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Arts and Inhumanities is the 17th episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the 54th overall. It premiered on July 5, 2019 to 0.60 million viewers.



Andi learns about a life-changing opportunity; Cyrus counsels Amber about her relationship with Jonah; Buffy has an awkward meeting with Marty’s ex.

Full Plot

After seeing Andi's artwork display at school, Bex looks into expanding Andi's artistic aptitude. She wants Andi to go to an art school instead of a regular high school. So, she sends her a link for an art school called Shadyside Academy of Visual Arts (SAVA) and asks her to apply. Andi is overwhelmed by the application questions because they look for things that don't apply to her. They ask for awards as well as recommendation letters from her art instructors but Andi doesn't have any because she taught herself. She tells Bex that she doesn't want to apply. Bowie suggests that both Andi and Bex tour the SAVA campus in person before making a decision. After seeing the campus, Andi loves the school so much and decides that she wants to go there. However Bex's face during the tour, makes her worried that Andi might not get in.

Amber starts to worry because Jonah is not responding to her texts. She meets up with him and asks if everything is okay and Jonah claims that he had his phone on silent. She asks him to hang out with her but Jonah declines, saying that he will be busy because Cyrus is teaching him how to play chess. When Amber runs into Jonah and Cyrus later on, she asks about Jonah's progress in learning chess. Cyrus is confused but he plays along and lets Jonah lie to Amber. The interaction makes Amber suspicious that Jonah is lying to her.

During her next counselling session with Cyrus, Amber suggests that they play chess. Cyrus becomes nervous because he doesn't know how to play. Amber reveals that she played chess competitively through sixth grade, adding pressure on Cyrus. She beats Cyrus after his first move, forcing him to come clean that he doesn't really know how to play chess. She confronts Cyrus for standing there as Jonah lied to her. Cyrus says Jonah is his friend but Amber says she's his friend too. He tries to apologize but Amber walks out, saying that she can't talk to him about how he mistreated her.

On their way home from school the next day, Cyrus tells Jonah that Amber found out the truth. While Jonah is trying to come up with his next lie, Amber approaches and asks him not to bother and just break up with her. Jonah says he's sorry and that he hopes they can still be friends. Amber and Jonah break up. Again.

Meanwhile, Buffy and Cyrus are at the bowling alley. Buffy goes to sign up where she runs into Marty and his girlfriend, Rachel. Marty introduces Rachel to Buffy but Buffy makes things awkward by asking Rachel, "Oh. You're real?" Buffy and Marty then try to explain to Rachel that it's a joke but Rachel doesn't get it. Marty notices Buffy limping and texts her the name of the foot doctor. Marty's concern for Buffy, in addition to their chemistry causes Rachel to become jealous. Rachel starts arguing with Marty about it. Later on while ordering food, Buffy overhears them still fighting about her. Rachel says Buffy clearly likes Marty but Marty says she doesn't because she turned him down before. Rachel concludes that Buffy and Marty still have feelings for each other. When Buffy stumbles while trying to walk away from the scene, Marty rushes to help her against Rachel's wish. Rachel gets angry and storms off.

The next day at school, Marty finds Buffy struggling because of her foot. He once again insists that she should see the foot doctor. He reveals that Rachel broke up with him. Buffy figures out that they broke up over her. Marty denies having feelings for Buffy, claiming that Buffy was right that they work best as friends. Buffy agrees but seems disappointed.


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  • Ariana Molkarka, who portrays Rachel, is the sixth Andi Mack actor who had previously appeared on "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn". The others are Sofia Wylie, Asher Angel, Molly Jackson, Garren Lake, and Raquel Justice.
  • This episode marked the third time in which Jonah and Amber have broken up.
  • Buffy joking about Rachel living in Canada is a reference to "Avenue Q".


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