"Muffy" is the romantic pairing between Buffy and Marty. They met at Andi Mack's party in Dancing in the Dark. Buffy and Marty are portrayed by Sofia Wylie and Garren Stitt.


Season 1

Dancing in the Dark

Buffy and Marty

Buffy and Marty exercising together.

  • Marty finds Buffy during Andi's party and asks if he knows her.
  • Buffy brags to Marty about how she's done so many things.
  • They try to one-up each other so much that Marty even pretends that he ate a live frog.
  • Marty tells Buffy that she's making the conversation very difficult.
  • Marty tries to ask Buffy out but she says she's just there for the cheese puffs.
  • Marty tells Buffy they'll catch up later.
  • When Cyrus asks Buffy about who she was talking to, Buffy says she can't remember because she was too busy one-upping each other.

She Said, She Said

Buffy & Marty Showing Off

Buffy showing off

  • During Buffy's girl's track team practice, Marty is the one timing the girls with a stop watch.
  • Marty introduces himself again to Buffy like he did in Dancing in the Dark by asking if he knows her and Buffy responds the same way she responded.
  • Buffy remembers Marty as the guy who lied about eating a frog but Marty reminds her he's "Marty from the party."
  • Marty is impressed by Buffy's speed and tells her that she's the fastest girl and reveals that he is the fastest boy.
  • Competition intensifies between Buffy and Marty as Buffy tries to prove that she can beat Marty.
  • During the exercises, they exchange flirtatious smiles while trying to outperform each other.
  • Buffy makes sure to outperform Marty in all exercises and makes him race her just so she can beat him.

She's Turning Into You

  • Buffy and Marty smash talk each other on the hallway in their usual flirty manner.
  • Andi notices the flirtations and tells Buffy she might have a crush on Marty but Buffy refuses.
  • Buffy challenges Marty to a real race to prove who is the fastest, once and for all.
  • When Buffy loses her shoe, she suspects that Marty stole it to sabotage her during the race.
  • For revenge, Buffy steals Marty's sneakers and soaks them in the girls' bathroom.
  • Marty is upset that Buffy would ruin his sneakers like that when he didn't even steal her shoe.
  • Buffy feels guilty after realizing that she crossed the line. She promises Marty new shoes but fails to apologize.

Best Surprise Ever

  • Buffy gets Marty new sneakers and hands them to him but he still doesn't trust her.
  • Marty and Buffy agree to race again and prove who is the fastest so that they can end the feud.
  • Before the race, they two exchange their usual flirtatious witty banter which makes them realize that if they race, then that's over.
  • Buffy asks Marty if he would still talk to her if they raced and they won. Marty asks her the same thing.
  • Buffy admits that she's not the most gracious loser and so she can't promise she would take it well. Marty says he's the same.
  • Buffy and Marty agree to call off the race so that they can continue their usual flirting while arguing about who's the fastest.
  • They both exchange flirty smiles.

Season 2

Chinese New Year

  • Marty is signing up for the boys basketball team, and Buffy tells him that she loves to play basketball too. Marty tells Buffy that she should sign up for the pep squad then, Buffy say "Or I could sign up for Basketball" in which Marty replies "There is no Jefferson Girls Basketball team." Buffy having no other "choice" signs up for the make basket ball team. She leaves the scene making an air shot and Marty looks at her.
  • Later Buffy is practicing basketball with Cyrus, but he isn't good so Buffy sees no point in practicing if it is with him. So Marty comes and is the perfect match for Buffy to compete After playing with Marty Buffy seems to be having fun, she plays and Marty play the banter card. Marty tells Buffy that he really hopes that she is to much and hopes that she and her stupid ego make the team.
  • Andi asks Buffy about her and Marty's relationship and if their ship name is "Barty" or "Muffy" but Buffy says nothing is going on between them.

Friends Like These

  • Marty and Buffy try out for the team. They get along so well, but only Buffy makes the team. Even though Marty didn't make the team he was happy for Buffy who did.
  • Both Buffy and Marty don't like TJ, their mean team captain.

Head Over Heels

Andi Mack - There's a Mack in the Shack - Promo - Andi and Jonah First Date

Andi Mack - There's a Mack in the Shack - Promo - Andi and Jonah First Date

  • Marty joins Buffy and The Good Hair Crew at The Spoon Diner.
  • Marty knows Buffy so well and even knows that she usually gets extra napkins.
  • Buffy invites Marty to join Andi and Jonah as double-dates so that she doesn't have to be third wheel; but she makes it clear that they're not a couple.
  • Marty tells Buffy that they would make a cuter couple than Andi and Jonah because they already get each other so well.
  • Marty asks Buffy out, reminding her how much they have in common and telling her that they're more than halfway of being a couple.
  • Buffy refuses to start dating Marty officially because she feels like they're at their best as friends.
  • Marty is disappointed when Buffy turns him down. So, he starts avoiding her and doesn't even want to be friends anymore.
  • Buffy feels sad for losing Marty as a friend. She tells Andi and Cyrus that she and Marty broke up even though they were not technically dating.

For the Last Time

  • Buffy mentions to her mom that Marty and her do not talk anymore, and that Marty probably doesn't even know that Buffy is moving.
  • Marty contributes to Buffy's time capsule by donating a sneaker with a note that admits that Buffy was faster all along. 
  • Marty seems to have forgiven Buffy for rejecting his wishes to become a couple.

Keep a Lid On It

  • Andi mentions that Marty has a girlfriend.
  • Buffy complains that it could have taken him a little longer to get over her.

Season 3

The Quacks

  • Buffy calls Marty after a long time and asks to hang out.

One in a Minyan

  • Marty repeatedly texts Buffy throughout the day.
  • Buffy admits that she missed him.
    • Even though she claim that she only missed him as a friend.


  • They're both in the track teams.
  • Buffy is the fastest girl in school and Marty is the fastest boy.
  • They're both very competitive.
  • They both have a love for basketball.