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What is happening? What's with the furniture? And why do you two look like poop emojis?

Andi to Bex and Bowie

Cookie Monster is the sixth episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the forty-third overall. It first aired on November 16, 2018 to an audience of 0.89 million viewers.



Andi, Bowie and Bex are surprised by an impromptu visit by Bowie’s mother; while hanging out with T.J.’s friends, Cyrus faces a dangerous situation; Buffy and Jonah learn a secret about their school principal.[1]

Full Plot

In the school hallway, Cyrus is surprised when TJ invites him to hangout with him and his friends the following Saturday. He is beyond thrilled to learn that TJ talks about him with his friends. On that Saturday, Cyrus arrives at the spot to meet TJ and his friends. They were all riding dirt bikes while waiting for Cyrus. TJ introduces Cyrus to his friends, Reed and Lester.

Reed is instantly drawn to Cyrus and tries to engage him as much as possible. He keeps calling Cyrus funny and wants him to feel fully as part of the group. After realizing that Cyrus doesn't know how to ride a dirt bike, he persuades Cyrus to try. Cyrus isn't sure about it because he's afraid of falling but Reed insists. Cyrus looks at TJ who gives him a look, assuring him that it is okay. So, TJ helps Cyrus sit on a bike and teaches him to ride. Cyrus struggles to get started but eventually gets the hang of it. He still loses his shoe in the process but he makes it back safe. TJ and Reed are both glad Cyrus tried. TJ then starts showing Cyrus the cute pictures of him he took while Cyrus was riding.

For the next activity, Reed starts setting up watermelons on rocks. Cyrus thinks the watermelons are for an eating contest but is shocked when Reed reveals that they're for shooting. Reed shows Cyrus the gun they're going to use to shoot watermelons. Apparently, Reed took his father's gun and brought it with him. Cyrus understands how dangerous it is to play with a gun. He confronts Reed about it but Reed asks him to chill. So, Cyrus walks over to TJ and asks him if he knew about the gun. TJ admits it without saying a word. Cyrus tells TJ that he's leaving and asks him to leave too. However, TJ is conflicted because he doesn't want to turn on his friends. Cyrus leaves alone.

Worried for his friends' safety, Cyrus tells his mother about the gun. His mother advises him to go to the school and tell the principal about it. He asks Andi to come along for emotional support. Upon arriving at Dr. Metcalf's office, Cyrus is surprised to see a member of the police department, Officer Wright, waiting for him. They start questioning him. Cyrus thinks he's in trouble. It turns out that the principal and the police already know about the gun and they just want him to register a statement with them. Cyrus has no idea how they found out.

At their apartment, Bex and Bowie are playing a game to see who knows Andi the best. Bowie is losing because he hasn't spent as much time with Andi. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. It's Cookie Quinn - Bowie's mother. Cookie has come to visit her son since it's been a while. Andi is surprised to hear Cookie refer to Bowie as "Steven." It turns out, Steven is Bowie's real first name.

Since Cookie loves cooking and baking, she takes it upon herself to make Bowie, Bex and Andi as comfortable as possible. She even bakes them name cookies that spell their names. She treats them as babies. She lets them sit on the couch all day, covered in warm blankets, watching TV. Andi doesn't like how Cookie is turning her parents into helpless babies. So, she goes to the only cold-blooded person she knows to help set them straight. She asks CeCe to intervene. Unfortunately, CeCe doesn't stand a chance when Cookie bakes her a name cookie as well.

Andi goes to check in on her parents and finds Cookie about to cut Bowie's hair. She shouts to make Cookie stop. Cookie admits that she misses her son. So, when she came in to see her son and then met her grandchild for the first time, both her mother instincts and grandma instincts kicked in. She promises to dial it down a little next time.

Meanwhile, Buffy is walking to school when Jonah catches up to her. She compliments Jonah's skateboard but is surprised when Jonah offers it to her and insists that she should take it. Jonah says it will give him an excuse to get a new skateboard. They agree to go to the skate shop together - for Buffy to get this old skateboard fixed while helping Jonah pick a new one. Buffy asks Jonah to teach her some skating tricks afterwards. As they enter into the school building, Buffy and Jonah run into Dr. Metcalf who instantly confiscates the skateboard. Even though the rules only forbid skateboarding in school, Principal Metcalf doesn't tolerate holding a skateboard. He also wants to punish Buffy for wearing leggings too but he remembers that they changed the rules to allow them.[2]

That weekend, Buffy and Jonah go together to the skate shop. When Jonah refers to one of the skateboards as "nice," Buffy points out that he no longer says "docious magocious" anymore. Jonah says that he grew out of it. However, Buffy admits that she actually liked it even though she used to make fun of it all the time. Buffy and Jonah notice that the skate shop also gives tattoos. They notice a man with his entire arm covered in tattoos. They conclude that the only people who would get such tattoos are those in punk bands, motorcycle gangs, or prison. To their shock, the man with the tattoos is their principal - Dr. Metcalf. They make eye contact followed by awkwardness.

The next day at school, Dr. Metcalf tries to avoid the awkwardness by explaining his tattoos to Buffy and Jonah. He wants them to think he is cool. But Buffy disappoints him by saying that she no longer thinks tattoos are cool... because apparently it's something teachers do too.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Trent Garrett as Bowie Quinn
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack

Recurring Cast

Luke Mullen as TJ Kippen
Oliver Vaquer as Dr. Metcalf

Guest Cast

Colleen Camp as Cookie Quinn
Parker Queenan as Reed
Jessica Villeneuve as Officer Wright
Austin Burns as Lester (uncredited)


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  • The gun safety storyline was inspired by a real life tragedy that occurred in one of the series' writer's families.
  • Cookie Monster and The New Girls were developed under the consultancy of the child development experts at The Brady Center and Hollywood, Health & Society (HH&S), a program of the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center.
  • The episodes include a public service announcement about gun safety.
  • Cyrus' storyline continues into the next episode.
  • Andi confirmed her name is "Andi," and that it is not short for anything.
  • Bowie’s real name is “Steven.”
  • The episode's name is possibly a reference to the popular Sesame Street muppet of the same name.


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