Andi Mack Wiki

Andi and Bowie are father and daughter. After Bex emailed Bowie, Bowie came to see Bex and found out about Andi. Andi and Bowie always have a lot of fun together and they have many similarities. Bowie and Andi can sometimes be uncomfortable around each other but over time, they grow very close. They both belive that universe can tell you things.

While talking with Andi at the mall, Bowie finds an engagement ring in the jacket he was trying on. Both Andi and Bowie conclude that this is a sign from the universe for Bowie to marry Bex.


She Said, She Said

  • Bowie greeted Andi when he saw her, not knowing she's his daughter
  • When Bex told Andi Bowie's her father, and Bowie Andi's his daughter they were so happy.
  • They said "Whoa" together and chuckled
  • Bowie said everything has changed now that he knows he's a father.

Dad Influence

  • Bowie said he's surprised he has a kid
  • Bowie wanted to spend the day with Andi
  • Bowie came to Andi's school to have a day with her
  • They had a walk in the park, saying they were exactly what they wanted
  • They joined a drum circle and had fun
  • Bowie said he has to go on tour and that's why he wanted to spend a day with Andi
  • Andi gave Bowie a hug and it was an emotionally scene
  • When Andi left he recorded and said "Goodbye baby girl"
  • At the end Bowie ended up in Andi Shack and surprised Andi and Bex making both of them laugh and say he's unpredictable

Terms of Embarrassment

  • Bowie cut his tour time short to be with Andi
  • Bowie came to Andi's frisbee game and was talking to her team, which she didn't like
  • He even asked Andi if she liked Cyrus, which she said no because he's her best friend
  • He started to film Andi's game which she was embarrassed by.
  • Andi told Bex that she loves that he's here but she doesn't like him embarrassing her
  • Bowie invited Jonah to watch the game video he made which really embarrassed Andi
  • Andi says Bowie is ruining her life which Bex says it's just him getting to know her.
  • Bowie came to Andi Shack to show Andi something which she says she's busy.
  • Bowie made cookies to apologize for embarrassing Andi.
  • Andi went into her room to see Bowie on her laptop looking through her photos
  • Andi yelled at Bowie for invading her privacy
  • Bowie said he wanted to surprise her, but she tells him to leave her alone
  • He sadly leaves and Andi asks why he was doing that.
  • Bex checked to see what he was doing, it turns out he was making a video about his time with Andi
  • Andi saw what he did and ran to apologize to him
  • When she saw that he was long gone which makes her feel sad and guilty.