Andi Mack Novels are a range of episode novelizations and original stories of Andi Mack intended for younger readers, published by Disney Press.

No. Title Author Release Date
1 Andi Mack: Tomorrow Starts Today Disney Book Group August 7, 2018
Andi Mack Book1
Andi Mack is turning thirteen, and she feels like her life needs a little shaking up. But when her wild and crazy older sister Bex returns home and tells Andi that she's actually her mom, Andi is, well. . . SHOOK!

Will life as she knew it ever be the same?

Then, Bex convinces Andi to throw a huge house party while the parents are away. It's all fun and silly string until mean-girl Amber shows up. Bum-mer! Can the Mack girls keep the good times going, or is their fiesta doomed to fail?

Note: Novelizes episodes 13 and Dancing in the Dark.

2 Andi Mack: Rockin' Road Trip Alexa Young October 16, 2018
Andi Mack Book2
When Bex takes Andi to her first-ever music festival, things do not go as planned. First, Bex's motorcycle gets a flat tire on the way there, then her wallet goes missing. Not to mention, Andie's BBFSs are mad at her for going to the festival without them.

Will the trip be a disaster, or can Andi turn things around and make the festival a weekend to remember?

Note: This is an original novel

3 Andi Mack: As Long As We're Together Disney Book Group March 12, 2019
This junior novel will revisit and retell two popular episodes of the groundbreaking Disney Channel original series Andi Mack. Andi, her family, and their heartwarming stories will come to life for fans in an all-new way as they rejoin the world of Andi Mack through the book.

Note: Novelizes episodes I Wanna Hold Your Wristband and TBA

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