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Don't worry, Bambi. I'll protect you!

Amber being protective of Andi

Ambi is the pairing between Andi Mack and Amber on the television series, Andi Mack. They started off as enemies, then became frenemies before eventually becoming very close friends who like each other a lot and care deeply about one another. When Andi was going through relationship trouble, Amber offered her a shoulder to cry on. While everyone else abandoned Amber when she was going through a tough time, Andi became even closer to her. Amber loves being with Andi and is very protective of her.

Andi and Amber are portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Emily Skinner.

Ship Name: Ambi = > Amber + Andi


Season 1


Andi first meets Amber when Amber comes to meet up with Jonah after a frisbee lesson. The tension between them rises right away when Andi realizes that Amber is Jonah's high school girlfriend.

Outside the Box

Amber manipulates Jonah into giving her the bracelet that Andi had given to him. She then goes to show it off to Andi at The Spoon Diner, leading to a long awkward staredown contest.

Dancing in the Dark

Amber comes to Andi's first house party but takes the opportunity to make fun of Andi and Bex after learning that Bex is Andi's mother.

She Said, She Said

Andi tells Jonah Beck that she saw Amber with another boy. Amber comes to Andi's school to convince Jonah that Andi is lying. She tells Jonah that Andi wants them to break up because she herself has a crush on Jonah Beck.

She's Turning Into You

Andi helps Jonah pick up gift for Amber's upcoming birthday. When Amber doesn't like Jonah's birthday card to her, Jonah asks Andi for help with it but Andi declines.

Season 2

Friends Like These

Since Amber started working at The Spoon in Hey, Who Wants Pizza?, Andi finds it awkward to hang out at the diner with Amber around. Amber comes over to Andi and has a sweet nice small talk about the book that Andi is reading. Andi wonders why Amber is being nice to her. Buffy warns Andi not to trust Amber because she's a snake.

Andi, her friends decide to look for other places to hangout to avoid Amber at the Spoon Diner. Jonah asks Andi and the Good Hair Crew to be nice to Amber because she is going through some hard time and she could use friends like them. Andi agrees to give Amber a chance. She finds Amber selling some of her clothes. She buys one of Amber's dresses as Amber explains her financial situation to her.

Amber is glad she's got a friend in Andi she can open up to.

The Snorpion

As Andi and Amber's new friendship blossoms, Buffy becomes skeptical. She once again warns Andi that she shouldn't trust Amber because Amber is a snake and a scorpion. She's a snorpion. Despite the warning, Andi accidentally invites Amber to a sleepover.

At first, Amber and Andi have trouble connecting or finding things they have in common during the sleepover. But as the night grows, they realize that they both love make-ups and make-overs. They dress up like each other and even put on wigs to look like each other. They have a blast! When Buffy and Cyrus call to remind Andi that she can't trust Amber, Amber apologizes to how she had been treating Andi before. She says that whenever Jonah Beck is in the equation, she can't think straight. Andi understands and the two girl friends continue to have the best sleepover fun.

After sometime, Amber helps Andi sneak out of the apartment. They go to a park with a Ferris Wheel. Andi goes in for a ride, leaving the phone down with Amber. Coincidentally, Jonah calls. When Amber sees Jonah's incoming call, she freaks out and all the old feelings come rushing back. She pulls a plug on the ride, leaving Andi stuck. When she hears police sirens, she runs away and leaves Andi in trouble. Andi is arrested for tresspassing. She gets grounded.

The next day, Andi tells Buffy and Cyrus what happened with Amber. They plan to scare her by pretending that she fell and got hurt after Amber leaving. Amber feels really bad for it and apologizes to Andi for letting her feelings for Jonah destroy their friendship. But it's too late. Andi has learned her lesson. She refuses to trust Amber again.

Their friendship comes to an abrupt demise.

You're the One That I Want

Amber tries to redeem herself by helping Andi with her Jonah issues. When Jonah starts hanging out with his new girl "friend" Natalie, Amber tells Andi that Jonah used to say Andi was a friend too when they were dating.... and then he dumped her for Andi. Andi refuses to listen to Amber. To watch out for Andi, Amber confronts Jonah about it. He tells her that Andi is a really great person and if he keeps doing what he's doing with Natalie, he's going to lose her. Amber's speech makes Jonah feel guilty, and so he chooses to go to Andi's Grease sing-along instead of Natalie's frisbee video.

Season 3

That Syncing Feeling

Andi is sitting on a log with a flower crown feeling alone and bored when her friends go out on canoes without her. Amber comes in and calls it a "hat". After a few light conversations they agree to go on a canoe ride together. While out on the lake Andi explains the whole Buffy-Walker situation to Amber. Amber says since Buffy is dating Walker it breaks girl code. Andi tries to say that she wasn't really with Walker but Amber says she was and since Buffy is she broke the #1 rule of girl code. Andi feels weird and thinks she's the problem. Amber says their sinking but Andi thinks she means syncing and she agrees. Amber says their sinking not syncing. The girls try to get back to land and Amber is being paranoid. They get off the canoe and go back to land. They are relieved and say to each other they actually had fun.

Later at the mall Buffy, Cyrus and Walker are at a food truck. Cyrus asks if they should invite Andi and Buffy says they shouldn't only to find her right behind them. She says that she is eating with Amber as she comes over to them. They wave goodbye and Buffy feels ditched. They all feel guilty as they watch Andi and Amber walk in the distance.

I Got Your Number

Amber takes Andi to a party. Andi chooses to go out with Amber over spending time with Buffy. On there way to the party, Andi and Amber keep holding hands. Before they get there they make jokes about girl code. Amber takes Andi to her first high school party. At first Andi is frightened but Amber says she'll protect her. They go into the party and they start dancing together. However, they are soon separated. Andi gets so worried she calls Bowie to come and get her.

When Bowie got there he was furious at Andi and Amber. Amber tries to apologize to Andi but Bowie takes her away incredibly mad at his daughter for going to a high school party. As Amber looks very sad as she watches Bowie take Andi away from her.

Mount Rushmore or Less

Amber asks Andi to take candid photos of her so that she can post on InstaPic. They both agree that Amber looks cute. While taking the photos, Andi asks Amber why she's back together with Jonah and Amber explains that it just felt natural because they were spending too much time together. When Jonah fails to like some of Amber's posts, she asks Andi for help in telling Jonah to like the photos. She later thanks Andi for helping her out.

Hammer Time

When Amber sees Andi upset about Bex and Bowie's canceled wedding, she comes to sit by Andi to make sure that she is okay. She helps Andi release all the frustrations by taking her to a rage cage. Later on, when Andi brings CeCe to the cage, she notices Amber is there too. She is worried about Amber and asks what's going on. Amber explains that she is frustrated because Jonah doesn't put any effort into the relationship. Andi acknowledges that Amber deserves someone who will put some work into the relationship and asks Amber why she can't just break up with Jonah. Amber says she can't break up with Jonah because she thinks she is in love with him.

One Girl's Trash

Amber passes Andi a secret note while at The Spoon to meet her privately. She asks Andi for advice on whether to tell Jonah she loves him but Andi thinks it's a bad idea. Amber later goes to Andi's house to tell her that she told Jonah she loved him but he didn't hear her. Andi tells Amber that it's for the best. Amber thanks Andi and calls her wise.

We Were Here

Andi throws a party and invites Amber. During the party, Amber and Andi dance together, holding hands.


  • They both like makeup and makeovers.
  • They both have family drama.
  • They both liked Jonah Beck.
  • They both dated Jonah Beck.


  • Amber is in high school while Andi is in middle school.
  • Andi is friendly but Amber has a mean streak.
  • Amber has to work to earn money for her family while Andi doesn't have to.


Andi is not who you think she is... She's a really great person, better than you deserve. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll lose her.

Amber to Jonah, about Andi


  • Amber gives Andi a cute nickname, "Bambi"
  • They both liked Jonah Beck.
  • Amber is in high school while Andi is in middle school.
  • Andi and Amber started off as enemies but have adapted to becoming friends in Season 3.
  • Despite not being canon, Ambi is one of the most popular ships in the fandom.
  • Their conflict in season one was somewhat similar to Lizzie and Kate's in Lizzie McGuire. Just like in the movie, at some point Andi and Amber would become friends.
  • Emily Skinner revealed there was a deleted scene from the deleted episode on her live