Celia and Ham is the romantic pairing between Celia Mack and her husband, Henry "Ham" Mack. Their marriage is the backbone of the Mack family and is extremely solid having weathered the various crises of their daughter Bex's departure and eventual return to their lives. Naturally high strung, Celia relies on Ham's support and cool head in dealing with their family issues. Although Ham generally lets Celia lead the way in child rearing, he is not adverse to secretly helping out his girls without his wife's knowledge. While they both agree Bex was premature in telling Andi the true nature of their relationship, they knew it had to be revealed someday, and are determined to demonstrate their love and support to their family in anyway they can. Celia and Ham are portrayed by Lauren Tom and Stoney Westmoreland respectively.


Season 1


  • They raised Andi as their own child for the first thirteen years of her life.
  • They are not known for ever throwing parties.
  • They had not taken a vacation alone together, since Andi was born.
  • Ham took Celia out to watch a performance of the play Wicked.
  • Bowie nicknames them "The Big Macks".


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