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I used to be the one giving makeovers, but that guy that owns this place said that I look "too scary" and "like a vampire."

Cloud 10  (formerly The Fringe) is the Cosmetic Studio in Andi Mack where Bex works as a cosmetologist.


The Fringe

  • In "Shhh!," Bex starts working at The Fringe as a makeover artist. Her manager is a girl she used to babysit, named Brittany.
  • Brittany reveals that she used to be the one giving makeover at The Fringe but the boss said she was too scary and looked like a vampire.
  • Bex's first task at The Fringe is to clean masks in the costumes department because someone had tried them on earlier and got concealer in all the noses.
  • Andi and Bex come to the Fringe to buy supplies for their party in "Dancing in the Dark".
  • In "She Said, She Said," Celia comes to The Fringe for the first time and asks Bex to give her a makeup so that she and Ham could go see Wicked together. She's impressed by Bex's expertise.
  • In "She's Turning Into You," Andi brings Jonah Beck to The Fringe to get ideas for Amber's birthday gift. Bex uses the opportunity to give Andi make up to help Jonah notice how beautiful Andi is.
  • In "Hey, Who Wants Pizza?," Brittany is so impressed by Bex's makeup skills that encourages Bex to pursue becoming a professional makeup artist instead of just working at The Fringe. She claims that The Fringe is just a place people come to buy fart machines and socks that smell like bacon.
  • In "Better to Have Wuvved and Wost," Amber comes to The Fringe to pass time because she doesn't have friends anymore. So, Bex tries to help her make friends by giving her a make-under to make her look less intimidating. Unfortunately, Amber freaks out in the process and accidentally rips her eyebrows off. She gives Bex a scathing negative review calling her a wax-murderer.
  • In "Andi's Choice," Brittany is going through The Fringe reviews when she notices that most of Bex's positive reviews are fake. She confronts Bex about it but Bex denies it. A rival of The Fringe threatens Bex with a lawsuit for writing a negative review on her business. Bex realizes that it was CeCe writing the fake reviews. She confronts about it but CeCe insists that she wants the best for Bex. So, CeCe buys The Fringe for Bex, but Bex doesn't want it.
  • In "For the Last Time," Bex makes CeCe call off buying The Fringe, but when CeCe explains her vision to completely change The Fringe into an amazing botique salon, they call the deal back on.
  • In "Buffy in a Bottle," CeCe and Bex are working on designs for the new salon that would replace The Fringe. They also decide to rename it and when Andi mentions "Cloud Ten" to shut them up, they decide to call it "Cloud Ten."

Cloud 10

  • In We're on Cloud Ten, Bex and CeCe hold a grand-opening for Cloud 10. They advertise the new place by giving out free samples to prospective customers.
  • In The Boys Are Back, Bex has officially started the Cloud 10 business.


  • Bex Mack (new owner, former employee)
  • Brittany (manager)
  • Unnamed Owner (formerly)

Episode Appearances

The Fringe

Cloud 10


  • The building used for The Fringe is an actual salon called "Jolie Couture" on Magna's Main Street in Utah.[1]


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