Andi and Bex is the pairing between Andi Mack and her mother, Bex Mack. Andi and Bex's relationship forms the core of the show. While this is a mother-daughter relationship, it comes off as a sister-sister relationship because Andi grew up believing that Bex was her sister. Even after revealing the secret to Andi, Bex still acts more like Andi's older sister as opposed to her mother. Andi and Bex are portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Lilan Bowden respectively.


Season 1


  • Andi is very excited when her older sister, Bex comes home for her 13th birthday.
  • Bex goes to Andi's room to catch up with her and Andi promises to make her a bracelet.
  • Bex finds out Andi's crush is Jonah Beck and sets them up by asking Jonah Beck to teach Andi how to play frisbee.
  • Andi says she wished she was more fun and adventurous like Bex.
  • Bex tells Andi the secret: that she's her mother, even though Celia doesn't want the secret revealed.
  • When Andi storms out, Bex is the one who goes to comfort her.

Outside the Box

  • Bex wants Andi to tell her friends the secret.
  • Andi wants Bex to participate in the memory game at dinner.


  • Bex gives Andi toaster tarts
  • Bex picks up Andi from school on a motorcycle and they agree not to tell Celia.
  • Bex encourages Andi to watch a scary movie against Celia's wishes.
  • Andi and Bex go through Celia's old memory box together.

Dancing in the Dark

  • Bex convinces Andi to throw a party while their parents are out of town
  • Bex and Andi go shopping for party supplies
  • Bex doesn't want Andi to get in trouble for throwing the party and she's ready to take the blame.

It's Not About You

  • Andi is worried about Bex getting her in trouble and wishes Bex could just act like her mother. So, she starts avoiding Bex.
  • Andi gets jealous when she finds Bex and Buffy spending time together.
  • After making up, Bex asks Andi to teach her how to play frisbee.

She Said, She Said

  • When Bex finds Cyrus and Buffy trying to get Andi sick, she helps Andi by suggesting easier ways to fake being sick and even offers to write her a note so that she doesn't have to go to school.
  • Bex introduces Andi to her father, Bowie Quinn.

Dad Influence

  • Bex signs a note to let Andi spend time with Bowie.
  • Both Bex and Andi agree that Bowie is unpredictable.
  • Andi and Bex make different crafts together.

Terms of Embarrassment

  • Both Andi and Bex defend Bowie so that Celia can let him stay with them for a while.
  • When Andi is worried about Bowie embarrassing her and not respecting her privacy, she goes to Bex.
  • When Bowie asks Bex to let him in their lives, she says it's Andi's choice.
  • Bex helps Andi figure out what Bowie was doing on her computer and they're both disappointed to see Bowie go.

She's Turning Into You

  • Bex helps cheer up Andi when she realizes that Andi is still worried about Bowie leaving.
  • Bex takes Andi shopping where they have a lot of fun together trying on different dresses.
  • When Jonah Beck asks Andi for make-up advice, Andi takes him to Bex at The Fringe.
  • Bex gives Andi make up in front of Jonah and emphasizes how pretty she is even without make-up and gets Jonah Beck to say she's pretty.
  • Andi and Bex go to The Spoon Diner together; Andi says they had so much fun and wonders why Bex left in the first place.
  • Andi is very upset when she concludes that Celia is probably the reason why Bex left.
  • When Andi acts out, Celia says she's turning into Bex.
  • Both Bex and Andi don't want to go back home to Celia; so they get their own apartment.

Home Away From Home

  • Bex is excited to have Andi with her in her new apartment.
  • Both Andi and Bex struggle to live in their new apartment despite all the issues with electricity etc.
  • When Andi runs out of supplies, Bex helps her sneak back into Celia's home to get some supplies from the Andi Shack.
  • Bex is disappointed when Andi lies to her about going to Celia's house to get laundry done behind her back. Andi apologizes and says she's was thinking of Bex the whole time.
  • When Bex suspects that Andi might not be happy, she returns her back to Celia because all she wants is for Andi to be happy.
  • After returning, Andi misses Bex so much and asks to go back to live with Bex in her apartment.
  • Bex is filled with joy when Andi Mack calls her "mom" for the first time. She asks Andi to call her mom again.


  • Andi used to think Bex was her sister until Bex revealed that she's her mother on Andi's 13th birthday.
  • They both like riding motorbikes.


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