Cookie Quinn is a character in Andi Mack. She is Bowie's mother, and thus Andi's paternal grandmother. She is portrayed by Colleen Camp.


Cookie is an expert in all areas of homemaking such as cooking, baking, sewing, and cleaning. This, coupled with an extremely sweet and affable personality, allows her to easily overwhelm any person's sense of independence. Even a formidable individual such as CeCe cannot stop Cookie from smothering them with kindness.  


After the death of her husband, and Bowie leaving town to follow his dream of music stardom, Cookie cut all ties with Shadyside. She decided to travel the world, spending the ensuing years living on various cruise ships.  However, upon learning of Andi's existence, she promised herself the next time she was in the Western Hemisphere, she would make time to return to Shadyside, and get to know her granddaughter.  



  • Cookie calls Bowie and Bex by their full names, "Steven" and "Rebecca."
  • She has lived on various cruise ships for the past several years.
  • Even Andi admits her hugs are very comforting.
  • She created her own hybrid of a robe/blanket called a "Lovey."
  • She bakes cookies of people's names (which is why Bex allows her to use the name "Rebecca").
  • Cookie claims she never goes anywhere without a roast chicken.
  • It takes the threat of Bowie's hair being cut that gives Andi the strength to call out her grandmother for her smothering motherly ways.


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