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Jonah  : You like this. I know you do.
Andi  : I do. I like you... it... I like it - frisbee. Yeah, just delete what I said before.

Jandi is the pairing between Andi and Jonah Beck on the Disney Channel original series, Andi Mack. It has gone through a lot of dynamics through out the series. Andi and Jonah are portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Asher Angel respectively.

Ship names:

  • Jandi => Jonah + Andi


Andi and Jonah's relationship starts as a one-sided crush where Andi has a huge crush on Jonah while he is still dating his high school girlfriend, Amber. Andi and Jonah become close through playing frisbee and hanging out together. After breaking up with Amber, Jonah wants to spend more time with Andi which causes Andi to assume that they're dating.

When Jonah tells Andi that he doesn't think of them as boyfriend and girlfriend, Andi decides to move on. However, on realizing that he's losing Andi, Jonah starts working hard to win Andi back. He writes Andi a beautiful song after which, Andi kisses him. Andi and Jonah begin to date. After they go on their first date, Andi finds out that Jonah has to go to camp for two weeks so it puts their relationship on hold which makes Andi emotional. Her and Jonah have a tearful goodbye but him leaving made her realize that they're relationship didn't matter to her as much as she thought it did and that it would be better if they could just be friends.

After Jonah comes back from camp, Andi and Jonah talk about their relationship and she says that she just wants to be friends but claims that she doesn't want to break up. Even though they do not claim they are breaking up, they both feel that it'd be better if they stay friends and do not keep their relationship going. Andi finds out that Jonah is dating Libby and is supportive of his new relationship.


Season 1


  • Andi is looking at a picture of Jonah Beck on her laptop.
  • Bex asks Jonah to train Andi on frisbee so that they can spend more time together.
  • Jonah loves the way Andi plays and asks her to join his frisbee team, convincing her that she can be an outdoor person too.
  • Andi accidentally tells Jonah Beck that she likes him but quickly pretends that she was talking about liking frisbee.
  • Andi is disappointed when she realizes that Jonah has a girlfriend.
  • Jonah asks Bex for Andi's phone number.

Outside the Box

  • Andi and Jonah play frisbee together again.
  • Jonah likes Andi's bracelets and Andi offers to make one for him.
  • Buffy realizes that Andi has a crush on Jonah and asks her not to make him the bracelet if he has a girlfriend.
  • Jonah and Andi hug.
  • Amber feels threatened by Andi when she sees her hugging Jonah and later realizes that Andi gave Jonah a bracelet. She convinces Jonah to give the bracelet to her.


  • When Andi gets detention, she says she's going to miss her first Jonah instead of her first game.
  • Instead of telling Jonah Beck that she has detention, she says Jonah has a nice smile.
  • Jonah is impressed that "Andiman has layers".
  • Jonah is the one who tells Andi Mack about Mrs. Devlin being in charge of detention.

Dancing in the Dark

  • Jonah Beck is supportive of Andi after finding out her secret. He says it's awesome.
  • Jonah goes to Andi's party.
  • Jonah leads everyone at the party to cheer for Andi with the classic "Andi! Andi! Andi!"
  • Jonah confronts his girlfriend, Amber when she humiliates Andi and Bex in front of everyone at the party.

It's Not About You

  • Jonah apologizes to Andi for what Amber did during the party.
  • Andi stares at Jonah Beck and says it's sad that he might never like her the same way.
  • Andi is hurt when she finds Amber with another boy instead of Jonah.

She Said, She Said

  • Andi feels bad for Jonah when she finds Amber cheating on him with another boy, but is worried about telling Jonah the truth and hurting him.
  • When Andi gets a text from Jonah Beck's phone, she drops everything and runs to Jonah very fast, knocking everything on her way.
  • Amber tells Jonah that Andi likes him and Andi refuses to deny it.
  • Jonah wants to make things right with Andi but Andi is hurt that Jonah didn't believe her.

Dad Influence

  • Andi is happy when she hears that Jonah Beck and Amber broke up.
  • When Jonah Beck says that he wants to ask Andi something, Andi hopes that Jonah wants to ask her to go out with him.
  • Buffy and Cyrus try to help Jonah regain confidence and follow his heart to ask Andi out, but due to a case of misunderstanding, Jonah follows his instincts to get back with Amber.
  • Andi is devastated when she sees Jonah and Amber back together.

Were We Ever?

  • When Jonah finds Andi protesting, he asks what the protest is about and Andi explains it to him, hoping that he can join but he declines, saying, "Nah, I'm good."
  • Jonah wants Andi to be in the Space Otters Frisbee Team team photo for the yearbook but Andi is more concerned about the protest.
  • Andi shows up to take the photo in her prison uniform and wants to take the photo in it but Jonah begs her to change so people will take the Space Otters seriously.
  • Andi tells Jonah she will change to the Space Otters jersey for the team photo if Jonah can remember why Andi is wearing the prison uniform. Jonah can't remember because he was preoccupied with frisbee when Andi told him.
  • Andi realizes that Jonah doesn't seem to care much about things that are important to her but keeps asking for favors. She cares about things that are important to him, yet that is not returned by Jonah.
  • Jonah Beck and Andi take a walk outside after being interrupted while she was celebrating with The Good Hair Crew after the protest victory. Jonah apologizes.
  • He asks Andi to be in the next day's team picture retake but Andi declines, saying that she's quitting Space Otters.
  • Andi finally stands up to Jonah and says that she doesn't love Space Otters. She only likes it. And she only does that because Jonah Beck wants her to.
  • She reminds Jonah of how he keeps asking her for favors such as getting Amber a birthday present; and she does it anyway just because Jonah asked. Yet Jonah doesn't seem concerned about things that are important to Andi.
  • Jonah asks Andi if they can stilll remain friends after quitting the team and Andi wonders if they were really ever friends in the first place.
  • Andi walks away from Jonah Beck, feeling free and liberated. No longer does she have to keep obsessing over Jonah Beck.
  • This marks the end of Andi's crush on Jonah. For now.

Best Surprise Ever

  • Jonah says hi to Andiman but Andi blows him off and walks away, still mad at him.
  • Andi tells Cyrus that a Jonah Beck - free life is so much better.
  • When Andi leaves The Spoon Diner, Jonah goes after her.
  • Amber tells Jonah that he likes Andi and Andi likes him back. And to prove it, she tells Jonah if Andi looks back, she likes him. Andi looks back.
  • Jonah is worried that Andi is freezing him out and talks to Cyrus about it.
  • Jonah breaks up with Amber and makes her give back Andi's bracelet.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

  • Jonah gives Andi back the bracelet that she made for him in Outside The Box (that he gave to Amber)
  • Jonah invites Andi to the Space Otters' annual team party, even though she isn't a member of the team anymore.
  • At the end of the party, Jonah asks if he could talk to Andi alone.
  • Jonah then confesses to Andi and tells her that he likes being around her more than with anyone else.
  • He asked if Andi feels the same way about him. She nodded her head 'yes'.
  • Andi decides to give back the bracelet to Jonah.
  • Jonah says he's really happy to have the bracelet, and so does Andi.

Chinese New Year

  • Andi invites Jonah over for Chinese New Year.
  • Cece told Jonah that he is wearing white, the color of death, but she let him come in. Andi said at least it wasn't a total disaster.
  • Jonah suddenly eats a piece of dumpling, when they were supposed to be for Andi's ancestors.

The Snorpion

  • Jonah is happy that Andi is giving Amber a chance.
  • Jonah calls Andi while she's at the ferris wheel with Amber at night.
  • When Andi puts on make up to trick Amber, Jonah is very worried thinking that Andi might be hurt.

I Wanna Hold Your Wristband

  • Andi tells her friends that she wants to hold Jonah's hand.
  • Both Andi and Jonah are disappointed when Dr. Metcalf splits them into two different groups.
  • Andi sneaks out to talk to Jonah against the Principal's rules.
  • Jonah praises Andi for being very smart.
  • Andi and Jonah finally hold hands.

Head Over Heels

  • Jonah finally asks Andi out on a date... but he invites Buffy too.
  • Andi struggles to have the same chemistry with Jonah as Buffy and Marty.
  • When Andi laughs at Jonah for falling, Jonah gets embarrassed and stops talking to Andi.
  • Andi tries to make things right with Jonah.
  • When Andi falls, Jonah laughs at her and they're even. They start talking again.

You're the One That I Want

  • Andi is jealous when she sees Jonah with another girl but Jonah insists that Natalie is just a friend.
  • Andi gets even more worried when Amber reminds her that Jonah used to say that Andi is just a friend... but ended up dumping Amber for Andi.
  • After going undercover to spy on Jonah and Natalie, they report back to Andi that there's nothing between Jonah and Natalie.
  • When Andi reminds Jonah about their sing-along, she is disappointed to find out that Jonah has made other plans with Natalie.
  • Amber confronts Jonah about what he's doing with Natalie and forces him to choose to go with Andi instead.
  • When Buffy encourages Andi to get what she wants, she runs all the way to the park where Natalie is shooting the video; then runs all the way back looking for Jonah Beck.
  • Jonah and Andi have a cute moment at the back of the bus on their way to the sing-along.
  • Andi notices Jonah's expression, making her realize that he would rather be somewhere else.

We Were Never

  • Andi notices that Jonah is not wearing The Bracelet after which Jonah reveals that the bracelet is damaged.
  • Jonah tells Andi not to worry about the bracelet but Andi goes ahead and fixes it anyway.
  • When Andi gives the bracelet back to Jonah, Jonah refuses to accept it, saying that he's not a bracelet guy.
  • Jonah tells Andi that him wearing Andi's bracelet makes it look like a boyfriend-girlfriend thing. He tells Andi that he doesn't like labels.
  • Andi realizes that she and Jonah weren't really girlfriend and boyfriend; and Jonah confirms they were just friends.
  • Jonah thanks Andi for understanding that they are not really dating.
  • Andi is crushed because all this time she thought she had a relationship with Jonah Beck.
  • This marks another end of Andi and Jonah's relationship.

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

  • There's tension between Andi and Jonah following the bracelet issue the other day.
  • Jonah tells Cyrus that he didn't break up with Andi. He just doesn't like labels.
  • Andi tries to avoid Jonah during the ceremony.
  • Jonah becomes jealous after seeing Andi with Walker.
  • Jonah tells Andi that he want things to go back to the way they were so that they can continue spending more time together.
  • After realizing that he's losing Andi, Jonah has a severe panic attack.
  • Jonah comes to Bex's apartment and asks Andi to become his girlfriend officially but Andi responds with the classic, "um..."

Better to Have Wuvved and Wost

  • After Jonah leaves her house, Bex and Andi have a short conversation on what she will do. She skipped over Walker and said that Jonah had acted too late.
  • Jonah gives Andi presents that Andi does not enjoy
  • Jonah believes that Andi and him are dating but Andi reveals that they are not and she leaves

Truth or Truth

  • Jonah is worried when Andi fails to respond to his text messages.
  • Jonah is still concerned that Andi might have feelings for Walker since they met at the party.
  • Jonah asks Buffy and Cyrus what Andi says about him.

A Walker to Remember

  • Jonah comes to Bex's house to ask Andi to sit with him during Buffy's game... but Andi wants all of them to sit as a group.
  • Jonah is very upset when he sees a painting that Andi and Walker painted together.

Andi's Choice

  • Jonah tells Bowie that he thinks Andi doesn't like him anymore; and Bowie helps him write a song for Andi.
  • Jonah performs a beautiful song for Andi on stage.
  • Andi and Jonah have their first kiss after the song.

Buffy in a Bottle

  • Andi tells Walker not be around her because she has a boyfriend.
  • Jonah is upset when he discovers that Andi got shoes from Walker.
  • Andi tries to tell Jonah that he is her boyfriend officially at The Spoon Diner but Natalie walks in and reveals to Andi that she and Jonah are having lunch together.
  • Andi is uncomfortable when Natalie decides they should eat together with them. So, she walks out.

Keep a Lid on It

  • Andi realizes that the best way to show Jonah that she is his girlfriend is by making him another bracelet since she no longer has The Bracelet which was the symbol of their relationship. Luckily, Bex reveals that she saved the bracelet in a new memory box for Andi.
  • With encouragement from Buffy, Andi invites Jonah over and gives him the bracelet.
  • Andi and Jonah officially become girlfriend and boyfriend.

Bought, Lost or Stolen

  • When Jonah runs into Walker at the art fair, Andi is worried about how Jonah might react but Jonah trusts Andi.
  • Andi and Jonah go to eat at The Spoon as a couple.

We're on Cloud Ten

  • Jonah asks Andi out for their first real date.
  • Andi has so much fun during her date with Jonah that she wants to come back to the trampoline place.
  • Andi is disappointed to learn that Jonah will be leaving town for an 8-week frisbee match because she's going to miss him so much.
  • Jonah walks Andi to Andi Shack where they say their goodbyes.


  • Jonah Beck was Andi's crush since the first episode.
  • They sometimes, are both awkward when they talk to each other.
  • As of "Hey, Who Wants Pizza?", Andi thought that they had started dating.
  • As of "We Were Never" Jonah confirms to Andi that they are not boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • As of "Better to Have Wuvved and Wost", Jonah and Andi are not dating, and according to Andi, probably won't in a while.
  • In Andi's Choice, they had their first kiss.


  • Friendship
    • Both parties agree that they are happier as friends.
    • Jonah starts dating Libby. Andi is supportive of their relationship.




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