Buffy and Cyrus is the friendship pairing between Buffy Driscoll and Cyrus Goodman on the TV series, Andi Mack. A subset of the Good Hair Crew Buffy and Cyrus have been friends since early childhood. They have a strong relationship independent of any interaction with Andi and will do anything for each other. However, Buffy does tend to manipulate Cyrus when the circumstances require it. They are portrayed by Sofia Wylie and Joshua Rush.



  • Buffy is female while Cyrus is male.
  • Buffy is athletic while Cyrus is not.
  • Buffy is aggressive while Cyrus is passive.


  • Buffy is the first person Cyrus comes out to.
  • They both appear in a deleted scene in the pilot where they really want to sample a piece of Red Velvet birthday cake during Andi's party.
  • Buffy demonstrated to Cyrus how "milkshakes are the new ketchup".
  • Buffy helped Cyrus how not to be "girly".
  • She let Cyrus hang out with Jonah alone at the sports event.
  • She convinced Cyrus to forgo the "James Bond Collection" for the prison garb on photo day.
  • Cyrus is homosexual while Buffy is heterosexual.


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