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I spit on hamburgers. And then I like to watch people eat them.

Amber testing Cyrus

Bought, Lost or Stolen is the twenty-third episode in Season 2 of Andi Mack and the thirty-fifth overall. It first aired on August 6, 2018 to 0.94 million viewers.[1]



Andi runs into Walker at an art fair, and he meets Jonah for the first time. Bowie’s relationship with Miranda hits a snag.[2]

Full Plot

Andi and her "moms" attend an art fair but Bex and CeCe can't agree on what painting to buy for Cloud Ten. They ask Andi to choose but she doesn't want to pick sides. So, she asks them to choose a painting they both like. While looking around, Andi notices the charcoal drawing of her that Walker drew at Cyrus' bar mitzvah. Not only that, but the painting won first place at the art fair.

Walker comes over and introduces himself to Bex and Celia. He says that he failed to tell Andi about the painting because he was respecting Andi's request that they stop talking. Walker and Andi start taking pictures. Suddenly, Buffy and Cyrus come in - with Jonah. Andi nervously tries to explain to Jonah but Jonah says he knows what's going on - that Walker is the artist. To everyone's surprise, Jonah happily introduces himself to Walker. Jonah and Walker quickly become friends. Andi is amazed by how cool Jonah is about it. Jonah says that he's not jealous anymore and points to the fact that he's now got The Bracelet.

As Buffy is talking to Walker, Cyrus notices that she's playing with her hair. Cyrus asks Buffy if Walker is her crush but Buffy denies it. It turns out, Buffy's crush wasn't Jonah either. Buffy only reacted that way to make Cyrus stop asking who the crush is. As Cyrus becomes even more confused at who Buffy's crush could be, Buffy strongly asks him to stay out of it.

Meanwhile, Amber has started therapy and is currently seeing Cyrus' step-mother, Sharon Frank. As she walks out of Sharon's office, Amber bumps into Cyrus. They both freak out and Amber feels embarrassed. Later at The Spoon, Cyrus apologizes to Amber for how he acted. He says that he should have known better and promises not tell anyone that Amber is seeing a therapist. Amber explains that her parents want her to see a therapist to help her cope with the situation at home. She asks Cyrus if therapy really helps and Cyrus assures her that it works. She argues that her deepest secret is too deep to fix but Cyrus says it can't be that bad. So, Amber whispers to Cyrus, saying that she spits on hamburgers and likes to watch people eat them. Cyrus is grossed out but agrees to honor his promise to keep it a secret.

Cyrus' ability to keep Amber's secret is tested the next time at The Spoon when Buffy orders a burger and it's delivered by Amber. He asks Buffy to order something else or switch with him but Buffy refuses. Cyrus is in a dilemma. Should he let his best friend eat Amber's spit burger or break his promise and reveal Amber's secret. As Buffy grabs the burger and brings it closer to her mouth, Amber gives Cyrus a staredown to make sure he doesn't spill her secret. After a long staredown, Cyrus knocks down Buffy's burger. He goes to Amber and says that he did it because he couldn't watch his best friend eat a spit burger but couldn't spill Amber's secret either. At that point, Amber tells Cyrus that he's passed the test. She reveals that she doesn't actually spit on burgers. She was just testing him to see if he could be trusted. Amber explains that her therapist advised her to start opening up to other teens about her problems since she struggles to open up to adults. Now that she can trust Cyrus, she says that she will tell him her real dark secrets. Cyrus offers to help her through it. Amber and Cyrus agree to start hanging out.

In the meantime, Bowie is at Red Rooster Records when Miranda comes over with Morgan so that they can grab lunch together. Bowie asks them to give him a few minutes. When Morgan starts complaining that she's bored, Bowie gives her a set of five music boxes to play with it. On their way out, Bowie notices that one of the music boxes is missing. He asks about it and Morgan insists that there were only four. Bowie lets it go but then the lost music box starts playing from Morgan's jacket. Miranda tells Morgan to put it back. Bowie asks Miranda if she's going to say anything more to Morgan but Miranda doesn't do anything about it.

On their way back from lunch, Bowie brings up the music-box incident. He confronts Miranda for not talking to Morgan about stealing. He asks if Morgan has stolen before and realizes that Morgan did in fact steal the prayer box with Andi's bracelet in Crime Scene: AndiShack!. Miranda admits it and Bowie also figures out that Miranda is the one who returned the box to Andi Shack to make it look like Andi was lying. And yet Miranda made Andi apologize to Morgan. Bowie is upset that Miranda made him doubt his own daughter. He says he can't trust Miranda anymore. Upon realizing that Bowie won't let this go, Miranda angrily grabs Morgan and leaves.

Later that evening, Bowie goes to Bex's apartment and tells them what happened with Miranda. He reveals that he has broken up with Miranda. Andi and Bex are thrilled to hear that.


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  • The title of the episode may be referring to the following:
    • the hospital bracelet that either Andi lost or Morgan stole which happened in Crime Scene: AndiShack!.
    • the music boxes that Bowie buys, one of which he then realizes he lost and Morgan probably stole, which we find out at the episode credits.
  • This marked Amber's first appearance after an eight-episode absence since Better to Have Wuvved and Wost.
    • In the official promo we find out that Amber spits inside hamburgers and watches people eat the hamburger with her spit inside. However, this is just a test for Cyrus to see if he can be trusted, therefore marking this fact false.
  • This episode marked the end for Miranda and Bowie's relationship.
  • Cyrus' stepmom uses the name Dr. Sharon Frank professionally, and is counseling Amber.
  • Walker’s last name is revealed to be Brodsky.


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