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I am a real Buffy, and I prefer not to being compared to a fictional vampire slayer on a television show from the last century.

— Buffy to Bex

Buffy Driscoll is a main character on Andi Mack. She is Andi and Cyrus and Jonah's best friend. Her mom is in the military. Buffy is portrayed by Sofia Wylie.


Buffy is strong, confident, and she is not afraid to speak up for herself. She supports her friends but at the same time offers them good advice when she thinks they're making a mistake. For example, she advised Andi against making a bracelet for Jonah. She is the only sporty member of The Good Hair Crew, excelling in track and basketball. She is also great at math.

Buffy is very protective of her friends and will not let anyone hurt them. She has made it clear to Jonah that he should never hurt Andi. She frequently advises Andi and Cyrus against trusting Amber.

She has a paranoid and vindictive side and tends to jump to conclusions such as when she suspected Marty of stealing one of her track shoes and got revenge by stealing and soaking his shoes. However, Cyrus informs her that no one stole her shoe, but she accidentally left it in his mother's car. She can also be stubborn and vindictive to a fault, caring deeply about winning, proving herself, and being right. This comes from a place of wanting to be strong while her mother is overseas. Telling her she's right or validating her in some capacity is an almost surefire way to win her over.

Physical Appearance

Buffy is physically strong and, as revealed in She Said, She Said, very flexible. She has light tan skin and shoulder-length black curly hair that she infrequently straightens. She is very athletic and sometimes wears athletic clothing, but usually goes for something more trendy and practical.


Buffy grew up with a mother in the military who would often be deployed for several months at a time. Buffy is a student at Jefferson Middle School where she goes with her two best friends, Andi and Cyrus.

Season 1


Buffy's speed during gym impresses the coach, who asks her to join the track team. After joining the team, she turns out to be so competitive that she even refuses to let her teammates take their turns during a relay. They end up getting disqualified. The coach advises her to stop getting in her own way.

Dancing in the Dark

Buffy's competitive nature shows up again when Marty tries to introduce himself during Andi's dance party but she just tries to one up him. She tells Cyrus that competition and winning is everything for her but promises to try harder. She even shows off her amazing dancing skills by doing a split.

It's Not About You

Buffy faces a big challenge when the vice principal forces her to change her hair because a child claimed to fail a test due to her curls. Buffy is not happy about it but is afraid to confront the vice principal and get suspended. She tells Cyrus that she wishes she could talk to her mom about it but her mom is still overseas. Buffy flat irons her hair and likes it, but struggles in keeping it. She even accidentally burns it and gives herself a bald spot. Since she doesn't have anyone to talk to, she starts confiding in Bex without telling Andi what she's going through. Andi is furious at first when she realizes that Buffy is spending more time with Bex than with her. But after learning the truth, she sympathizes with Buffy. After the incident, Buffy gets the courage to stand up to the vice principal by switching back to curly hair. After the confrontation, it turns out the kid who had complained about Buffy's hair doesn't even sit behind her and was just giving an excuse for failing the test.

She Said, She Said

Buffy pushes Andi to tell Jonah the truth about Amber cheating on him. At the track field, Buffy meets again with Marty, whom she met at Andi's celebration, and they reintroduce themselves to each other. Marty times Buffy's speed and tells her she is the fastest girl, offending Buffy. He is the fastest boy and faster than her. This doesn't sit well with Buffy because she's so competitive. So, she goes to great lengths to outperform Marty in everything during exercises as well as impromptu races.

She's Turning Into You

Buffy's competitive nature gets the best of her and threatens to drive a wedge between her and Marty. She meets with Marty from the party in the hallway and they both start exchanging the usual flirty wits. Andi and Cyrus overhear the conversation and are convinced that Buffy and Marty are flirting but Buffy doesn't want to admit that she could possibly have a crush on Marty. To prove it, Buffy asks Marty to race her, a real race this time, to prove who is faster once and for all. They agree to race the following day. On the day of the race, Buffy realizes that one of her track shoes is missing. She concludes that Marty stole it to ruin her chances of winning. Cyrus advises her to not jump to a conclusion or do anything she'd regret. Instead, the next day Buffy takes Marty's sneakers and dumps them in the girls' toilets. While Cyrus is questioning her about the move, Marty arrives and gets angry at Buffy for ruining his sneakers. Marty insists that he didn't steal Buffy's sneaker. Cyrus proves Marty right by showing Buffy the shoe she left in his mom's car. Buffy feels guilty. Marty asks Buffy what she has to say and she says she will replace the shoes. Marty leaves in disappointment. Cyrus then explains to Buffy that Marty expected her to say she's sorry. Buffy realizes that she may have gone too far this time.

Were We Ever?

Buffy and her friends lead a protest in Jefferson Middle School against an unreasonable dress code, using prison outfits to challenge the rules. Buffy is particularly angry at the dress code that prevents them from wearing oversized sweatshirts and other baggy clothing. When Cyrus gets scared of getting in trouble, Buffy encourages him to stand up for the cause. She also lifts Cyrus' spirits during the school photo when Cyrus gets sad that they need to take his photo while wearing his prison outfit.

Best Surprise Ever

Buffy finally gets Marty new sneakers to replace the sneakers she ruined in She's Turning Into You. After giving Marty the new sneakers, they agree to finally do the race to determine who's the fastest. However, before the race, they both get cold feet. Not because they're afraid of losing, but because they're afraid of losing what they have going on between them. Buffy asks Marty if he will continue talking to her if she beats him in the race and Marty asks her the same question. Buffy admits that she doesn't know because she's not the most graceful loser. Marty says he's the same. So, to make sure they can keep exchanging their usual flirty witty banter, they agree to call off the race.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

Buffy notices that Cyrus is not excited for Andi and Jonah during the Space Otters Frisbee Team party. Afterwards, Cyrus admits to her that he is jealous. Buffy asks him if he likes Andi and Cyrus denies it, giving Buffy a look that makes her realize that Cyrus likes Jonah. Cyrus officially comes out to Buffy, making her the first person to know that Cyrus likes Jonah. Without questioning, Buffy listens and warmly supports Cyrus. When Cyrus says he's different, Buffy assures him that he is no different. Buffy offers to be there for Cyrus and support him as he works up the courage to come out to other people.

Chinese New Year

With the track season over, Buffy starts looking for another sport. She wants to try basketball but Marty reminds her that there is no basketball team for girls in Jefferson Middle School. She decides to defy the norms and join the boys' basketball team instead. She goes to practice in the gym, with Cyrus' help. Marty joins them later, leading to a heated competition with Buffy. He tries to talk her out of joining the boys' team but she adamantly refuses and assures him that she will make the team even better. When Marty leaves, Buffy admits to Cyrus that she is scared because for her to make the team, she can't just be as good as the boys. She needs to be better than them.

Friends Like These

During the boys' basketball team tryouts, the team captain, TJ Kippen, instantly hates Buffy because she's a girl. TJ makes it clear that he doesn't want Buffy joining the boys' team. Marty tells Buffy that TJ is mean to the team members and doesn't even bother to learn their names. Later at The Spoon Diner, Buffy tells Andi and Cyrus that she's afraid she might not make the team because the captain hates her. Luckily, the decisions are made by the coach. Buffy makes the boys' basketball team but Marty doesn't. TJ tells Marty that Buffy won't last long on the team because he will make her quit. During subsequent games, TJ and the boys make it very difficult for Buffy to get the ball.

The Snorpion

Following Cyrus' advice, Buffy politely asks TJ to give her a chance to show what she can do for the team but TJ rudely refuses to listen to her. So, Buffy yells at him a little. While still dealing with the basketball drama, Buffy has been trying her best to protect her friends. When she suspects that Jonah might still like Amber in Hey, Who Wants Pizza?, Buffy makes it clear that if he ever tries to hurt Andi or another one of her friends, then he will regret it. In Friends Like These, she advises the Good Hair Crew against trusting Amber. She compares Amber to a snake who would get them in the end. In The Snorpion, she warns Andi that Amber is a scorpion. She's a snake and a scorpion. She's a snorpion. She tells Andi that Amber will get her to help her but turn on her when she gets a chance. Andi ignores Buffy's advice and gives Amber a chance by inviting her over for a sleepover. However, the sleepover ends in disaster when Amber turns on Andi and leaves her to be busted by cops.

Head Over Heels

Buffy is shocked when Jonah asks her to come along to his date with Andi. To avoid being the third wheel, Buffy invites her friend Marty to be her fake date. Surprisingly, Buffy and Marty end up having more chemistry than Andi and Jonah. After the date, Marty asks Buffy to become a real couple but Buffy refuses, saying that she likes what they have. Friendship. This is not good enough for Marty. So Marty stops being friends with Buffy, and that makes Buffy sad to see him go.

There's a Mack in the Shack

Buffy is forced to start tutoring her worst enemy, TJ, in algebra. They both don't like the arrangement since they can't stand each other but TJ is desperate because he would lose his spot on the basketball team if he wasn't tutored. Buffy agrees to tutor him on two conditions. First, he needs to agree to pass her the basketball on the court. Secondly, he needs to help Cyrus get a muffin. TJ agrees.

A Good Hair Day

Buffy keeps pressuring Jonah to compete with her. First, they arm wrestle. After they finish arm wrestling, she brags about defeating him while taking a photo with him to send to her mom overseas. Buffy continues this during the annual Renaissance Faire when she forces Jonah to do tug of war with her. They both have almost equal strength, so they spend hours doing tug of war. Andi and Cyrus get sick of waiting for them. At the end of the day, Jonah can't take it anymore. He drops off, saying that Buffy has won. But that's not good enough for Buffy. Buffy wants to win fair and square. Jonah asks Buffy why winning is so important to her. Buffy tells him that she needs to win to prove that she is strong. She needs to be strong for her mother. Her mother told her to be strong when she got deployed to fight abroad. Then Jonah challenges her to another arm wrestling match.

Miniature Gulf

Buffy starts tutoring TJ in math. TJ makes it difficult for Buffy because in addition to him not getting anything, he is disrespectful and rude to her. Buffy later realizes that TJ might have a learning disability called dyscalculia, and that makes it difficult to master basic math. She tells TJ about it and asks him to get tested but TJ gets angry at her and storms off.

We Were Never

Buffy is confronted with a moral issue when TJ asks her to do his math homework for him so that he can play one last game before getting the diagnosis. Buffy refuses to do his homework. TJ then asks Cyrus how to get on Buffy's good side to make her do stuff and Cyrus tells him that he just needs to tell Buffy that she's right. TJ does this to convince Buffy to do his homework. Later during a basketball game, TJ refuses to keep his end of the deal to pass the ball to Buffy. Buffy becomes furious and calls for a timeout to confront TJ about it. One teammate tells TJ to pass the ball to Buffy.

Just when Buffy gets the ball for the first time, she drops the ball after seeing her mother entering. She walks straight towards her mother who has been deployed for a long time. Buffy gives her mom a big and emotional hug. She has been waiting for so long to see her mom return home to her, safe.

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

Buffy goes to celebrate Cyrus' Bar Mitzvah with Cyrus and their friends. She helps Andi with her stress about Jonah. She is also there when Cyrus finally comes out to Andi. When the Good Hair Crew goes to a fortune teller, Buffy is disappointed when the fortune teller predicts that her mother won't be home for good. At first, they dismiss the predictions mostly because the fortune teller was giving yes or no answers and only adding specific comments after a question is read out loud.

Buffy clashes with TJ at the party because she didn't expect him to be there. When TJ mentions that Buffy hates him, Buffy tells him that she doesn't hate him because as far as she's concerned, he doesn't even exist. TJ comes later to Buffy asking for a chance to talk after coming from the fortune teller. He has a question for Buffy but first he asks Buffy what she thinks about the fortune teller. He reveals to Buffy that the fortune teller agreed that TJ has a learning disability and asked him to let his friend help. So, that's why he needs Buffy. TJ's fortune freaks Buffy out because it means her mother might not be home for good if the fortune teller is right. Since she's still angry at TJ, she leaves without hearing him out.

Buffy calls her mom to confirm that her mom is still staying. After that, she goes with her friends to give the fortune teller a piece of her mind. She calls out the fortune teller for fraud but the fortune teller tells her that she didn't predict her mother would be deployed. She had predicted that both Buffy and her mom won't be home for good, but her mother wouldn't be deployed. At that point, Buffy sadly realizes that it could mean that they are moving. She becomes even more stressed and goes home to talk to her mother.

Better to Have Wuvved and Wost

Buffy confirms that she is moving because of her mother's new promotion. She will have to move all the way to Phoenix, Arizona. Since Cyrus and Andi don't want to lose Buffy, they ask if she could stick around at least for the summer. Andi suggests that Buffy could stay in Andi's old bedroom at CeCe's house. This almost works out but Buffy and her mom's emotional connection makes it difficult for Buffy to choose to stay. So, she agrees to move to Phoenix with her mom in about ten days. The Good Hair Crew agrees that they might lose Buffy for good.

Perfect Day 2.0

The Good Hair Crew decides to recreate their perfect day to have one last adventure before Buffy leaves. The day doesn't go as planned but they still have a good time despite the craziness on their journey.

A Walker to Remember

Just a few days before her pending move, Buffy finally gets her moment to shine on the basketball court when TJ is benched from playing because of failing math. Buffy wows the crowd with her impressive victorious game so much that they start calling her "Slayer." All of Buffy's friends including even Bex cheer her on throughout the game. TJ isn't playing and is standing on the sidelines in a grump, and Buffy seems pleased with this until she notices Cyrus following him out of the gym to comfort him. The team wins. Buffy goes to confront Cyrus about why he would spend the entire game talking to TJ over watching her play, and Cyrus explains that he felt bad for TJ; Buffy had everyone cheering her on while TJ had no one. Buffy's teammates congratulate her, and Cyrus uses this opportunity to make it up to her by cheering her on as well and offering her an apology in the form of baby taters, which Buffy accepts.

Buffy runs into TJ who reveals that not only has he been reinstated to play (thanks to Cyrus' advice), Mr. Coleman knows Buffy did his homework. TJ says he hopes she won't be in trouble and congratulates her on the win, but Buffy calls his bluff. He insists he's trying to become better, but he lets a "You're right" slip, leading Buffy to realize that TJ has been saying that to gets favors out of her and that Cyrus must have told TJ to say that. The situation results in Buffy getting temporarily suspended from the team, and she's leaving before she would get to rejoin. Buffy confronts Cyrus for betraying her trust and helping TJ manipulate her like that. She gives Cyrus an ultimatum between her and TJ. Cyrus calls after her as she leaves, saying he chooses her, but Buffy ignores him, knowing Cyrus needs more time to think than that.

Crime Scene: AndiShack!

Cyrus tries to reason with Buffy and says he chose her, but admits he can't promise he wouldn't be friendly with TJ after Buffy leaves. Cyrus insists he is loyal, but Buffy can't understand why he would betray her if that's the case and gives Cyrus the cold shoulder. The two are forced to work together when Jonah asks them to help him make pancakes for a Space Otters fundraiser. Cyrus tries everything to get Buffy to talk to him, mostly trying to get her to laugh, but it's no use. When he can't take it anymore, he starts begging Buffy to say something because he can't handle the silence. Jonah starts panicking when he finds them fighting, forcing him to reveal to them about his panic attacks. They both sit down to help. Cyrus then reveals that he had a panic attack too and bonded with TJ at the swings to calm down afterwards. After realizing that TJ had been there for Cyrus when he needed it and that TJ reached out to Cyrus initially, Buffy feels guilty and says she knows why TJ would want to be friends with Cyrus. She apologizes to Cyrus and tells him that he can be friends with whoever he wants.

For the Last Time

Buffy hangs out with Andi and Cyrus at The Spoon Diner for the last time before leaving for good. She acts strong to avoid showing her emotions. She tries to cheer them up by asking them to sing whenever they say the phrase "for the last time" so that it doesn't sound all sad. To avoid crying, she tells them that she doesn't want to say goodbye. Before parting ways with them, she unintentionally gives Cyrus the idea of a time capsule. Cyrus says they should make and bury a time capsule with all The Good Hair Crew memories. But Buffy doesn't like the idea because it's too emotional for her. She insists that she just wanted it to be a normal day - but now she feels like it's her funeral. She runs into the house, sad. Cyrus and Andi go ahead and start working on the time capsule as a surprise for Buffy. They give Buffy's mom a list of items to get for them secretly without Buffy finding out.

While collecting the items, Mrs. Driscoll is unable to keep the time capsule secret from Buffy. She tells Buffy about it and asks her why she doesn't want to say goodbye to her friends. Buffy sheds tears as she explains that she doesn't know any life without Andi and Cyrus. She's known them her whole life. They're part of her. There is no way she would be able to say goodbye without crying. And she doesn't want them to see her cry. She has to act strong, just like her mom. At that point, Mrs. Driscoll explains to Buffy that it is okay to cry. She admits that she herself cries sometimes too. Later that evening, Andi and Cyrus come to pick up the items from Mrs. Driscoll. They find nothing and are surprised to find the house empty. It turns out Buffy and her mom have left earlier than planned. Buffy is gone without a proper goodbye.

Buffy in a Bottle

Buffy hasn't been returning Cyrus and Andi's calls and messages since she left (she's been gone for an undetermined amount of time at this point). Struggling without her, the two of them start hanging with Buffy's time capsule just to feel her presence. Andi goes through a rough patch with Jonah and when Bex is too busy to help her, Andi tries calling Buffy again. Just as Andi is giving up hope, Buffy shows up on Andi's porch and the two reunite in an overjoyed hug.

Keep a Lid on It

Andi presents Buffy as a surprise to Cyrus. Buffy explains that the government slashed the budget and ended up cutting Mrs. Driscoll's military program in Arizona. So, the military gave her another job an hour outside of Shadyside. After being reunited with The Good Hair Crew, Buffy tries to open the time capsule but they can't figure it out. She asked about what's inside and is surprised to hear that Jonah Beck convinced everyone on the Jefferson Middle School Basketball Team - including TJ - to sign a team jersey for Buffy. She sounds a little disappointed to learn that Marty now has a girlfriend but she's happy for him. Since she knows what's in the time capsule, she decides not to open it. Buffy then convinces Andi to invite Jonah over and give him the bracelet.

While Andi is talking with Jonah, Cyrus reveals to Buffy that he no longer has a crush on Jonah. When he says that Buffy has never had a crush, Buffy proves him wrong by saying that she has a new crush. Cyrus starts guessing and Buffy keeps saying no. When Cyrus reminds Buffy that they're crush buddies who keep their crushes between just themselves, Buffy agrees saying that they can't tell anyone else - especially not Andi. At that point, Cyrus guesses that Buffy's crush might be on Jonah Beck. Buffy refuses to confirm or deny.

Bought, Lost or Stolen

Cyrus had suspected that Jonah was Buffy's crush but realizes that she only reacted that way to make Cyrus stop asking. She doesn't actually have a crush on Jonah but she refuses to say who her crush is. When Cyrus notices Buffy playing with her hair while talking to Walker, he suspects that her crush could be Walker. Buffy denies it and asks Cyrus to stay out of it.

We're on Cloud Ten

Buffy notices that Cyrus has started hanging with yet another enemy of hers - Amber. She confronts him about it but Cyrus insists that Buffy and Amber should become friends. He calls out Buffy for being the "unfriendly one" in the eyes of Amber. He tricks Buffy and Amber into coming to the same room where he tries to help them reconcile their difference. In the process, he helps Buffy realize that she only dislikes Amber because of things she did to Andi; Amber hasn't actually done anything bad to Buffy yet. Nevertheless, Amber and Buffy refuse to become friends, but they share a laugh together as they make fun of Cyrus' old-fashioned style.

The Cake That Takes the Cake

Buffy is practicing basketball which makes Cyrus suggest that she should rejoin the Jefferson Middle School Basketball Team, but she refuses. Cyrus tries to convince Buffy that TJ has changed and he shouldn't be the reason to keep her from rejoining the team. Unable to convince Buffy, Cyrus tricks her into coming to the gym to meet up with TJ. TJ admits that Buffy is a good player and they need her back on the team. Cyrus suggests that TJ and Buffy should face against each other in a game of one-on-one to remind Buffy that she likes basketball. Buffy wins but still says she won't join the team. She later reveals that the she has gotten approval to start a girls' basketball team.

Now that Buffy and TJ are no longer rivals on the same team, Cyrus suggests that they should make up. Buffy says she can't get along with TJ until he apologizes for how he treated her. TJ surprises both Buffy and Cyrus by rapping a cheer, apologizing and praising Buffy. As TJ walks away, Buffy says to Cyrus that she's confused.

Season 3

The Boys Are Back

During the summer, Buffy has been busy preparing for the girls' basketball team she's starting. She has also started seeing Walker but decided not to make it official until she's had the chance to tell Andi about it. In The Boys Are Back, Walker joins The Good Hair Crew, forcing Andi to find out the hard way that he's now with Buffy. Buffy tries to explain herself to Andi but Andi feels betrayed.

It's a Dilemna

The tension between Buffy and Andi escalates when Buffy wants to invite Walker to The Color Factory but Andi doesn't want him to come along. She tells Walker about Andi's feelings and Walker in turn ruins everything by going to Andi to ask for permission to join them. This makes Andi even more upset. She decides not to join her friends at the Color Factory.

That Syncing Feeling

Buffy once again invites Walker to hang out with them against Andi's will. To make things worse, she chooses to canoe with Walker, leaving Andi with no one to canoe with. This leads Andi into Amber's arms. As Andi and Amber canoe together, Andi explains the Buffy-Walker situation to Amber. After hearing about the situation, Amber convinces Andi that Buffy is the problem because she broke the first rule of the girl code by dating her friend's ex-crush. Buffy is not pleased with the new Andi and Amber relationship as she watches them hang out together. She feels ditched.

Hole in the Wall

Buffy holds the first tryouts for her girls' basketball team. Unfortunately, all the girls trying out turn out to be horrible at basketball. She is about to lose patience but Cyrus and TJ encourage her not to give up. TJ tells her not to become the kind of captain he was. To boost the team's spirit, Buffy convinces TJ to help her get them team uniform.

The New Girls

Buffy wish to have at least one good player on the team comes true when she runs into Kira. Kira is this new girl who recently transferred to Jefferson Middle School from Monroe where she was their shooting guard on the girls basketball team. Buffy knows of Kira's amazing basketball skills. So, she introduces herself to Kira and sweet talks her into joining the basketball team. During the first game with the team, Buffy is impressed with Kira's skills. However, it turns out that Kira is not a team player. She is so arrogant and loves to brag about her skills while shaming her teammates for their horrible skills. So, Buffy calls Kira aside and asks her to adjust her attitude. Kira refuses, forcing Buffy to kick her off the team. Once again, Buffy is left without a good player on the team.

I Got Your Number

Buffy asks Andi to join her for a dance movie marathon as they haven't hung out in ages, but Andi is going to a party with Amber. Andi asks if they can get together the following night, but Buffy will be with Walker. The two decide to plan for a future date. When Andi leaves the party early, she shows up at Buffy's house and says she'd rather do the dance movie marathon with her, and the two have a great night.

Secret Society

The Secret Society ends up being an elaborate proposal from Walker to Buffy that involves recruiting each of Buffy's friends one-by-one into the society, with Buffy ultimately being last and feeling left out. When Walker asks her to his fall formal at the end, she is clearly annoyed and says no.

The Quacks

Buffy's basketball team has their first game. They now have a coach who isn't a real coach, but not enough players have shown up for them to be eligible to play. Kaitlin tells Buffy it's her fault for telling the girls they were going to lose anyway. Preferring to lose with dignity than forfeit, Buffy recruits Andi onto the team. Andi isn't good at basketball, and the team is losing horribly, but this makes Buffy realize her mistakes as captain. At halftime, she thanks her teammates who have shown up and encourages them to have fun and take pride in being the first girls basketball team at Jefferson, regardless of how they play. Although they lose, the girls have a great time and Buffy makes a point of boosting their morale.

Buffy also confronts Andi, Cyrus, and Jonah about Walker's promposal and why they got in on it as they should've known it was everything she hates - surprises, being put on the spot, being predictable. Buffy admits she doesn't like Walker much anymore, especially not this and after he made her a pair of shoes, and she and Andi agree that this is a bad sign. Buffy has decided to ghost Walker as a result, but Jonah and Cyrus encourage her to actually talk to Walker if she wants to break up with him because he's a guy and won't get the message from Buffy's silence alone. Buffy calls someone and admits she didn't handle things well the last time they spoke and asks if they can meet up to talk. The person she called is revealed to be Marty.

One in a Minyan

Buffy goes with Jonah and Andi to Cyrus' grandmother's shiva. Buffy and Andi support Cyrus as he decides to come out to Jonah. Throughout the shiva, someone keeps texting Buffy, much to the annoyance of the mourners. Andi asks if it's Walker, implying that Buffy has yet to break things off with him, but it's not. Buffy finally admits after Andi and Cyrus ask her about it that it's Marty because she missed him, but only as a friend. Cyrus and Andi are unconvinced by the last bit.

Buffy is the one to suspect something going on between Jonah and Amber in The Ex Factor. When Andi tells her and Cyrus about Jonah's financial problems, she feels bad for assuming, however, her suspicions turn out to be correct.

Mount Rushmore or Less

Buffy and Marty finally meet up in person. Buffy remarks that Marty's changed, but he says they just haven't talked in a while because of her. Buffy clarifies that he was the one who ghosted her. She admits she misses spending time with him. Marty says he has a girlfriend who he's happy with and Buffy is supportive. The two agree to be friends again. Andi recruits Buffy, Cyrus, and Jonah into her Mount Rushmore costume. Cyrus confides in Buffy about doing the somersault costume with TJ instead, and she understands why it means so much to him and offers to find a replacement - Marty, who agrees to do it. Buffy protects Cyrus and doesn't explain why he bailed. Unlike Cyrus, who ends up doing Mount Rushmore anyway, and Andi, who were let down in this episode, Buffy and Marty are happy as they go to take their picture.

Hammer Time

Buffy runs into Marty who mentions that he's training for a marathon. Because of her competitive nature, Buffy decides to go for the marathon despite Marty's caution that she could get hurt or become dehydrated because she hasn't been training for the marathon. Marty's concern turns out to be true. Buffy becomes dehydrated during the marathon and hurts her foot. She asks Marty to continue the marathon without her but Marty decides to carry her and finish the marathon with her instead.

Unloading Zone

Buffy's foot begins to bother her while she and her friends are going through Mint Chip's dumpsters to take the clothes that the company had thrown away. Buffy and her friends start giving out the clothes for free but are arrested for it because the clothes don't belong to them. They're given 20 hours of community service.

Arts and Inhumanities

Buffy has an awkward encounter with Marty's girlfriend, Rachel, where she seems surprised that Rachel is real. Since Buffy is still limping because of her foot, Marty tries to help her out by texting her the name and number of a foot doctor. Marty's concern for Buffy makes Rachel jealous. Buffy overhears Rachel and Marty fighting over her. The next day, Buffy learns from Marty that he and Rachel broke up because of her.

Something to Talk A-Boot

Buffy finally goes to a doctor to have her foot checked. The doctor advises Buffy that she can't play basketball for the remainder of the season. This jeopardizes the last chance that The Spikes had at winning. Nevertheless, Buffy writes up play books to help guide the team during the game. When she takes one to Kaitlin, Buffy is disappointed to learn that Kaitlin has already given up without even trying. Convinced that they're going to lose, Kaitlin throws an end-of-season party. While watching some of the game videos that Kaitlin's mom filmed, Buffy notices that some of her players like Kaitlin and Maria are actually good and can make several shots with just a few adjustments. She helps guide them on what to improve. This works, leading the Spikes to their first victory ever.


The Good Hair Crew

Main Article: Good Hair Crew

Andi Mack and Cyrus Goodman are Buffy's best friends who always hangout together. Buffy spends most of her time with them and also helps them make good decisions in life.

Main Article: Andi and Buffy

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Main Article: Buffy and Marty

Buffy and Marty met during Andi's dance party in Dancing in the Dark and immediately got along. They're both very competitive and seem to view each other as rivals. In She Said, She Said, Buffy turned everything they did into a competition, showing off her flexibility, and springing surprise races on Marty. Most of their conversations consist of lighthearted banter and teasing, and sometimes even a little flirting. 


Main article: Buffy and Walker

Walker and Buffy met in For the Last Time when Walker offered to draw the Good Hair Crew as a going away present. She developed a crush on him. They started seeing each other over the summer and are dating by the start of Season 3.


  • For Buffy's original sides, click here.
  • Since the name Buffy is not common, she is often compared to the title character of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a TV series she enjoys watching.
  • She is sporty and a very good runner.
  • She is a great dancer.
  • Buffy's mom has been overseas and has not been home for a very long time. Buffy can have hard times because she does not have her mom. Buffy's mom comes back home from military deployment in We Were Never.
  • She is very competitive, as shown with Marty.
  • In Crime Scene: AndiShack!, it was revealed that Buffy and Cyrus met in second grade. According to The Perfect Day 2.0, she has also know Andi since second grade. (It's been 5 years since they visited the alpine slide.)
  • She is the only member of The Good Hair Crew who is not left-handed.


Vampires aren't the only thing this Buffy is slaying.

The night is young and so am I.

Marty: Do I know you?
Buffy: I think you would know if you knew me.
Marty: What have you done that's so great that I would know you?
Buffy: What haven't I done?
Marty: I'm gonna say... you haven't eaten a live frog.
Buffy: Have you?
Marty: Yes
Buffy: Why would you eat a live frog?
Marty: He mouthed off.
Buffy: You never ate a live frog.
Marty: Of course not! You're just making this conversation very difficult.
Buffy: I'm just here for the cheese puffs.

— Buffy & Marty, "Dancing in the Dark"


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