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You can say "girlfriend," silly!

— Iris to Cyrus

Cyrus  : Well the good news is we already have a mash-up name - "Cyris" with an "i".
Iris  : You're so clever! (laughs)

Cyris is the friendship and former relationship between Cyrus Goodman and Iris. They were set up by Amber during Andi Mack's dance party in Dancing in the Dark. They broke up when Cyrus realized he likes boys. Cyrus and Iris are portrayed by Joshua Rush and Molly Jackson.

Cyris = Cyrus + Iris


Season 1

Dancing in the Dark

  • Amber introduces Cyrus to her friend, Iris who thinks Cyrus is cute.

It's Not About You

  • Jonah Beck tells Cyrus that Amber and Iris want to double date but Cyrus barely remembers Iris.
  • When Iris arrives, Cyrus says he's already made up a ship name / mash-up name for them, "Cyris."
  • During the double date, Iris says Cyrus is funny and keeps laughing at his jokes.
  • Amber says Cyrus and Iris are already a very cute couple, but she seems jealous of their cuteness. So, she makes fun of Cyrus shoes.
  • When Cyrus says he's fussy, Iris says she's fussy too.
  • Cyrus tries to win a stuffed animal for Iris but fails repeatedly; so Iris plays and wins one for him.
  • When Cyrus gets scared of the ride, Iris comes over and seems pretty worried for him.

Home Away From Home

  • Amber has advised Iris to give Cyrus the silent treatment following the embarrassment in their previous double-date.
  • When Iris fails to respond to Cyrus's texts, he assumes that Iris has dumped him.
  • When Cyrus takes Buffy as a replacement in their "sports" double-date, Iris is worried that Cyrus has moved on to another girl. So, she and Amber decide to bail on the double-date, leaving Jonah with Cyrus.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

  • Cyrus officially introduces Iris to his friends, Buffy and Andi.
  • Iris tells Cyrus that it's okay for him to call her "girlfriend."
  • Cyrus and Iris act all cute and romantic in front of Andi and Buffy.
  • They realize how much they have in common because of their shared passions for dinosaurs.
  • Iris and Cyrus have their first kiss
  • After coming out to Buffy, Cyrus is unsure of how to tell Iris that he likes boys instead because he still cares a lot about her.

Friends Like These

  • Cyrus and Iris take a walk, talking about how cute they are as a couple.
  • Iris invites Cyrus over when she's home alone to watch a movie together.
  • While watching the movie, Iris leans on Cyrus and says how she feels safe around him.
  • Iris turns the volume down and goes for a kiss, which pressures Cyrus to quickly and awkwardly kiss her.
  • Cyrus apologizes for the terrible kiss but Iris says it will get better.
  • Cyrus leaves the date abruptly, feeling bad for Iris because he can never love her the way she loves him because he is not attracted to girls.

A Good Hair Day

  • Cyrus runs into Iris while at the Renaissance Faire.
  • Cyrus sits down with Iris and tells her that although he likes Iris, he doesn't like her the way she likes him.
  • After a clean breakup, Cyrus asks if they can still be friends, and Iris happily agrees.


  • Cyrus does not remember their first meeting.
  • They have rhyming names.
  • In the season 2 premiere, Iris and Cyrus kiss.