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I'm not your grandmother!

— Celia to Andi

Celia Mack (née Chen) is a main character on the TV series, Andi Mack. She’s Andi's grandmother/adoptive mother. Celia is portrayed by Lauren Tom.


Celia is strict and overprotective of Andi. She later becomes less strict and overprotective. She is concerned that Bex is not responsible enough and could cause more harm to Andi. She is quite age-sensitive and has not come to terms with the fact that she is a grandmother. Celia is caring about her family and willing to do anything to protect them.


Celia is the wife of Ham Mack and the mother of Bex Mack. When her teenage daughter, Bex, gave birth to Andi, Celia raised Andi as her own daughter since Bex wasn't ready to settle down yet. She was disappointed by Bex for abandoning Andi. However, she loved Andi and developed a very strong connection with her as her mother.

However, things changed when Bex came back home on Andi's 13th birthday and told her that she was ready to settle down. Celia was very upset when Bex revealed to Andi that she's not her sister but her mother, meaning that Celia is Andi's grandmother. Celia didn't want to accept that she is a grandmother and most importantly doesn't want to lose her daughter, Andi. This created tension between Celia and Bex.

Season 1

Since the secret was revealed, Celia has had a hard time accepting the fact. She has been putting a lot of energy in an effort to prove that she's a better mother for Andi than Bex is. In Shhh!, she fights with Bex for being irresponsible and putting Andi in danger by letting her stay up late watching a scary movie. She doesn't want to let Andi go but Bex tells her that she is still in Andi's life. She just needs to let Bex in. After discovering that Celia used to have fun before she became so strict, Andi asks her about it. Celia reveals that she used to be so much fun and that she used to go by the name "CeCe." At that point, Andi decides that her grandmother name for Celia will be "CeCe."

In Dancing in the Dark, Celia is disappointed when the secret gets out to the whole town that she is the grandmother. When her neighbor, Lillian mocks her about it, Celia breaks loose and sprays her with a garden hose. Ham tries to calm her down by taking her for a weekend getaway. However, the fun is ruined when they get a call that Bex and Andi are throwing a party. Celia is so disappointed that she refuses to talk to Bex and Andi for days.

When Celia starts talking to Andi and Bex again, she is surprised to see Bex trying to be more responsible in the house. In She Said, She Said, Celia makes it very difficult for Bex to prove that she is trying to be a better mother. However, she goes to The Fringe to ask Bex to give her a makeup to go see Wicked. For a moment, she is almost proud of Bex until Bex encourages Andi to miss school. It gets worse when Bowie Quinn comes over and Bex tells Andi that Bowie is the father.

In "Dad Influence", CeCe freaks out over Bowie coming over. She calls Ham so that they can all have a family meeting about it. She denies Bowie's request for Andi to skip school so that they can spend time together. When Bowie comes over and starts staying in the Andi Shack in Terms of Embarrassment, CeCe gives him 24 hours to move out. However, when Bowie cooks a delicious Chinese meal from CeCe's mother's recipe, CeCe warms up to him and asks him to stay as much as he needs.

In "She's Turning Into You", CeCe is frustrated when Andi and Bex come home late for dinner after spending time together at The Spoon. She points out that when Bex came, she had said she was only going to stay for a short time. Andi starts thinking that CeCe is trying to send Bex away again. After a fight, Andi decides to rebel by putting on dark, gothic makeup before going to school, just to get on CeCe's nerve. CeCe then tells Bex that her worst nightmare is coming true since Andi is turning into Bex. Unable to handle the constant fights with CeCe, Andi and Bex move out into their own apartment.

After causing Andi and Bex to leave home, CeCe starts to feel guilty in "Home Away From Home." However, she is too stubborn to apologize. When she notices them sneaking in to the Andi Shack for art supplies, she calls them in and gives them food. She later starts doing Andi's laundry behind Bex's back. After noticing that Andi is not having a good time at the apartment, Bex brings her back to CeCe. But Andi, CeCe and Ham agree that it's time for her to move on. They let her stay with Bex at the apartment but they promise to check in every once in a while.

Season 2

In "Hey, Who Wants Pizza?", CeCe and Ham return from a vacation. They find that Bowie has been taking care of their plants while they were away. To thank Bowie, CeCe helps him get a job at Judy's Blooms.

In "Chinese New Year", CeCe hosts a big Chinese New Year feast and invites Bex, Andi and her sister, Aunt Ling. However, Aunt Mei keeps trying to make her life sounds so much better than CeCe's. CeCe can't take it anymore. So, when she learns that Bowie proposed to Bex, CeCe tries to show off to her sister by asking Bowie to tell them about the engagement. Unfortunately, she didn't know that Bex was planning on saying 'no' to the proposal. Bowie is unable to handle the disappointment. So, he leaves CeCe's feast. After that, CeCe is so mad that she decides to finally confront her sister about everything.

In "Mama," Celia invites Andi and Bex to carry their things out of her house. After discovering that this is the first time that Bex has been in the house on that day since she left home thirteen years ago, Andi begs CeCe and Bex to tell her what happened. They both tell different versions. In CeCe's version, Bex was rude and stubborn and didn't want to do anything or work towards going back to school. In Bex's version, CeCe was tough and never appreciated anything Bex did. Ham then tells what really happened on the day that Bex left. He reveals that it was because Bex and CeCe were fighting over who is the real Andi's mother so much that they left the baby in the hallway still strapped in her carseat. When Andi finally said her first words, she called CeCe "mama", which made Bex realize that she had no chance of winning as Andi's mom.

After that, CeCe and Bex apologize to each other. CeCe then reveals that she is going to sell the house because it's too big for her and Ham. That means Andi would lose the Andi Shack. She asks Bex to tell Andi about it but Bex doesn't want to. In "I Wanna Hold Your Wristband," Bex is still in denial that CeCe is selling the house. But CeCe reveals that she's already put it in the market. After learning about losing Andi Shack, Andi decides to prevent CeCe from selling it "There's a Mack in the Shack." She does it by spending all of her free time in the shack to convince CeCe to keep the house. CeCe then realizes that she misses the noise and telling Andi to keep it down all the time. She tries to impress Andi by spending time with her. She even tries to eat cereal and go to dance classes so that she can dance with Andi. She even allows Andi to skip school so that they can spend time together. She agrees not to sell the house as long as Andi is using it.

In "We Were Never," CeCe uses a Chinese oracle to predict that Andi and Jonah are going to split up. She later surprises Bex at her cosmetics college graduation ceremony when she shows up. Bex had chosen not to invite her to avoid judgment; but to Bex's surprise, CeCe is proud that Bex was able to start something and see it to the end.

In "Better to Have Wuvved and Wost," Andi learns that Buffy's mom has been transferred and they have to move soon. She comes up with a plan for Buffy to stay at CeCe's house at least during the summer. She just assumes that CeCe would go along with it. So, when Buffy tells her mom before CeCe is aware, CeCe is shocked to get a visit from Pat Driscoll about it. CeCe agrees to let Buffy move in with her. However, an emotional hug causes Buffy and her mom to realize that they don't want to be apart anymore. So, Buffy agrees to go with her mom after all.

In "Truth or Truth", Bex goes to CeCe for help when Andi stops talking to her after a fight. CeCe savors the moment because now Bex knows how she felt bringing up a rebellious daughter. CeCe comes to help talk to Andi but Andi is gone.

On finding out that Bowie is dating Miranda Patrick in "Crime Scene: AndiShack!", CeCe is not happy about it. She confronts Bex for letting it happen and pressures her to do something about it. She tells Bex that if she doesn't talk to Bowie, Miranda's daughter, Morgan might end up becoming Andi's step sister.

In "Andi's Choice," Bex discovers that CeCe has been writing fake online reviews of Bex's service at The Fringe to help Bex. CeCe has also been writing negative reviews for Bex's competitors, which causes Bex to get a lawsuit threat. Bex asks CeCe to stay out of it and let her do her own thing. But CeCe insists that Bex deserves so much better than that. So, CeCe buys The Fringe for Bex so that she can run it as her own business. In For the Last Time, Ham finds out that CeCe is buying The Fringe before telling him. CeCe becomes worried when Ham leaves and stops answering their calls. Luckily, CeCe and Bex trick Andi into asking Ham to come home. She explains why she needs to buy The Fringe for Bex and Ham eventually blesses the idea. In Buffy in a Bottle, CeCe and Bex start working together on the new design for The Fringe. They also agree to rename it to "Cloud Ten."


Bex Mack

The Mack Family

Bex is Celia's daughter, but there is a lot of tension between them because Celia is strict while Bex is fun, adventurous and a little irresponsible. Celia had to raise Bex's baby when Bex abandoned her so that she can travel the world.

Andi Mack

Andi is Celia's granddaughter. Before the secret was revealed, Celia and the rest of the family had lied to Andi that she's Celia's daughter. Celia is very protective of Andi and is scared of losing her to Bex.

Ham Mack

Ham is Celia's husband. He is supportive of Celia and her decisions.


  • In Shhh!, it's revealed that Celia used to be fun and wild when she was younger. She used to go by the name "Cece", and now Andi calls her by that.
  • She has grown fond of Bowie, and is completely accepting in his becoming a part of the Mack family, and would welcome him as a potential son-in-law.
  • She is currently taking dance classes. ("There's a Mack in the Shack")
  • Celia is the main character with the largest number of credit-only episodes.


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