Wuffy is the pairing and relationship between Buffy Driscoll and Walker Brodsky.

Buffy and Walker are played by Sofia Wylie and Darius Marcell respectively.


For the Last Time

  • Andi tells Walker about Buffy moving
  • Andi tells Cyrus and Buffy about Walker for the first time
  • Walker shows up at the Spoon, making this the first time he and Buffy meet
  • Walker draws a picture of the Good Hair Crew as a going away present

Keep a Lid on It

  • Buffy admits to having a crush, but she doesn't admit that it's Walker yet. All she says is that Andi can't know.

Bought, Lost or Stolen

  • Walker approaches Buffy and asks her why she's not in Phoenix, and she explains what happened.
  • Buffy twirls her hair and says it's nice to see him, which Cyrus interprets as a tell (a sign that she likes him).
  • Cyrus accuses her of hiding something, but she says she's not hiding it, she's just not telling him.
  • Cyrus also interprets her refusal to acknowledge her tell as proof that she likes Walker.

The Boys Are Back

  • Walker unexpectedly shows up at the Spoon to see Buffy, not Andi.
  • It is revealed that Buffy and Walker have been texting and face timing over the summer, but had agreed not to see each other in person until Andi knew.
  • Andi notices that Buffy looks happy with Walker, and Buffy says that she is.
  • Once they get the seal of approval, Buffy and Walker start to act like a couple and share a caring smile.
  • Cyrus' faux English accent annoys Buffy, so Walker gets him to stop for her.

It's a Dilemna

  • Buffy wants to invite Walker to join the Good Hair Crew and Jonah at Color Factory.
  • Buffy agrees to Andi's request not to bring him, but tells Walker that Andi isn't comfortable around the two of them.
  • Walker shows up at Andi's house to work things out since he doesn't want to come between her and Buffy.
  • Walker goes to Color Factory. After Walker assures Buffy that Andi is fine with it, they have fun together and are clearly happy to be around each other.

That Syncing Feeling

  • Buffy invites Walker to go kayaking with her, Jonah, Cyrus, and Andi.
  • Buffy and Walker share a kayak.
  • Buffy confides in Walker about the Good Hair Crew's history with Amber when she sees her with Andi.

I Got Your Number

  • Buffy mentions to Andi that she has upcoming plans with Walker.

Secret Society

  • The secret society mystery turns out to be an elaborate promposal from Walker to Buffy, asking her to his fall formal. She declines.

The Quacks

  • Buffy reveals that Walker made her a pair of shoes.
  • Buffy decides to ghost Walker, but Jonah and Cyrus encourage her to actually communicate with him that she wants to break up.

One in a Minyan

  • Andi asks Buffy if she's talking to Walker when she keeps getting texts, implying they haven't officially broken up yet.


  • Met in For the Last Time
  • Buffy admitted to having a crush in Keep a Lid on It
  • Started texting and face-timing between Season 2 and Season 3
  • Dating officially in The Boys Are Back
  • Buffy decides to ghost Walker in The Quacks, but has not officially broken up with him
  • It is implied they have broken up offscreen after Buffy admits she likes Marty in We Were Here
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