comments on how much she likes Cyrus' uncomplicated life, making Cyrus tense, knowing that he has to tell Iris about his feelings for Jonah Beck sometime.

Friends Like These

  • When Jonah says that he knows they're "The Good Hair Crew", Cyrus quickly wants to invite him to join their gang.
  • When Jonah says they're cool, Cyrus starts bragging that Jonah called him cool.


  • Cyrus invites Jonah Beck to his upcoming bar mitzvah.
  • Jonah attempts to teach Cyrus how to skateboard.
  • Cyrus is scared to skateboard at first but gets energized when Jonah says that he hopes they can skateboard together.
  • When Cyrus fell in the bushes while skating, Jonah quickly called for an ambulance.

You're the One That I Want

  • While looking through Natalie's frisbee videos, Cyrus admits that frisbee is boring and he only watched Space Otters Frisbee Team because of Jonah Beck.
  • Cyrus agrees to help Andi with her Jonah issues despite his feelings for Jonah.

Miniature Gulf

  • Jonah wants to become part of Cyrus' entourage when Cyrus is asked to star in the Jefferson Middle School videos.
  • Jonah helps Cyrus with his videos by recording him and trying to help him gain confidence.
  • When Jonah notices that Cyrus is uncomfortable being in front of the camera, Jonah goes in and says Cyrus lines. They switch places, with Cyrus going behind the camera.
  • Cyrus says Jonah is born to be a star.

We Were Never

  • Jonah puts his hand on Cyrus' shoulder and tells him that he's there for him and will help him with anything he needs.
  • Jonah doesn't want to wear the bracelet Andi made for him.
  • Jonah goes suit shopping with Cyrus to determine his bar mitzvah attire.
  • Cyrus admits he wanted Jonah's opinion on his bar mitzvah suit, rather than Andi's or Buffy's.
  • Jonah calls Cyrus' suit choice "maximum magocious" and that he "likes the whole thing".
  • Jonah admits that he doesn’t like labels, subsequently "breaking up with Andi" in the process.

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

  • Cyrus finally reveals to Andi that he has a crush on Jonah Beck.
  • Cyrus and Andi bond over how cute and mysterious Jonah is.
  • Jonah is one of the guests to Cyrus' bar mitzvah.
  • When Jonah needs distraction from the girls, he asks Cyrus for help.

Truth or Truth

  • Cyrus invites Jonah to play "property" board game with him and Buffy.
  • During the game, Cyrus asks Jonah that they should team together against Buffy.

A Walker to Remember

  • Cyrus told Jonah that he's a Jonah Beck superfan for life.

Crime Scene: AndiShack!

  • When Jonah needs friends to help with making pancakes for the Space Otters Frisbee Team, he calls Cyrus (and Buffy).
  • Jonah tries to help Cyrus with his friendship with Buffy.
  • Both Jonah and Cyrus open up about their panic attacks to each other.

Keep a Lid On It

  • When Jonah is trying for the regional league ultimate Frisbee team, Cyrus comes to support him and cheer him on.
  • After Jonah fails to make the team, he says he is glad to have Cyrus as a friend and the two share a hug. 
  • Cyrus reveals to Buffy the feelings he had for Jonah have gone away and that he now sees Jonah as a friend.

Season 3

Howling at the Moon Festival

  • Cyrus calls Jonah "the perfect boyfriend".
  • Cyrus helps Jonah deal with the wax situation.
  • Cyrus helps Jonah relax when he sees that Jonah is starting to panic.

It's a Dilemna

  • Jonah asks Cyrus how hard was on the dance classes, to which Cyrus replied that it was torture.
  • Jonah was laughing at Cyrus' comment.
  • Jonah and Cyrus spent great time at Color Factory with Buffy and Walker.

Hole in the Wall

  • Cyrus supported Jonah during his performance.
  • Cyrus cheered loudly at Jonah's first performance.
  • Cyrus liked both versions of Jonah's song.
  • Jonah asks Cyrus for help.
  • Cyrus helped Jonah figure out how to fix situation with Andi.

That Syncing Feeling

  • Jonah was laughing at Cyrus' joke.
  • Jonah was eager to sail with Cyrus instead of Andi.
  • Cyrus and Jonah were sailing together in a canoe.
  • Cyrus and Jonah were splashing with Buffy and Walker.
  • Jonah rowed for himself and Cyrus.

I Got Your Number

  • Jonah and Cyrus play ping pong at Cyrus' house until TJ shows up and Jonah leaves.
  • Jonah explains to Cyrus the grudge he holds against TJ is from when they were on Little League Baseball together.
  • Cyrus gets Jonah and TJ to talk about the incident.

Secret Society

  • Jonah tell Cyrus, Buffy and Andi about Jefferson's Secret Society.
  • Later Jonah is trying to make sure Cyrus is able to keep a secret.
  • Jonah embrace Cyrus when they walk away from Buffy and Andi.
  • Jonah and Cyrus with Andi helped Walker with his prom invitation to Buffy.

The Quacks

  • Cyrus and Jonah told Buffy that she should break out with Walker in person.
  • Cyrus helped Jonah communicate with Libby.
  • Cyrus told Jonah that he should learn sign language.
  • Cyrus helped Jonah understand why he didn't learn sign language yet and he helped him overcome his fear.

One in a Minyan

  • Cyrus invited Jonah with Andi and Buffy for his grandmother Shiva.
  • Jonah was genuinely intrigued by Cyrus family Jewish tradition.
  • They prayed together.
  • Cyrus helped Jonah overcome his panic attack.
  • Jonah was happy that he has a friend like Cyrus.
  • Cyrus help Jonah with Jewish dishes and he also come out to him in the same moment.
  • Cyrus finally came out to Jonah saying he's gay, to which Jonah is very supportive towards him


  • They both go to Jefferson Middle School.
  • They're both friends with Andi Mack.
  • They're both quite sensitive.
  • They have both been through a breakup.
  • They're the only 2 male main characters out of 6 for Seasons 1 and 2.
  • They both have similar eyebrows, height and hairstyles.


  • Jonah is athletic, while Cyrus is not.
  • While Jonah is very sociable, Cyrus tends to be awkward around other people.
  • Jonah seems to be popular, while Cyrus isn't.
  • Cyrus is gay, while Jonah is straight.


Did you see that? Jonah Beck said hi to me. Like, whatever, no BD, we're friends.

— Cyrus about Jonah

Buffy  : He's coming over.
Cyrus  : I'm so nervous.
Jonah  : Hey, friends of Andi Mack!
Cyrus  : (nervous, whispering) Jonah Beck?
Jonah  : You can just call me Jonah.
Cyrus  : (whispering to Buffy) Did you hear that? Jonah Beck just said we can call him Jonah.

If I was him... (pauses for 10 seconds) it would be so great if I was him. Where was I?

Cyrus about Jonah, "Dad Influence"


  • In Hey, Who Wants Pizza?, Cyrus reveals to Buffy that he has a crush on Jonah.
  • In Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!, Cyrus reveals to Andi that he has a crush on Jonah.
  • A parallel between Tyrus and Jyrus, is Home Away From Home and Mount Rushmore or Less, where Cyrus gets ditched by Jonah and TJ, respectively.
  • Cyrus is gay, as well as the first main LGBT+ character on Disney Channel.
  • As of Keep a Lid On It, Cyrus' crush has ended.
  • In One in a Minyan Cyrus told Jonah that he is gay. Jonah simply responded with “Yeah… cool”, meaning he supports Cyrus as his best friend.