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Chase McFly Chase McFly 4 October 2020

Fanon Andi Mack Season 4 Complete!

Great news, everyone! The fanon Season 4 that RuinTheCent and I have been working on for nearly 5 months is now complete! We can't wait to show you guys the scripts!

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 4 September 2020

Andi Mack Discord Server

Hey everyone, me and User:RuinTheCent started a Discord server for Andi Mack Wiki. Feel free to join.

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RuinTheCent RuinTheCent 20 June 2020

Join Chatecent Production Studios, and here's why!

Hi everyone, Chase McFly, Boreodoo, and I are excited to introduce you to a project. We will write scripts like you haven't seen. I'm sure you've seen fanfiction transcripts in other wikis or in comments but in Chatecent Studios, we are proud to introduce the following shows we've continued or spun off from. We also have our own main wiki where we create non-fanfiction, original stuff that you'll also enjoy. We also value your opinion for each and every script so we can always improve our scripts. Our wikis and our discord are posted at the bottom.

Again, we would really appreciate an audience that is willing to read our scripts and give us some opinions.

  • 1 Shows That We've Continued Or Spun Off From
  • 2 Week of June 21- June 27 News
  • 3 Our Wikis
  • 4 Ou…

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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 17 June 2020

Ship Dynamic Memes

Credit to the artists is at the end.

Cyrus, TJ, Lester, Reed

Cyrus and TJ

Cyrus and TJ

Amber and Andi

Buffy and Marty

Art Sources:

  • Sangled
  • Hkasof
  • Leecheedoodles
  • Kaenith
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Ryan Schnott Ryan Schnott 5 December 2019

Chack Mat Episode 3 - Tk19

Tk19. Tk19. Andi kept thinking those words. They were the last ones spoken by her parents before going missing. She thought writing it down would help. She then decided to write it on paper to make sense of it. She did so, and in a flash, began to trace the meaning. T - Two, K - Kids, 19 - 2019, the year the went missing, the current year. Two kids. Buffy and Cyrus? Andi left them to go to SAVA before getting kicked out due to a fight with one of the students, Walker. Maybe they had something to do with their disappearance? Andi got up to go find them but suddenly, a shadowy figure popped from out of nowhere, and Andi disappeared into a cloud of smoke. “You’re wrong...” the figure said, “Ten Kilagrams, Nine Teens”. He then took off his mas…

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ToonWebster ToonWebster 6 October 2019

Andi: Undercover - Code 0

hi Guys I’m mjoanh beck here and here is my Jonah beck song! The internet can do wonders, but I’m a guy who ponders. I want to see my life for what it is, can we just get rid of this. I want to see things face to face, life is at a different pace. I want to see things face to face, cause I want to go to a different place.

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Ryan Schnott Ryan Schnott 31 August 2019

Andi is not gay guys

Cyrus is Gay so Andi mack is not she is bowie quinn’s Daughter and bex mack’s Daughter

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NeptuneID13 NeptuneID13 25 June 2019

Muffy vs. Tira

Hey friendom. NeptuneID13 here. I've been a fan of Andi Mack since the day it was leaked online in March of 2017. It has certainly come a long way since its debut. It has all sorts of character development, drama, heart, world-building, symbolism, metaphors, and parallels. Today I will be comparing two ships: Marty x Buffy (Muffy) and TJ x Kira (Tira).

You may be wondering why I chose to compare Tira to Muffy instead of Tira to its number one rival ship, Tyrus (TJ x Cyrus). Well, Tira has all sorts of interesting parallels to Muffy. I love analyzing and comparing things, so I will be comparing these two ships and explaining how they are similar and different.

First, let's start off with the characters involved in these ships:

In season 1, Buf…

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Dweiner Dweiner 29 May 2019

Cyrus Comes Out

Today was the day Cyrus decided to come out to all four of his parents. Andi Buffy Jonah and TJ were going as moral support. In his parents living room, Cyrus faced his parents. Breathing heavily he said, "I'm gay." After processing the information, they all embraced and said they still loved him.

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Dweiner Dweiner 28 May 2019

Andi New Crush

Andi Buffy and Cyrus were sitting at The Spoon when Amber walks over. She asks Andi if she could come over later for a sleepover and Andi says yes. Later that night, they are in Andi's room watching a movie when Amber kisses Andi. Andi asks Amber why she did it and she says that she has liked Andi for a long time. The next day, Andi talks to Bex Buffy Cyrus and Jonah about her crush on Amber. They all tell her to go for it and are happy for her. Andi meets Amber in the park and agree to start dating.

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Dweiner Dweiner 28 May 2019

Andi's First Period

One day at Jefferson Middle school, Andi was in lunch when Buffy notices a stain on her skirt. She rushes Andi to the girl's restroom and shows her the blood stain. Later that day, Andi goes to Andi Shack and cries. Bex and Cecelia find her there and ask what happened. She reveals that she got her period at school and was really upset about it. They all go out with Buffy to celebrate Andi becoming a woman.

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Imagine8796 Imagine8796 7 May 2019

FANMADE Season 5 (Andi Mack)

This is a FANMADE Season 5 of Andi Mack.

These are episodes that have confirmed titles and dates.

  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  4. TBA

These are episodes that have confirmed titles but unknown airdates.

  • Goodbye, Shadyside (501)
  • No! (502)
  • The Tori Way (503)
  •  Hurricane's Here (504)
  • We're Leaving  (505)
  • The Kiss (506)
  • The Diss To Andi (507)
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (508)
  • Tech- Nerds (509)
  •  (510)
  • Dress Code Problems (511)
  • Fight For The Macks (512)
  • Avan Falls For Andi (513)
  • Give It Up (514)
  • The Deleted Scenes (515)
  •  Tori Don't Care (516)
  • Let's Do This (517)
  • Andi in The House! (518)
  • Call Me (519)
  • Party All Night! (520)

    • The episode "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is a girl power episode and is Peyton, Sofia, Molly, and Emily's favorite episode.
    • Avan and Andi start dating in this season, mostly becau…

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Imagine8796 Imagine8796 7 May 2019

The Drama Of The Macks Transcript

(Scene 1 )

( Andi is cheery, ready for the day)

Andi : Ahh, it feels so good knowing you guys are married!

Bex: Andi....

Andi: What?

Bex: We're leaving Shadyside first thing in the morning.

Andi: What, why?

Bex: There's too much happening here and we can't allow it. 

Bex: Oh, looks like it's today let's go.

Andi : No.

Bex: What?

Andi: I said no. You don't know how much Buffy and Cyrus has changed my life, you don't know how much Shadyside has changed my life. You don't even know how much Avan, Tori and Matteo has changed my life. You can go but i'm not leaving.

Bex: Yes you are. Let's go.

Andi : No.

(Andi runs away) 

Bex: Andi, wait!

(Bowie and Bex goes in Andi's room, only to notice she's gone) 

Bowie: She ran away.

Bex: What are we going to do? 

Bowie : I …

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Imagine8796 Imagine8796 3 May 2019

FANMADE Season 4 (Andi Mack)

This is a FANMADE Season 4 of Andi Mack.

  • 1 Season 4
    • 1.1 Episodes
  • 2 Synopsis
  • 3 Cast
    • 3.1 Main Cast
    • 3.2 Recurring Cast
  • 4 ​Trivia

  1. 401. When There's A Mack, There's A Shack 

Plot: Andi, Buffy and Cyrus along with Jonah, meet some new people at high school and some new rivals. Meanwhile, when Andi Shack gets burned down, Bex, Andi and Bowie try to find out who did it.

402.All The Way 

Plot: Bex and Bowie finds the person who burned down the shack. Meanwhile, Buffy sets both Walker and Marty down to talk.

403/404. Andi Quack

When Buffy, Avan and Cyrus bring Andi to the zoo, she freaks out when she sees ducks. The gang come to Bex but she reveals that Andi's always been that way so they try to help her.

405. Who Is It?

Plot: After a agrument between TJ and Jonah, They come t…

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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 28 March 2019


I love astrology and I love Andi Mack, so I just had to do a blog about it!  Some birthdays were already mentioned or hinted at by the show which I tried to keep the same.  If more birthdays are revealed by the show, I will make adjustments to reflect them.

(Please note: there are many different sides to each zodiac and I only included the specific traits that matched these characters. So don't judge your own zodiac based on these traits because it's not a complete study.)

Capricorn/January - Celia: down-to-earth, logical, organized, conservative values. [hinted to be around winter]

Aquarius/February - Bowie: marches to the beat of his own drum, thinks outside the box, not afraid of being different. (I'm ignoring the date on his license and g…

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TangledVarian4Eves TangledVarian4Eves 3 March 2019

Andi Mack animated

What the Andi Mack cast would look like animated.

  • In the Loud House style
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Leftwingmicronationalist Leftwingmicronationalist 12 February 2019

Why I Think Tyrus Is Not YET Valid

I know that for some reason, this is a controversial opinion. I cannot understand why, and when people attack me for it, it really frustrates me. As far as I am concerned, nothing done by the characters of Cyrus Goodman or TJ Kippen proves that they have crushes on each other. 

I understand that ships are ships and that is totally fine. However, shipping something does not mean it's the truth. You should not change things on the wiki page because it suits your headcannon. It is not just rude and incorrect, but also unprofessional, and as an unofficial informational page about a show, we should try to get the facts right all the time.

The reason I think Tyrus is invalid (canotically) is because TJ has never said to anybody that he has a crush …

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RyanL181095 RyanL181095 27 January 2019

Season 4 (My Version)

Season 4 of Andi Mack was announced on April 27, 2019 at the 2019 Disney Channel Fan Fest. The season premiered on October 4, 2019 and the series finale premiered on July 31, 2020.

  • 1 Production
  • 2 Synopsis
  • 3 Cast
    • 3.1 Main Cast
    • 3.2 Recurring Cast
    • 3.3 New Cast
  • 4 Episodes
    • 4.1 Confirmed dates
    • 4.2 Unconfirmed dates
  • 5 Trivia
  • 6 References

The season started filming on July 5, 2019.


  • Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
  • Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
  • Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
  • Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
  • Trent Garrett as Bowie Quinn
  • Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
  • Lauren Tom as Celia Mack

  • Emily Skinner as Amber
  • Luke Mullen as TJ Kippen
  • Darius Marcell as Walker Brodsky
  • Oliver Vaquer as Dr. Metcalf
  • Garren Stitt as Marty


  1. 10/04/19 - (401)
  2. 10/11/19 - (402)
  3. 10/18/19 - (403)
  4. 10/25/19 - (404)
  5. 11/01/19 - …

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RyanL181095 RyanL181095 4 January 2019

Season 3 (Hopefully they get renewed for Season 4)

Season 3 of Andi Mack was announced on February 19, 2018 during a cast interview with Good Morning America. The season premiered on October 8, 2018. The season consists of 21 episodes.

  • 1 Production
  • 2 Synopsis
  • 3 Cast
    • 3.1 Main Cast
    • 3.2 Recurring Cast
    • 3.3 New Cast
  • 4 Episodes
    • 4.1 Confirmed dates
  • 5 Trivia
  • 6 References

The season started filming in Magna, Utah in June 2018 and wraps on December 21, 2018. The season premiered on October 8, 2018

Andi is increasingly confident about expressing herself as she navigates her relationship with Jonah Beck and new territory in her long-standing friendships with Buffy and Cyrus. She continues to work on building a family unit with her parents, Bex and Bowie, who are new to parenting but are doing their best through humor, love an…

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Leidy Queen Leidy Queen 28 November 2018

Andi Mack es mas que un programa para niños

Andi Mack es más que un programa para niños

Este es vlog Un pequeño, Andi Mack Lo Vi desde El Primer capitulo y me gusto mucho LUEGO empece a verlo mas y me cautivo el transfondo Que conlleva el Programa,
Tantos Contiene personajes Tan diferentes Entre si, con transfondo esxplicando ue todos Tienen Problemas, todos tiene sus cosas.
Andi una niña de 13 años el personaje principal de origen asiático que tiene una madre que el adolescente tiene un padre, tiene a su abuela y abuelo  a ambos los vio durante años como sus padrea, es muy buena haciendo manualidades. Buffy su mejor amiga es muy competitiva en todo en especial en los deportes que tiene 
una madre militar por lo tanto no suele verla por tiempo muy prolongado. Cyrus un chico muy humilde,…

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Asherangel16 Asherangel16 31 October 2018


I think Terri should stop having Cyrus as comic relief- he needs to be an actual character. He would add so much to the plot if he was more than comic relief. I agree with this strongly so anyoe that disagrees- fight me.

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JesseFan300 JesseFan300 4 October 2018

Season 3!

I AM SO EXICTED FOR SEASON 3! A DEAF PERSON (bowie having trust issues with andi)  Buffy (most likley) Liking walker so EXICTED 

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Daffodillydoo Daffodillydoo 28 August 2018


Here is a potential timeline. If you want to offer your own thoughts on this, please do.

Grade 2 - The Good Hair Crew is formed

   - The first visit to the alpine slide (haven't been back in 5 years)

S1 Ep 1 - Meets Jonah around beginning of October (Andi's birthday)

S1 Ep 5 - Buffy says her mom will be overseas for at least six more months (October)

S1 Ep 9 - Amber's birthday (some time in autumn)

S2 Ep 2 - Chinese New Year (January or February)

S2 Ep 10 - Bowie's birthdate - error (?)

S2 Ep 12 - Buffy's mom comes back, so six months must have passed since S1 Ep 5 (so probably April)

S2 Ep 13 - Cyrus' birthday, just before Buffy news (some time in spring)

S2 Ep 14 - 6 months after meeting Jonah, 2 more months of school left (so probably April)

S2 Ep…

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 1 August 2018

Andi Mack Timeline

The timeline of Andi Mack is a strange one, but here's my best guess, based on logic. Now, this list is incomplete, because I'd like some help filling in the blanks.

1. 13-September 28th, 2016: Andi's birthday is September 28th, 2003. Since this episode is set on her birthday, it must be September 28th, adding to the school year already starting. Now, 13 years plus 2003 is 2016, which implies this is when the show begins.

2. Outside the Box-End of September 2016, as it picks up right from where 13 left off.

3. Shhh!-Early October 2016, as it takes place immediately after Outside the Box.

4. Dancing in the Dark-Weekend early in October 2016

5. It's Not About You-Still October 2016








13. January 2017

14. Chinese New Year-February 201…

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BexCyrusJonahFan BexCyrusJonahFan 27 July 2018

But really, this is the shows main love triangle.

I personally believer that the love triangle of Jandi vs. Wandi pales in comparison to the love triangle of Jyrus vs. Tyrus. Jyrus vs. Tyrus doesn't even need to take the whole main plotline of the show to stil stand on its own and intrest the fandom. Comment if you agree of disagree.

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Rjbear178 Rjbear178 15 June 2018

IMPORTANT - Vote for the logo and name of this site!

Vote here: Logo/Site Name Poll

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Vvianneb Vvianneb 11 February 2018

Various Andi Mack Topics and Opinions Just Because

  I'll start with my absolute love for Ham's character. He is lowkey the only sane one and is incredibly down-to-earth. He is also so incredibly patient with everyone, and his love for Cece, Bex, and Andi is exceedingly admirable. He has not yet presented himself with any objectionable actions, which is why he is my favorite character. He is wayyyy too underrated!! I love him, haha.

      - Update (2/7/19): After the information received about his actor, I am beyond devastated and disgusted. It is hard to look at his character the same, and for that reason I hereby declare Cyrus as my new favorite character. As to what the show will do with his character is hard to say, perhaps they'll have Ham and Cece divorce or replace him and hope no on…

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Leftwingmicronationalist Leftwingmicronationalist 14 December 2017

Andi Mack Crack

Okay. I don't know if the rest of you know this, but on YouTube, Andi Mack fans make funny videos called Humours or Cracks. They make jokes about situations and point out things. I have made four. If you'd like to watch, here you go V.

I hope you guys enjoy and hopefully subscribe to my channel, if you'd like! 

  • Edit almost a year later... This was a shameless self promotion. I am sorry you had to see that!*
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AMFAgain AMFAgain 10 December 2017

Who is the best Andi Mack charecter?

So this is a competition of sorts. It’s very much community based. So there are 6 awards this year. And they are...

  • 1 Best Episode
  • 2 Best Season
  • 3 Favorite Actor
  • 4 Topic Handled Best
  • 5 Best Charecters
  • 6 Best Pairing/Group
  • 7 Performers
  • 8 When will it be?

Easily explained. What is the best episode? List your fave in the comments!

Season 1 or 2? You decide!

Which actor portrays their Charecters the best?

What was/is the best topic they discussed?

Who is the best carecter?-No Side/BG Charecters (Like Gus And Denise)

So this award will get a lot of controversy. But this award is for the best pairing/group. It can be a group of friends such as The Good Hair Crew. And pairings don’t have to be romantic,like Buffy and Cyrus or Amber and Andi. (But most will be romantic…

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Ayylmaomemesforthedayo Ayylmaomemesforthedayo 4 November 2017

Disney and Jyrus

I think I can speak for everyone--even non-Disney-watchers--when I say that we were all shocked about Cyrus came out to Buffy. It was a shock, a real big one, to me even though I was rooting for it. I just wanted to say, even though episode two is already out and I love it, episode one was a huge and excellent move! 

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Myanight Myanight 28 October 2017

cyrus is gay!

So i just finish season 2 episode one last night and wow so cyrus tells buffy he is gay i have always thought he was since season 1  because he is was always blushing around him and i think it is cute but i thing andi and jonah are a better couple i know some people might disagree and agree but like i said he was always blushing and nervous around him and i cried when this part came on [[1]] i was shook but im glad there is one show one disney that is not always boy and girl there is finnaly boy and boyh

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Ain'tMyFault Ain'tMyFault 18 July 2017


I'm new here! Just saying Hi. hi.

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Ain'tMyFault Ain'tMyFault 11 July 2017

Season 2 (Fanmade;Hope Storylines Come True)

1.Hey, Who Wants Pizza?-After breaking up with Amber, Jonah starts to realize he may have feelings for Andi, which ultimately leads Cyrus to feel uncomfortable about being with Iris and leaves Buffy suspicious. Bowie tries to reconcile his relationship with Bex.

2.Here's Amber!!!:Amber comes back seeking revenge on Andi,and hurts Cyrus in the process. Meanwhile, Buffy and Marty go out on a 'friend-hang' and realize something about Jonah.

3.Open The Door,Cyrus: Jonah gets embarresed by Cyrus at a meet. Meanwhile, Andi visits her great-grandma.

4.Space-y Otters: Buffy tries to join the Space Otters and gets in a fight with Andi. Meanwhile,Cyrus decides to play matchmaker and realizes his own crush.

5.Best Friends For Never: Jonah tries to help f…

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