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Mack! That is whack! Whack-adactyl, yo! I mean double-whacker with cheese!

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Steven "Bowie" Mack (né Quinn) is a main character on Andi Mack (recurring season 1 and 2). He’s Bex's husband and the father of Andi. He’s portrayed by Trent Garrett.


Bowie has a very chill vibe as he does not overreact or get angry after finding out about Andi. He is adventurous, just like Bex. Bowie is unpredictable and wild. He loves to live in the moment. He believes in nature and lets the universe guide him. He loves to protect the environment and nature, and prefers to use clean fuel alternatives that do not endanger the environment.

Physical Appearance

Bowie is the tallest in the family. He has a mustache and beard which are slightly shaved. He has shoulder-length brown wavy hair and green eyes. He often wears t-shirts inside of button down shirts.


About 13 years ago, Bowie used to date Bex and got her pregnant. They somehow parted ways without Bowie finding out that Bex was having his child. Even after Andi was born, Bowie - like everyone else - assumed that Andi was Bex's little sister.

When Bex returned home for Andi's 13th birthday, she told Andi that she would tell her about her father when she's ready. However, Bex didn't know where to begin in explaining to Bowie that he has a daughter. In Dancing in the Dark, Ham revealed that Bowie knows that Andi exists. He started pushing Bex to write to him in It's Not About You. However, all Bex could write was "Hey."

Season 1

Dad Influence

After getting Bex's "Hey" email, Bowie comes to visit the Macks in "She Said, She Said" without even finding what Bex wanted to say. He finds Bex trying to help Andi skip school. Coming face to face with Andi, pushes Bex to introduce both Bowie and Andi to each other as father and daughter. Bowie doesn't get mad about the news. Celia freaks out and calls Ham in for a family meeting.

During the family meeting in Dad Influence, Bowie is surprised that he has a 13-year-old daughter he didn't know about but Andi tells him that she didn't know either. Bowie just reacts by saying it's whack! While catching up with the Macks, he also reveals that he's currently standing in for one of the boys in a band called The Renaissance Boys but he's willing to miss out in order to know Andi.

Bowie comes to Jefferson Middle School and asks the Vice Principal Mrs. Dullridge to let him hangout with Andi. He shows Andi that he uses environmentally-friendly fuels like fry grease and vegetable oils to run his car aka "the grease mobile." He spends the day with Andi having fun and getting to know each other. During their time together, he starts filming Andi for his Bowie Vlogs showing his emotional side of getting to meet his daughter. When they run out of things to do, he "listens" to the universe, which leads them to a group of people playing bongos in the woods. He teaches Andi how to play bongos. After that he takes Andi to The Spoon Diner for lunch and also to reveal his car with vegetable oil. After Spoon Diner, Andi wants to go back to her friends and Jonah Beck. So, she leaves Bowie with a very emotional goodbye. Bowie watches her daughter and films her as she enters back into the school building.

Bowie can't stand living without Andi. So, he misses out on his band tour to live with the Macks for a while. Bex and Andi find him doing a headstand in Andi Shack and he reveals that he's now their guest, proving Bex and Andi's point that he's unpredictable.

Terms of Embarrassment

As they address the issue in Terms of Embarrassment, Celia doesn't like the idea. Andi and Bex convince Celia to let Bowie stay with them and she agrees to let him for 48 hours. Living with Bowie becomes a bit of a nightmare for Andi because he keeps trying to be involved with every aspect of her life. He even comes to cheer Jonah Beck's Space Otters Frisbee team and gets to know Andi's friends. Andi complains to Bex about lack of her privacy concerns and being embarrassed by Bowie but Bex says that's what dads do. Bowie surprises the whole family when he turns out to be a very great cook. He impresses Celia so much by cooking her mom's recipe that Celia even decides to throw away the clock timing him. She lets him stay as much as he needs.

Bowie even tries to get involved in Bex and Andi's lives. He takes Bex to the last place they saw each other before he left. He apologizes for leaving and reveals that he was always planning on coming back to her once he made it in life. They both admit that they wanted to pursue their dreams that didn't come true. Bex doesn't give him a straight answer but leaves an open possibility.

However, the happiness is short-lived when Andi catches Bowie on her laptop. She freaks out and confronts him for not respecting her privacy and asks him to leave her alone. As Bowie leaves, Bex and Andi check her laptop to see what he was doing. They are humbled to see that he was adding a video of all the pictures and video clips he had taken of Andi. His video logs show how much meeting Andi changed his life and how important she is to him. Bex and Andi are touched by Bowie's emotional vlogs so much that Andi starts looking for him to apologize. But it's too late. Bowie is long gone.

Best Surprise Ever

Bowie returns to town in Best Surprise Ever after being told by the universe to go back to Bex. He meets up with Andi and shows her all the Bex pictures he found in different places during his tours with his band. It must be the universe sending him back to Bex. He tells Andi that he has left his band and is ready to settle. Bowie visits Bex and Andi in their new apartment. They have a wonderful time and he even plays a song for Bex. Andi is excited, thinking that Bex and Bowie are back together. But then the next day, Bowie is gone. She asks Bex about it and Bex insists that she and Bowie are just friends and they're never going to be a couple. Bex tells Andi that Bowie isn't someone they can count on because he's unpredictable and can leave anytime.

Later on, Andi finds Bowie buying clothes at Nine Lives. He tells Andi that he is going to look for jobs and settle in town to prove to Bex that he can be counted on. While checking out his coat, he finds an engagement ring. Both Bowie and Andi conclude that the universe is telling Bowie to marry Bex.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

Andi continues to push Bowie to ask Bex to marry him. Bowie is reluctant at first, waiting for the universe to tell him what to do. But Andi eventually convinces him to follow his heart. Andi prepares Bex for Bowie by asking "who wants pizza?" just a few seconds before someone knocks on the door announcing pizza delivery. Bex finds it's Bowie dressed as a pizza delivery guy. He opens the pizza box and in it, is an engagement ring. Andi helps Bowie ask Bex to marry him. Bex refuses to say yes. She just says "uhmm..." Both Andi and Bowie are disappointed that she didn't agree right away but are hopeful that she will come around. The next day, Bowie goes to see Bex at work at The Fringe to know if she's made up her decision but nothing yet. After noticing Bowie, Brittany advises Bex to forget about Bowie because he's just a high school boyfriend and high school boyfriends don't keep well.

Meanwhile, Bowie has been taking care of the Mack's house and plants while Ham and CeCe are away. On returning, Celia is very impressed by Bowie's work on their yard garden that she helps him get a job at a plant nursery, Judy's Blooms.

Chinese New Year

Later that evening, Bex tells Andi that she's made up her mind. She's not marrying Bowie. Andi is disappointed and is most worried about Bowie is going to react. He will be heart broken. Bex promises to tell him the truth the next day. But the next day is Chinese New Year. Bowie can wait.

Bowie is the main chef at Mack's house in preparation for Chinese New Year feast. Celia is so impressed by his work that she compliments him several times and reminds him that he should feel as part of the family. Hoping that Bex would say yes, Bowie tells Celia that he and Bex might have some good news to share. Celia figures out that it might be engagement news. She asks Bex about it but Bex doesn't want to talk about it. So, CeCe doesn't know Bex's intentions. During the gifts ceremony, CeCe gives Bowie a lot of money to remind him that they love him and he's part of the family. She also gives Bowie an opportunity to make any announcement. Bowie is about to tell them of a potential engagement with Bex when he notices Andi mouthing him. He figures out that Bex is planning on saying no. Disappointed, Bowie walks out and leaves in the middle of the feast.

The Snorpion

When Bex starts preparing to become a professional makeup artist, Bowie accepts to be her makeup model. Later on, they get ice cream together and start playing as they used to play in high school. Andi is glad to see that Bowie and Bex having fun together again despite Bex refusing to marry Bowie. She sees hope.

I Wanna Hold Your Wristband

Bowie helps Bex understand why Celia needs to sell the house. At first Bex accuses him of siding with her mother. He comes over to Bex's apartment and helps Bex deliver the bad news about Andi Shack to Andi.

You're the One That I Want

Bowie has a sweet father-daughter talk with Andi when he advises her about her issue with Jonah Beck and Natalie. Bowie is also happy that Bex is getting along with their mutual friend, Miranda Patrick. At the end, Miranda asks Bowie out after confirming from Bex that there is nothing between Bex and Bowie.

A Good Hair Day

Bowie takes Andi out for a breakfast during which Andi gets hold on Bowie's driving license. She discovers that it is Bowie's birthday. Bowie tells her that he doesn't celebrate birthdays but Andi plans with Bex to throw him a surprise birthday party either way. When Bex goes to Judy's Blooms to trick Bowie to go to CeCe's house for the party, Bowie figures it out and refuses. He tells her why he hates birthdays. He reveals that he and his father used to share birthday. And they had a lot of father-son traditions that they did on their special day. But then his father passed away. And now any birthday celebration is a reminder of his father's death. Bex understands it from Bowie's perspective, but also helps Bowie see it from Andi's perspective. Andi made a lot of effort in putting the party together so she can have a new birthday tradition with her father, just like Bowie had with his father. He shouldn't take that away from her. Bowie is convinced and agrees to act surprised at the party.

After the party, Bowie and Andi have a sweet moment outsie the Andi Shack. At that moment, Andi calls Bowie "dad" for the first time. Bowie is so happy and tells Andi that this is the best gift ever.

Miniature Gulf

Bowie goes for a mini-gulf course with Bex and Andi. However, he gets a call from Miranda and walks away to take it secretly. Andi learns that Bowie is seeing Miranda Patrick and she's not happy about it. She asks Bowie about her and pressures him to let her meet Miranda so that she can determine whether Miranda is good enough for Bowie. Bowie refuses and decides to make that decision on his own. Later on, Bowie takes Miranda and her daughter to the same mini-golf course that he had taken Bex and Andi.

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

Bowie is invited to Cyrus' bar mitzvah but after arriving, he notices that Bex and Andi aren't particularly happy with him. He finds them preparing to get a drawing from a caricature artist at the party. He wants to join them so that they can get a "family" drawing but Bex and Andi don't want him to be part of it. He asks them if he did anything wrong and they reveal that they saw him with Miranda and her daughter at the mini-golf. Andi is upset because she thinks it must be serious between Bowie and Miranda. Bowie tries to apologize but it doesn't work out.

Later, Bowie writes a speech and gives it to Bex. Andi reads the speech later after the party. In the speech Bowie outlines how much Andi and Bex mean to him. They're the most important part of his life - even more important than the universe itself.

Perfect Day 2.0

Bowie is at a music store when Jonah comes in having a panic attack. At first, Jonah lies that he just wanted to buy a guitar. So, Bowie gives him a guitar and starts teaching him how to play. This calms Jonah down. Bowie then figures out that Jonah was having a panic attack. He advises him to talk to a doctor. Jonah agrees and asks Bowie not to tell Andi about it.

Truth or Truth

When Andi has her first fight with Bex, she goes to Bowie who agrees to let her stay with him.

A Walker to Remember

Bowie has quit his job at Judy's Blooms and now works at Red Rooster Records. He shows off the new place to Bex, Andi and Jonah. After that, he asks Jonah to remain behind so that he can talk to him privately about his panic attacks. He offers Jonah a guitar so that he can play it whenever he gets a panic attack since it seems to calm him down. He gives Jonah an additional guitar lesson and books him an audition with Sid, the best music teacher in town.

Crime Scene: AndiShack!

Bowie finally moves his remaining stuff from Judy's Blooms, ready to officially get started at his new job at Red Rooster Records. When Miranda and her daughter Morgan come over while Andi is helping him, Bowie introduces them to Andi. He later tries to help Miranda run errands by asking Andi to stay with Morgan in the Andi Shack. Unfortunately, Andi's silver box with a special bracelet box goes missing. Andi suspects Morgan took it but Bowie defends Morgan. He helps Bex and Miranda calm down, then goes to search for the box in the Andi Shack. He mysteriously finds the box in a place where Andi had already searched. He concludes that it was a misunderstanding but Andi wishes he believed her.

Bought, Lost or Stolen

Bowie is at the Red Rooster when he is surprised by Miranda who says she also brought Morgan to go to lunch. He says they'll leave as soon as she he's done cleaning up. After hearing that Morgan is bored he shows her some music boxes which she likes.

When he's done cleaning he tells Morgan to put the music boxes and goes to see that one is missing. He shrugs it off until the music box plays in Morgan's pocket. Miranda tells her it's no big deal. Bowie asks if Miranda is going to tell Morgan anything else about stealing but she won't.

After they come back from lunch Miranda tells Morgan sit at the bench so she and Bowie can talk. Bowie tells her that Miranda didn't tell Morgan anything about stealing. She says that it doesn't matter because Morgan is 7. Bowie asks if Morgan has stolen before because of what happened in Crime Scene: AndiShack!. She admits it and says that she thought they were past it. Bowie says that she knew that Morgan stole the prayer box and let Morgan lie. Bowie asks how the box got back in Andi Shack and Miranda admits she put it there. Bowie is feeling very furious that Miranda made it look like Andi was lying. He is more mad at the fact that Miranda made him doubt his own daughter. He says he needs to learn who he can trust. Miranda says you can't a trust 7-year-old. Bowie says that he can't trust Miranda forcing her to grab Morgan and leave.

Later at Bex and Andi's apartment Bowie is telling them about the situation. They say that they shouldn't have trusted Miranda in the first place.

We're on Cloud Ten

Bowie joins Bex, CeCe and Andi at Cloud Ten grand opening. Afterwards, he goes to Bex's apartment to make sure he's there when Andi goes on her first date with Jonah. With Andi out of the house, Bex convinces Bowie to stay a little longer so that they can cook and watch movies together. Bex falls asleep. Before leaving, Bowie tries to wake her up but she is too sleepy. He tells Bex that he loves her but doesn't get any response from the sleepy Bex. The next day, Bex tells Andi that she's decided to marry Bowie. They agree to propose together.

The Cake That Takes the Cake

Bex and Andi invite Bowie to a dinner at CeCe's house so that they can propose to him together. Unfortunately, Bowie shows up with The Renaissance Boys who ask him to join the band before Bex can propose. They want Bowie to tour the world with them for six months. Bex doesn't want to propose because it would force Bowie to choose between them and the band. This leads to a fight between Bex and Andi. Bowie leaves with the band.

Season 3

Bowie's tour with The Renaissance Boys ends after only two months since all the members have other commitments. He returns home in The Boys Are Back and goes straight to Bex and Andi's apartment. Bowie and Bex agree to propose together at the same time. They become officially engaged. Now that he is engaged to Bex, Bowie wants them to have a bigger place to live in once they're married. So, in Hole in the Wall, Bowie and Bex buy the apartment adjacent to Bex's so that they can bring down the wall and merge the two apartments.

In It's a Dilemna, Bowie wants to advance his music career by teaching kids how to play guitar since he was successful in teaching Jonah. His first student is Shaun who turns out to be really bad at it. Bowie starts blaming himself for being a bad guitar teacher. However, in That Syncing Feeling, Shaun reveals that he is the one who doesn't want to learn how to play. He was only playing because his dad really wants him to. Bowie helps Shaun break the bad news to his dad. Bowie then starts teaching Shaun's dad instead.

In Cookie Monster, Bowie's mother, Cookie Quinn comes to town to see him and meet Andi. She reveals that Bowie's real first name is actually "Steven."


Bex Mack

Main Article: Bex and Bowie

Bex was Bowie's former girlfriend, the mother of his child, and now her husband. Despite never knowing he was a father until recently, he bears no ill will toward her, and in fact believes the Universe is telling him they should be together.

Andi Mack

Main Article: Andi and Bowie

Andi is Bowie's daughter, a fact the pair has only recently discovered. While he was aware of Andi as Bex's younger sister, Bowie has eagerly accepted the burden of fatherhood and has already grown to love and appreciate his newfound daughter, and seeks to become a presence in her life.

Miranda Patrick

Miranda and Bowie date briefly after Bex rejects Bowie. They break up when Bowie realizes Miranda made him turn on his own daughter. She comes back in Season 3 wanting to make up with Bowie, but he is engaged to Bex.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Starting with Season 3, Bowie is now a main character.


  • Bowie Quinn was first mentioned in 13, but not named until It's Not About You, and finally made his first physical appearance in She Said, She Said.
  • He only knew of Andi as Bex's little sister.
  • Bowie follows Ham Mack on social media.
  • Bowie's personalized license plate reads "RINGO" likely denoting that he idolizes, and seeks to emulate, legendary Beatles' drummer Ringo Starr.
  • As shown on his driver's license, "Bowie" is his legal name.
  • He plays drums and is currently filling in for one of the band members of a band called "The Renaissance Boys".
  • Apparently, Bowie no longer has family living in the area, aside from Andi and her family. It is revealed his mother Cookie Quinn lives on cruise ships.
  • He becomes a landscaper/florist for a plant nursery named Judy's Blooms (a pun on the celebrated children's author, Judy Blume).
  • Later on, Bowie gets a job a few blocks down Main Street as a clerk/music teacher at Red Rooster Records.
  • He proposes to Bex by hiding the ring in a pizza box.
  • In the episode “A Good Hair Day”, Bowie was proved to be 32, which means that he had Andi at almost 19.
    • His birth-date does not fit in with the timeline of the other episodes. It takes place after Chinese New Year, which is strange because his birthday is supposedly in October.
  • He gets married to Bex Mack in the episode “A Moving Day”.


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