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Isn't this like so crazy? I mean did you ever think one day that the kid you used to babysit would be your boss?

— Brittany to Bex

Brittany is a recurring character on Andi Mack. She is a girl that Bex Mack used to babysit and is now formerly Bex's boss at The Fringe. Brittany is portrayed by Chelsea T. Zhang.


Season 1

Brittany was born in Jefferson and as a little girl, she was babysat by Bex Mack. When she grew up, she got a job at The Fringe as a makeover artist but the owner said she was too scary and looked like a vampire. When she became a manager and Bex reached out to her looking for a job in "Shhh!," she hired her and helped introduce Bex to her new job.

In Dancing in the Dark, Brittany allows Bex to take some time off when Bex tells her that there's an emergency at home after the secret is revealed. Brittany is excited to find out about the secret about Andi and Bex. She asks Bex if Andi's dad is the guy who used to come over during babysitting. But Bex denies it.

In She Said, She Said, Brittany has an awkward exchange with Celia when Celia comes to the Fringe to see Bex and realizes that Brittany is Bex's boss. They seem to have some unresolved tension from the babysitting days.

Season 2

In Hey, Who Wants Pizza?, Brittany asks Bex to do her makeup that will make her stand out at an upcoming event. A makeup that's a classic but never been done before. So, the impossible. Bex pulls it off! And Brittany is very impressed that she asks Bex to consider doing makeup for living. That is, she should become a professional makeup artist. Brittany admits that even though Bex works there for her, The Fringe isn't really good enough for Bex. She says that people only come to The Fringe to buy fart machines and socks that smell like bacon.

When Brittany learns that Bowie has proposed to Bex and Bex hasn't said "yes" yet, she tells Bex that she made the right call. She shouldn't hang on to her high school boyfriend. They don't keep up well.

In Head Over Heels, Cyrus casts Brittany to play the lead character in the movie he's working on. He had asked Bex to read the script and give feedback. Bex felt that the script was terrible but had been afraid to tell Cyrus the truth so that she doesn't hurt his feelings. So, when Brittany reads the script, she confronts Bex for liking such a terrible script. Bex tells Brittany that she didn't like it either. Brittany forces Bex to be honest with Cyrus or else she will tell Cyrus the truth.

In "Andi's Choice," Brittany reveals that she was thinking of firing Bex but is impressed by her performance and online reviews. She then discovers that Bex's online reviews are fake. She confronts Bex about it but Bex denies that she wrote the reviews. It turns out that it was CeCe writing the reviews.


Brittany acts like a stereotypical rebellious teenager which makes things awkward between her and Bex since she's Bex's boss now. She thinks the owner of The Fringe is too dramatic and so she got a "DOWN 2 EARTH" tattoo to prove that she hates drama. Bex says she didn't expect Brittany would turn out to be so "interesting" and Brittany admits that a lot of people say that too because they can't "put her in some convenient tub" because she's too multi-fauceted (multi-faceted). Despite her seemingly-limited understanding, Brittany seems to be always positive and cheerful. She is sweet and understanding to Bex especially when she needs time off for family stuff.


  • She describes her boss as "the guy that owns this place"
  • She believes Andi's dad is the boy who used to come over often when Bex was babysitting her.
  • The fake "DOWN 2 EARTH" tattoo on her neck is gone in the season 2 episode, Head Over Heels. She more than likely washed it off.
  • At one point, she implies that she believes Bex's age to be 40.


Season 1

Season 2


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