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Mom! People are talking about me behind my back! I know. I'm proud of me, too!

— Cyrus in Cookie Monster

Cyrus Goodman is a main character in Andi Mack. He is one of Andi's best friends. Cyrus is the first Disney main character to come out as gay.

He is portrayed by Joshua Rush.


Cyrus is incredibly kind and has an open mind, wanting to see the best in everyone and give them a chance, like with TJ. Cyrus is endlessly supportive and deeply selfless, sometimes to his own detriment as he often puts others' happiness before his own. He might not be the strongest or coolest boy in Jefferson Middle School, but people naturally like him when they get to know him; Buffy even says you'd have to be a monster to not be nice to Cyrus. He is funny, adorable, and has a tendency to be dramatic.

Cyrus suffers from bouts of anxiety and has a lot of fears. He is also quite clumsy and is prone to illness and injury. While Cyrus is who he is and doesn't try to be like anyone else, he can be very self-deprecating. He has self-esteem issues and doesn't believe himself to be very important. However, he goes from being awkward, shy, and afraid of so many things to rather confident, assertive, and daring over the course of the series. He goes from being afraid of his feelings for a boy and what it means to proudly but casually coming out as gay to his former crush. TJ believes in Cyrus wholeheartedly and pushes him out of his comfort zone; with TJ, Cyrus learns to stand up for himself and face his fears.

Despite his good intentions, Cyrus isn't always very trustworthy, telling his mother about Andi's secret and telling TJ how to get Buffy to do what he wants her to. Cyrus is also friendly and a pacifist to a fault; he dislikes conflict and just wants everyone to get along, leading him to overlook people's reasons for not getting along. However, Cyrus has a knack for communication and encourages it among his friends, often helping them work through their problems. He clearly takes after his therapist parents as he gives good, rational advice and has a way of making people feel comfortable enough to open up to him. He is perceptive and good at reading people and situations; it's rare for him to not know or suspect what's going on. He has his future in mind, already thinking about college despite only being in middle school.

Physical Appearance

In Season 1, Cyrus is the shortest of the The Good Hair Crew but by Season 3, he has grown really tall and lean. He has dark brown hair, large brown eyes, and a mole on his cheek. He usually wears sweaters, polos, and button-up shirts.


Cyrus Goodman grew up in a religious Jewish family. At some point, his parents, Leslie and Norman, divorced and both remarried. All four of Cyrus' parents are mental health professionals. Cyrus is a student at Jefferson Middle School where he attends with his best friends, Andi Mack and Buffy Driscoll. Cyrus was the first person to see Bex's secret baby picture when he was going through Andi's stuff in the Andi Shack. In Shhh!, Cyrus started helping Jonah Beck's Space Otters Frisbee Team by providing them with sunblock, cool drinks and snacks to keep them refreshed.

Season 1

Since Andi told him and Buffy that she is the secret baby, Cyrus has been supportive and there to listen to Andi about the tension at home. In Dancing in the Dark, Cyrus tries to help Andi with the situation by telling his mom the secret. Since Cyrus' mom is a big gossip, she tells everyone in town about Andi's and Bex's secret. He says he did it to make it easier for Andi since telling each person would be very difficult for Andi. At Andi's party, Cyrus tries to introduce himself to Amber, but realizes that Amber already knows him. Amber introduces Cyrus to her friend, Iris, who thinks Cyrus is cute. Cyrus is the one who warns Andi and Bex when Celia and Ham return home during the party.

It's Not About You

Cyrus is proud that he can now confidently talk with Jonah Beck. Jonah asks Cyrus to double date with him and Amber, and Iris. Cyrus reveals to Jonah that his parents are both shrinks who got divorced and married two other shrinks. He also reveals that he is Jewish. He seems mostly excited to hang out with Jonah. He asks Andi for date advice and how to dress. Unfortunately, he embarrasses himself during the double date when he gets nauseous at the merry go round rides. He pukes in his shoe and walks back home in one shoe.

Terms of Embarrassment

Cyrus gets concerned about being too girly when he receives a text from Jonah saying "Ur girly!" He asks Buffy about it and Buffy tells him to calm down since there's nothing wrong with being girly. Cyrus enlists Buffy to help him look and act more manly in order to impress Jonah. Buffy teaches Cyrus sports talk, how to shake hands like a boy and even how to nod to Jonah. When ready, Buffy takes Cyrus to meet Jonah but he's still too nervous. Jonah notices Cyrus' new look and reveals that he likes his usual look. Then Cyrus asks Jonah why he thinks he's girly. It turns out Jonah meant to say he's gnarly but it auto corrected to girly. Cyrus is happy when Jonah says he's cool and he's relieved that he doesn't have to change himself to impress Jonah.

Home Away From Home

Cyrus and Jonah are meant to go on their second date with Amber and Iris, but Iris isn't responding to Cyrus' texts. Cyrus assumes that Iris has dumped him so he asks Buffy to go with him instead since he'd already bought the tickets and she agrees halfheartedly. On the day of the double-date, Jonah comes alone and tells Cyrus that Amber and Iris are doing their own thing together because they overhead that Cyrus has moved on to another girl. Cyrus explains why he's going with Buffy but Jonah reveals that Iris was just giving him the silent treatment - something she had learned from Amber. With Amber and Iris out of the way, Cyrus blows Buffy off and asks her to leave so that it's just him and Jonah on the date.

Cyrus and Jonah have a great date during which the two take a lot of photos and buy matching jackets. Afterwards, Cyrus shows the photos to Buffy who is still disappointed that Cyrus blew her off. Buffy tries to force Cyrus to give her the jacket because he owes her for that but Cyrus refuses because he and Jonah have plans to wear the matching jackets together. Unfortunately, Jonah shows up to school without the jacket. Cyrus asks him why he didn't wear it and Jonah simply tells him he did not want to look like a couple of dorks. This upsets Cyrus and he gives the jacket to Buffy.

Were We Ever?

Cyrus makes a mark with The Good Hair Crew when they protest together against the unreasonable dress code. Despite being concerned of not getting to use his James Bond collection shirts and the picture day pose he'd planned, Cyrus helps Buffy and Andi run a successful protest.

Best Surprise Ever

Following the protest and the fallout between Andi and Jonah, Cyrus feels bad that he can't interact with Jonah as he used to. Cyrus still wants to be close to Jonah but Andi wants a Jonah-free lifestyle. Cyrus even waves at Jonah against Andi's wishes. He says that he liked it better when they liked Jonah. After leaving the diner, Amber tells Jonah that if Andi turns and looks back, she likes him, and not just as friend.

Cyrus turns and looks back at Jonah, implying that he likes him. And not just as a friend.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

Cyrus introduces his girlfriend Iris to Buffy and Andi but he seems uncomfortable around her and they seem skeptical of their relationship. His first kiss with Iris is awkward, but he tells his friends about it anyway to impress them.

Cyrus comes out to Buffy

Later, Cyrus and his friends are invited by Jonah to the Space Otters Frisbee Team party, during which Jonah awards Cyrus the MVP of the team. After the party, Cyrus is excited to talk to Jonah but Jonah only wants to talk to Andi. Cyrus is disappointed. When alone with Buffy, Cyrus admits that he was jealous when he saw Jonah and Andi talking. Buffy asks him if he likes Andi but Cyrus denies it in a way that makes Buffy realize that Cyrus likes Jonah.

Cyrus then comes out to Buffy, revealing that he has a crush on Jonah.

Cyrus, you've always been weird. But you're no different.

— Buffy to Cyrus, "Hey, Who Wants Pizza?"

He tells Buffy that he feels weird and different but Buffy tells him that he is not different. Buffy makes sure that Cyrus knows that she supports him and will always be there for him. They are both glad that Cyrus told Buffy about it. Next, Cyrus is now faced with some challenges. How is Cyrus going to break it to his new girlfriend, Iris, that he likes boys?

Upon seeing Andi and Jonah together, Buffy tries to make Cyrus feel better by mocking them. However, despite his admitted jealousy, Cyrus insists that seeing them together is not painful and that he would like to tell Andi that he likes Jonah too at some point. All he asks of Buffy is to be patient and give him time to collect his thoughts and feelings and wait for him to be ready to talk about them.

Friends Like These

Iris asks Cyrus out on a date at her house while she's home alone. When Iris leans in for a kiss, Cyrus feels pressured to kiss. So, he gives her a quick awkward kiss on the lips. He apologizes to Iris for the horrible kiss. Iris tells him it will get better but Cyrus says it won't. He is not ready to tell her why he's not attracted to her. So, he walks out, leaving Iris confused. Later on, Cyrus confides with Buffy about the awkward kiss experience and mentions that he will eventually have to tell his parents that he likes boys. He asks Buffy if he is going to be okay, to which she promises that he already is.

A Good Hair Day

Iris runs into Cyrus at the annual Renaissance Faire. They both have an equal passion for the Ren Faire but first, they must address the elephant in the room. Cyrus apologizes to her about the awkward kiss. And without the need to say much, Iris figures out that Cyrus only likes her as a friend. Iris understands. They agree to continue being friends, after which they have a lot of adventures together at the faire.

Miniature Gulf

Cyrus is chosen to make videos for the school to show new students about life at Jefferson Middle School. He chooses Jonah to be his cameraman for the videos. Although he is at first excited to be the face of these videos he quickly becomes nervous. The videos do not go well as he is sweaty and jittery. To make himself feel better Cyrus goes to the park to swing. TJ joins him on the swings before being interrupted by Buffy who wants to speak with TJ alone. She asks Cyrus to leave, which he does, but not before telling Buffy, " know where to find me..." and TJ, "...and so do you."

We Were Never

Cyrus is stressing over his bar mitzvah. Firstly he has trouble finding room to fit all of his family in important ceremonies. Cyrus finished his invitation list by inviting TJ to his party. In the episode he reveals to TJ that Buffy's magic words are "You're right." Later on he goes suit shopping with Jonah where he tries on multiple different suits. He decides on a blue suit.

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

Cyrus celebrates his bar mitzvah with his friends and family, including his four psychiatrist parents. After noticing how stressed Andi is about Jonah, Cyrus finally comes out to Andi. He tells Andi that he knows how she feels because he likes Jonah too. At a fortune teller booth, the fortune teller tells Cyrus that he will go to Ivy League but won't graduate. Later on, Cyrus continues to celebrate his big day while also helping Andi and Buffy with their issues.

A Walker to Remember

When TJ is benched from playing, Cyrus goes to cheer him up. He helps TJ come to terms with his learning disability. He also convinces TJ to tell his math teacher about his dyscalculia. This helps TJ get back in the team. However, this also compromises Cyrus' friendship with Buffy. Buffy confronts Cyrus for choosing to spend the time with her enemy instead of cheering for her during the game. Cyrus apologizes. But when Buffy gets suspended from the team for helping TJ cheat on his homework, she learns that Cyrus is the one who taught TJ how to manipulate her. So, she tells Cyrus that he can't be friends with her if he's friends with TJ. She gives him an ultimatum, and while he seems shocked by this at first, Cyrus yells after Buffy that she is his best friend and that he chooses her over anyone, but she leaves anyway.

Crime Scene: AndiShack!

Cyrus' fight with Buffy escalates and Buffy even stops talking to him. Even though Cyrus says that he chooses Buffy, he doesn't deny that he will continue to be TJ's friend once Buffy is gone. They're forced to work together when Jonah asks them to help him in making pancakes for Space Otters fundraiser. Cyrus tries everything to get Buffy to talk to him but it's no use. When he can't take it anymore, he starts shouting asking Buffy to please say something, anything. He says that he can't handle the silence anymore. When Jonah finds them fighting, he gets a panic attack scare, forcing him to reveal to them about his panic attacks. They both sit down to help. Cyrus then reveals that he had a panic attack too the time that he met TJ at the swing set for the first time. After realizing that it was TJ who helped Cyrus through it, Buffy feels guilty. She forgives Cyrus and tells him that he can be friends with anyone he wants.

For the Last Time

Cyrus wants to make a time capsule for Buffy. Andi agrees but Buffy doesn't like the idea because she fears it will make her too emotional. In the time capsule, they put various momentos including #goodhaircrew t-shirts that Cyrus made for the trio. Following Buffy's departure, Cyrus is left with no one to push or encourage him. In Buffy in a Bottle, he struggles with doing a somersault. If Buffy was there, she would have pushed him not to give up. Luckily, TJ swoops in and takes Cyrus to the gym, and trains him how to do somersault. He gets it at last.

Keep a Lid on It

Cyrus is glad to have Buffy back. However, he spends most of the time helping Jonah during his tryouts for the regional ultimate frisbee league. He provides Jonah with emotional support and also supplies him with snacks and drinks to keep him hydrated. After the game, he stays by Jonah's side as they wait to hear whether Jonah made it. Unfortunately, Jonah doesn't make the team. Cyrus gives him a hug in support. This makes Cyrus realize his crush on Jonah has changed, explaining to Buffy how hugging Jonah used to make his heart race but that it didn't this time.

Bought, Lost or Stolen

Cyrus runs into Amber as she gets out of a therapy session with Cyrus' stepmother, Sharon Frank. He freaks out but apologizes to Amber later. He tells Amber she can trust him. So, Amber tests him by lying to him that her deepest secret is that she spits on hamburgers. Cyrus passes the test by knocking down Buffy's burger without spilling Amber's secret. This makes Amber know that she can trust Cyrus. So, Amber agrees to open up to Cyrus. Cyrus and Amber make plans to start hanging out together. This gets on Buffy's nerves in We're on Cloud Ten because she can't stand Amber. She asks Cyrus why he feels the need to hangout with unfriendly people like TJ and Amber. But Cyrus defends Amber, saying that according to her, Buffy is the unfriendly one. He asks them to become friends but they both refuse. So, Cyrus tricks them into coming to his dad's office where they run into each other. He makes them sit down and work out their differences. He makes Buffy admit that Amber has never done anything wrong to her, and she only hates Amber because of things she did to Andi. He also gets Amber to admit that she only dislikes Buffy because Buffy dislikes her. Cyrus uses that to convince Buffy and Amber that they have no reason to hate each other but they both refuse to be friends. However, they both share a laugh together while making fun of Cyrus for being so old-fashioned.

The Cake That Takes the Cake

Cyrus tries to get Buffy to rejoin the Jefferson Middle School Basketball Team and make up with TJ, but Buffy refuses. He goes to great lengths to convince Buffy that she still likes basketball. Eventually, Buffy reveals that she isn't joining the team because she is starting a girls' basketball team instead. Afterwards, Cyrus asks Buffy and TJ to make up but Buffy asks for a heartfelt apology from TJ. TJ surprises both of them with an amazing cheer-rap praising Buffy's skills. As TJ walks away and looks back, Buffy says she's confused, and Cyrus says he is too.

Season 3

After spending the summer in the UK, Cyrus returns home only to get involved in a drama between Andi and Buffy. Andi feels betrayed because Buffy is now dating her ex-crush, Walker. Back at school, Cyrus has another problem waiting for him - P.E class. Unable to handle the P.E. class, he seeks out an alternative in dance. But it turns out that dance is much harder than he imagined.

Cookie Monster

Cyrus is exuberant when TJ invites him to hangout with him and his friends the following Saturday. He is even happier to learn that TJ talks to his friends about him. On that Saturday, Cyrus meets up with TJ's friends, Reed and Lester. Reed likes Cyrus and thinks he's funny. He challenges Cyrus to step outside his comfort zone and try riding the dirt bikes with them, so TJ teaches Cyrus how to ride the bike. Cyrus is shocked when Reed reveals that he brought his dad's gun so that they can shoot watermelons for fun. Cyrus immediately backs out of the situation and suggests to TJ that he leave as well, but he doesn't. Despite his worry that TJ will hate him, Cyrus goes to report the incident to Principal Metcalf, only to find that the principal and the local police are already aware of the gun.

The New Girls

Buffy and Andi are understandably concerned for Cyrus' safety, so they prevent him from talking to TJ because they think he's dangerous. TJ keeps calling and texting Cyrus to explain himself, but Andi and Buffy force Cyrus to block TJ's number. Cyrus notices TJ sitting alone at lunch and wants to check on him, but Buffy and Andi hold him back. Cyrus goes to the swing set and TJ comes there looking for him so that he can apologize. TJ explains that he didn't know Reed would bring a gun, and that he never would've gone and definitely wouldn't have brought Cyrus if he did. He assumes Cyrus hates him and blames himself for ruining "anything good" in his life. Cyrus calls TJ out for not actually apologizing. This leads to an intense exchange which ends with TJ admitting that Cyrus is the only person to whom he can talk to like this. TJ later admits that he reported the gun. It turns out that he is trying to become a better person for Cyrus.

I Got Your Number

Cyrus is hanging out at his mother and step-father's house with Jonah. They play a game of ping-pong, which Cyrus is surprisingly good at and wins. TJ arrives and congratulates him, yet as he is about to take over from Jonah, it is revealed that Jonah doesn't like TJ. Cyrus gets to the bottom of why, discovering that TJ took Jonah's baseball jersey when they were in little league together, which broke out into a fight and caused Jonah to quit the sport. Cyrus insists that the two talk through it, but TJ denies taking Jonah's jersey. To settle the dispute once and for all, Cyrus pulls up a photo of the Little League team from the Internet, and they see that Jonah was right. TJ did take it, but he didn't realize because his dyscalculia made him think the jersey said 12 instead of 21. TJ and Jonah make up and open up about their problems with the help of Cyrus.

The Quacks

Cyrus is concerned for his dance exam as he still isn't a good dancer. He gratefully accepts Amber's offer to help him, and she tries to teach him some simple choreography.

One in a Minyan

Cyrus loses his grandma, Bubbe Rose. After the funeral, the family enters the third stage of grief according to the Jewish tradition - sitting Shiva where friends and family come to mourn together and share memories. Andi, Buffy and Jonah come to support Cyrus during this difficult time. Cyrus' Aunt Ruthie asks Andi if she's Cyrus' girlfriend, and when Andi says no, Ruthie wonders out loud why Cyrus doesn't have a girlfriend yet. Cyrus later tells Andi and Buffy that he wishes he had told his Bubbe Rose everything about him. Buffy and Andi tell him that his family and friends would still love him even after coming out. Andi tells him that it's his choice, whom he tells and when.

With support from Buffy and Andi, Cyrus becomes determined to come out to Jonah. He starts looking for Jonah without much success. After looking almost everywhere, he finds him breathing heavily, in the midst of having another panic attack. Cyrus talks to him to relieve the anxiety and assures him that it will go away. With Cyrus' help, Jonah's panic attack fades. Jonah thanks Cyrus for helping him through the episode and says he's so grateful to have a friend like him. Following this, Cyrus finds it difficult to come out to Jonah.

Later at the buffet, Andi and Buffy ask Cyrus how it went coming out to Jonah but he says it wasn't the right time. Cyrus then starts helping Jonah choose foods at the buffet. While listing various foods, Cyrus casually concludes the list with "and I'm gay!"

Jonah then looks at Cyrus as if it's not a big deal. He just says, "Oh yeah?... Cool." He makes it clear that he is proud of Cyrus and supports him and doesn't see him as any different. Andi and Buffy are very proud of Cyrus for having the courage to come out to his friend. Cyrus is surprised that it was so easy.

Cyrus tells Buffy and Andi that he won't tell Jonah how he used to feel about him and that he never expected Jonah to even know who he was, never mind be one of his close friends. Right then, TJ walks in with challah bread. Cyrus is delighted that he came, to which TJ responds, "Of course, I came."

Mount Rushmore or Less

Andi recruits the Good Hair Crew and Jonah to do a Mount Rushmore costume for Costume Day while they're at the Spoon and Cyrus is doing a Rorschach test. Later in the day, Cyrus meets TJ at the end of his basketball practice to hang out, and TJ introduces him to Kira, who he's also just met. Cyrus says he knows who Kira is, and Kira remarks that Cyrus is friends with Buffy, who kicked her off the basketball team. She eyes him suspiciously. Kira seems to notice something going on between TJ and Cyrus as they walk away with TJ's hand on Cyrus' shoulder. TJ asks Cyrus to do a duo costume with him - the idea being that he dresses up as "summer" and Cyrus dresses up as "salt" - a call-back to when TJ taught Cyrus how to do a somersault in Buffy in a Bottle, and he agrees. Cyrus asks Buffy if she thinks Andi will be okay with him bailing on Mount Rushmore to do the costume with TJ, talking about how somersaults are "our thing." Buffy says she understands and will ask someone else - Marty - to take his place. However, when Cyrus shows up on Costume Day dressed as a salt shaker, Kira has manipulated TJ into bailing on him, and although TJ is apologetic, Cyrus doesn't understand why he bailed and is heartbroken. Almost in tears, he re-joins Mount Rushmore as Thomas Jefferson.

Hammer Time

Cyrus invites Jonah go on a campout in his backyard to watch a meteor shower. They run into some difficulty when Cyrus' snacks attract wild animals. More complications arise when the tent zipper gets stuck, briefly trapping them inside. Luckily, Jonah is able to cut his way out with the cheese knife. They make it outside just in time to watch the breathtaking meteor shower.

Unloading Zone

Cyrus and Buffy watch TJ and Kira play basketball. When Buffy asks if TJ and Kira are together, Cyrus admits he doesn't know because he and TJ haven't been spending as much time together. Cyrus seems upset but tries to be happy for TJ, and Buffy assures him that TJ will realize Kira isn't a nice person. TJ later approaches Cyrus and asks if he's been avoiding him, to which Cyrus says he hasn't. TJ has just been "otherwise occupied." Cyrus tells TJ he's happy for him and although it doesn't convince Cyrus, TJ clarifies that he and Kira are not a couple. TJ invites Cyrus to hang out with him and Kira but Cyrus is hesitant because of Buffy and Kira's dispute. Kira interrupts them and glares at Cyrus, reluctantly agreeing when TJ invites Cyrus to hang with them. However, Cyrus gets uncomfortable and leaves. Meanwhile, the Good Hair Crew and Jonah plan to give away discarded Mint Chip clothing in protest of the company's wasteful actions. The giveaway is going smoothly when Cyrus picks out a shirt for TJ. He is conflicted about it as he isn't sure if TJ will want a shirt from him, but Buffy convinces him that it's worth trying. She says it might mean something to TJ, and even if it doesn't, it's still a nice gesture. Buffy says the shirt will go with TJ's eyes and Cyrus agrees. TJ texts a thumbs up in approval of the shirt. Cyrus tells him to come pick it up; TJ tells him he's at the park, prompting Cyrus to go meet him with Buffy's encouragement. However, as Cyrus arrives at the playground, he spots TJ and Kira on the swings. He slumps against a tree in heartbreak before leaving, looking back twice. He ends up giving the shirt to Jonah who he says also has nice eyes. However, the giveaway is put to a stop by the police and the Good Hair Crew and Jonah are arrested.

One Girl's Trash

As their punishment for selling Mint Chip clothes without permission the Good Hair Crew have to do 20 hours of community service. Cyrus' allergies acted up and he along with Buffy and Jonah aren't enjoying picking up trash, however Andi is. They all meet at The Spoon. Later Andi tells Buffy and Cyrus' about how her classmate stereotyped her. Cyrus says that maybe she thought that she was complimenting her because people say hurtful things without realizing it. He also helps her with her art project by bringing a prison outfit, the social experiment wristband, and the wig he wore at her party. At school Buffy and Cyrus are interested and a little confused on Andi's art project. So she takes the two of them upstairs to look at it and it's much better looking. It's a portrait of Andi's face and both praise her on how she managed to complete this.

Arts and Inhumanities

Cyrus is at a bowling rink with Buffy. He uses the bowling ball as a weight. When Buffy asks why he's doing it he says it's because a bowling ball should be at least 10% of your body weight. Buffy goes away to put their names in the meter and leaves for awhile. When she comes back she says that meeting Marty's girlfriend wasn't enjoyable. When he sees them arguing he asks if they're arguing about her, which she highly doubts. After seeing Marty's girlfriend break up with him, Cyrus says that he's dead. Cyrus then exits a movie theater with Jonah. They then see Amber and Jonah panics because he didn't tell Cyrus about his chess lie. So when Amber walks up to them. They start to panic and try to steer Amber away. After she leaves, Cyrus asks Jonah to explain the situation. He tells him that he told Amber Cyrus was teaching him to play chess because of how clingy she's been. But he tells Jonah that he doesn't even know how to play chess. But Jonah brushes it off saying it's not true. Amber then comes to Cyrus' office to have a therapy session. But she's very suspicious and suggests that they play chess. During the game Cyrus gets extremely nervous while Amber bests him every move. Cyrus also picks to be white in the chess game, but he suggests Amber go first, which helps tip her off to the fact that Cyrus has never played chess. So she finally comes to the conclusion that Jonah lied to her. However she's more mad at the fact that Cyrus just let it happen. He's tries to defend himself saying that both of them are his friends. But Amber is too hurt, so she leaves. After school the next day, Cyrus catches up to Jonah and tells him that Amber knows about the lie. Jonah tries to think of more ways to avoid Amber, but she actually heard everything and suggest he breakup with her. So Cyrus leaves and once again apologizes to Amber. She tells him that she's no longer mad at him and he then leaves them alone.


The Good Hair Crew

Main Articles: The Good Hair Crew, Andi and Cyrus and Buffy and Cyrus

Buffy and Andi are Cyrus's best friends, and he spends most of his time with them. He accepted to take the blame so Andi doesn't get in trouble for riding a motorbike. When he thought Andi's big change was having her first period, he acted supportive and didn't want to pressure Andi into talking about it if she wasn't ready or comfortable. When Buffy messed up during the relay race, Cyrus tried to advise her that winning isn't everything. He also thinks the trio should call themselves the Good Hair Crew.

Jonah Beck

Main Article: Cyrus and Jonah

Cyrus likes Jonah Beck and thinks he's pretty cool. They are best friends. He has been fascinated by Jonah and tried to impress him for a long time. In Hey, Who Wants Pizza?, he confirms to Buffy that he has a crush on Jonah. In Keep a Lid on It Cyrus tells Buffy he’s over Jonah. Cyrus later comes out to Jonah in One in a Minyan, sharing with Andi and Buffy that, while he doesn't think he will ever tell Jonah how he felt in the past, he has been wrong about a lot about of things when it comes to Jonah Beck.


Main Article: Cyrus and Iris

Iris likes Cyrus. She is introduced to Cyrus by her friend, Amber. Cyrus and Iris realize that they have so much in common and are passionate about the same things. They briefly date and even share their first kiss, but Cyrus realizes he likes Jonah and isn't attracted to girls, so Cyrus and Iris break up and agree to be friends.

TJ Kippen

Main Article: Cyrus and TJ

Cyrus meets TJ through Buffy, and even though TJ and Buffy can't stand each other, the two boys are able to create a friendly relationship. They both can relate and find comfort in each other as they both have "stuff" that they are having difficulties with without explicitly stating what their "stuff" entails. They like each other.
Cyrus gets jealous that TJ is spending a lot of time with Kira, and even seems to think Kira doesn't like him because he is friends with Buffy who kicked her off the basketball team. TJ abandons Cyrus' idea to do a "somersault" costume and instead does a costume with Kira. Eventually, TJ realizes that Kira is trying to make TJ choose between her and Cyrus, and he chooses Cyrus. At the end of We Were Here, TJ confesses what TJ stands for to Cyrus, something he's never told anyone else besides his family. They hold hands at the end of the scene, implying that they are now a couple and TJ is now Cyrus' boyfriend.


  • Cyrus is Disney Channel (US)'s first gay main and first gay male character.
    • This is revealed when Cyrus admits that he has a crush on Jonah (which he claims to no longer have by Keep a Lid on It) and that he only likes Iris as a friend.
    • So far, he has come out to Buffy (in Hey, Who Wants Pizza?), Andi (in Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!), Jonah (in One in a Minyan), and is implied that he comes out to TJ (in We Were Here) even though they didn't explicitly come out to each other. He has also expressed that he intends to come out to his parents at some point.
    • When he comes out to Jonah, he says "I'm gay." This is the first time the word "gay" has ever been used in Disney-branded media.
    • Cyrus became the first male Disney character to have a canon male love interest as he and TJ both developed feelings for each other and got together in the finale.
    • Cyrus is gay and is played by a bisexual actor (Rush came out in August 2019, just over a week after the series finale).
  • His parents are both psychiatrists who got divorced and married another set of psychiatrists, which clearly influences the role he plays in his friends' lives, as he'll jump at the opportunity to help them through their problems and usually gives sound advice.
  • He lives with his father and stepmother at 256 Citrus Avenue. His mother is a gossip and can't keep a secret.
  • A running gag with Cyrus in the show is losing or damaging shoes due to some event or having a major storyline impact revolving shoes:
  • Cyrus is Jewish and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in the special episode Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah! (actor Joshua Rush is also Jewish in real life).
  • He is the one who dubbed his clique with Andi and Buffy the "Good Hair Crew." In Crime Scene: AndiShack!, it was revealed that Cyrus and Buffy met in second grade. According to The Perfect Day 2.0, he has also known Andi since second grade. (It's been 5 years since they visited the alpine slide.)
  • He gets motion sickness as revealed in It's Not About You, but motion sickness patches help as revealed in The Ex Factor.
  • He uses an inhaler as revealed in Dad Influence.
  • He has a song to sing on the swings and slide. Cyrus is afraid to swing high.
  • The episode Perfect Day 2.0 revealed that he's scared of bees.
  • In Buffy in a Bottle, Cyrus revealed that there is a list of simple physical actions that he cannot master. TJ teaches him to do a somersault.
  • He is surprisingly good at ping pong, beating Jonah in I Got Your Number.
  • He has a fear of flamingos, both real and plastic, which he revealed to TJ and Jonah in "I Got Your Number."
  • Cyrus has a doppelganger.
  • He is left-handed.


Yeah, totally. Yeah, full-throttle outlaw, kissing asphalt on my hog... those are all the biker words I know.

— Cyrus to Bex

Who am I today? Who will I turn out to be? I don't know yet. All I really know is that I have people in my life who love me as I am... whatever that is. 'Keeps changing. But today, I am a man. Tomorrow, I'll be a 7th grader.

— Cyrus at his bar mitzvah

Well, that, of course, is Aunt Ruthie's kugel. That's your classic bagel and lox. That's gefilte fish, skip that, and I'm gay.

— Cyrus to Jonah in One in a Minyan


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