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I'm the secret baby! Bex is my mother! And my mother is my grandmother and Amber... is wearing my bracelet!

— Andi

Andi Mack is the lead, main and titular protagonist of Andi Mack. She is turning 13 at the beginning of the series when her world turns upside down after discovering a huge secret. She navigates the world with her best friends, Buffy, Cyrus and Jonah

She is portrayed by Peyton Elizabeth Lee.


Andi is a creative and artistic person. She makes art, mostly bracelets, from pretty much anything, including scarfs that Bex used to send to her. Andi sometimes comes off as awkward, especially in boy-crush situations. Andi is curious and inquisitive and always trying to learn more. Andi is comfortable in her skin and sometimes overly trustworthy and naïve, although she's not afraid to confront people including her parents for lying to her. She seems to be very intelligent as well because Bex states that Andi is so much smarter than her and Celia in Shhh! and in the season 2 episode, I Wanna Hold Your Wristband, Jonah says Andi is very smart.

Andi can also be very controlling at points in the show. Andi tries to force the relationship between Bex and Bowie even getting mad at Bex when she doesn’t want to get married to Bowie. She also can be self-centered and selfish, particularly when she doesn't get what she wants or when she feels people aren't paying attention to her, such as in Buffy in a Bottle when she gets mad at Bex for focusing on her business as opposed to Andi's boy troubles or when she assumed Buffy didn't care about her when she was having fun at the Color Factory and didn't text to see if she was okay. However, when it comes to her friends and family her heart is always in the right place.

Physical Appearance

Andi is very tall and pretty. She has brown eyes. She has fair to tan skin depending on the time of year. She has a black pixie cut, styling it with hair clips and headbands. She has a very artsy and colorful sense of style. She often wears makeup (usually pink blush and lipgloss).


Andi Mack was born by a teen mom, Bex, but was raised by her grandparents, Ham and Celia as their own after Bex left home. Andi was raised under the impression that Ham and Celia were her parents and that Bex was her cool older sister who traveled the world and would visit home every few years with different gifts from her adventures for Andi. Despite Bex being away so often, Andi loved her and looked up to her.

Season 1


On Andi's 13th birthday, Bex comes back home and told Andi and her parents that she was finally ready to settle down and get her life together. After an emotional catching up, Andi still felt like Bex doesn't get her. Bex admitted that she had made a lot of mistakes since Andi was born and showed Andi a picture of her and baby Andi in the hospital bed after birth. She revealed that she is not Andi's sister. She's her mother. This changed everything in Andi's world and now she has to adjust to accepting the fact that her sister is actually her mother. Along the way, Andi learns that sometimes the unexpected is what makes life great.

Andi was raised in a loving yet overprotective home. Now, with Bex’s encouragement, she begins to step outside her comfort zone, particularly when it comes to approaching the most intriguing guy at Jefferson Middle School — Jonah Beck, whom she quickly realizes is dating a high school girl, Amber. Andi proves that one of her greatest strengths may be how she accepts life's unpredictability with optimism. She also finds solace by tapping into her creativity in her backyard hideaway, the Andi Shack.


Since finding out the secret, things have only been harder for Andi. In addition to trying to adjust to the new status and figure out who her dad is, Andi has also been struggling through the intense tension between Bex and Celia. On one hand, Celia is too strict and overprotective and doesn't want to let go of Andi; while on the other hand, Bex is too carefree and doesn't act like a mother. This puts Andi in a tough position as she is often forced to choose which one of them to follow. It becomes evident when Bex encourages Andi to watch a horror movie against Celia's will. This causes Andi to get detention the following day for sleeping in class.

Dancing in the Dark

It gets worse when Cyrus' mom sends an email blast revealing Andi and Bex's secret to everyone. When Ham takes Celia out of town for a getaway, Bex encourages Andi to throw a dance party. The dance party gets ruined by Amber when she humiliates Bex and Andi and Andi's absent dad. Both Andi and Bex get in trouble with Celia and Celia even stops talking to them.

It's Not About You

Andi starts to think that Bex might be a bad influence on her, as she tells Cyrus. She realizes that she needs boundaries and wishes that Bex could act more like a mother. Therefore, she starts avoiding Bex by hiding from her. However, when she finds out that Buffy has been spending more time with Bex, she gets jealous and tries to make it up with both of them.

She Said, She Said

Andi faces a big dilemma after catching Amber cheating on Jonah with another boy. She worries that telling Jonah will break his heart, but at the same time, she doesn't want anyone treating Jonah the way Amber did. She finally tells Jonah and when she gets a text from Jonah's phone, she runs through the hallways, knocking everything on her way to get to Jonah. She is disappointed to find that the text was from Amber to prove to Jonah that Andi is in love with Jonah. Andi refuses to confirm that she likes Jonah. She storms off and is disappointed that Jonah doesn't believe her. Jonah tries to apologize but she forces him to leave. She tells Buffy and Cyrus that she wishes she could move away or die but Buffy suggests faking that she's sick. The trio goes to great lengths to help Andi get "sick" but Bex shocks them when she offers to write her a note so that she doesn't have to go to school.

Dad Influence

While Bex and Celia are fighting about whether Andi should go to school, there's a knock on the door. It's Bowie Quinn. Bex introduces Andi and Bowie to each other, revealing that Bowie is Andi's father. Finally. Andi learns more about Bowie. Bowie asks to hang out with Andi but Celia wants her to go to school. Andi goes to school and is excited to find out that Jonah and Amber broke up. Jonah wants to talk to her but Bowie shows up and shows that they have permission to go hang out. Andi spends the day with her dad and gets to know him better. He films her as they try different adventures and share their feelings about getting to know each other. She realizes that he cares about the environment just like her and that he is chill and unpredictable and wild. He even takes her to play bongos after "listening" to the universe. At the same time, Andi is concerned about missing her friends as well as trying to figure out what Jonah wanted to ask her. She says goodbye to Bowie but thanks him for the adventure. At school, she's disappointed to learn that Jonah and Amber are back together. Later at home, she asks Bex why she broke up with Bowie and Bex says it's something to do with him being unpredictable.

Terms of Embarrassment

Andi is shocked to find Bowie in Andi Shack, which leads to privacy concerns. At first, Andi is glad that Bowie is staying with them but then she starts feeling embarrassed by him. He spends so much time around her, filming her. He even goes to Andi and Jonah's Space Otters Frisbee team practices and introduces himself to all of Andi's friends. But things get worse when Andi finds him on her laptop. This is where Andi keeps all her private stuff and where she looks at pictures of Jonah. So, she feels her privacy has been violated and gets mad at Bowie, asking him to leave her alone. When Bowie leaves, she realizes that he was saving the videos he recorded for her to see. She feels sorry but it's too late because Bowie is already gone.

She's Turning Into You

With Bowie gone, Bex cheers Andi up by taking her on a shopping spree at the local vintage store. When Jonah asks Andi for gift-advice for Amber, Andi takes him to The Fringe where Bex takes the opportunity to give Andi make-up in front of Jonah, making Jonah see Andi differently. Jonah calls Andi pretty. Andi and Bex hang out together at The Spoon Diner during which Andi wonders why Bex left in the first place because they could have been having that much fun all the time. Unfortunately, Celia gets mad at Andi and Bex for coming late for dinner and wonders why Bex hasn't gone yet. Andi tries to defend Bex and blames Celia for wanting to send Bex away again. This causes an ugly debate between Celia and Bex about whose fault it was for Bex leaving. Celia says she did it for Andi's welfare but this only makes Andi mad. She storms out. The next day she puts on make-up just to piss off Celia before going to school. Celia is worried that Andi is turning into Bex.

Home Away From Home

When Bex picks Andi up after school, neither of them want to go back home. Bex has already got an apartment for them to move in together. Andi struggles to adjust to the new living conditions with Bex. Food is a problem. Electricity is a failure. And Bex can't do Andi's laundry as well as Celia used to. Andi doesn't want to disappoint Bex by complaining. But when she realizes she needs art supplies, she and Bex sneak back into Andi Shack to get supplies. But, they're busted by Celia and Ham. Celia says how much she misses having Andi and wishes Bex could move out alone and let Andi stay. Celia feeds her and they head back to the apartment. Andi then starts sneaking back into Celia's house to eat and to get her laundry done. Bex finds out and is mad that Andi lied to her. Andi apologizes for going behind Bex's back.

It becomes almost impossible for Andi to eat at the apartment because the oven and microwave are not functioning. Bex feels bad and takes Andi back to Celia and asks them to feed them. She says that she wants the best for Andi and she's not ready to raise Andi alone. However, when Andi is left with Celia and Ham like old times, she realizes that she misses Bex and doesn't want things back the way they were. These are new times. So, she asks them to take her back to Bex's apartment. Bex is so happy to have Andi back. For the first time, Andi calls Bex, "mom" which makes Bex very happy.

Were We Ever?

Andi runs into trouble with Dr. Metcalf, the new Jefferson Middle School principal for violating the dress code. Principal Metcalf tells Andi that by wearing leggings, she's distracting boys with her body parts. So, Andi, Buffy, and Cyrus tell Bex about their issues with the unreasonable dress code. Bex encourages them to protest against it by marching to school while wearing prison outfits. Andi leads the protest along with Buffy and Cyrus but they're quickly summoned into the principal's office. The principal threatens to suspend them if they don't change. Andi and her crew get energized after seeing other students joining the protest. She asks Jonah to join the protest but he refuses because he's too preoccupied with the Space Otters Frisbee Team photo. During the team photo, Andi shows up with her protest outfit and Jonah tries to convince her to change to the team jersey. Andi refuses to change to the team's jersey unless Jonah can tell her why she is wearing the prison outfit. Jonah can't remember. So, Andi walks away, realizing that Jonah hardly pays attention to what's important to her.

Andi gets her first victory when the protest helps her force Principal Metcalf into a truce. While celebrating their victory, Jonah comes over and calls Andi to walk with him. He apologizes to her for not paying attention to her and for being preoccupied with the Space Otters team photo. He asks Andi to show up the next day for the photo retake but Andi refuses. Andi stands up to Jonah for constantly asking her for favors - including buying birthday gifts for Amber. Yet she keeps doing it just because Jonah asks her to. She never loved frisbee. She only liked it for Jonah. But now after the protest, she feels liberated. She feels like she can go for what she wants without having to make her life revolve around Jonah. Jonah apologizes but Andi tells her it's not his fault. It was her fault for misleading him by doing anything he asked instead of standing up for herself. So, now she's quitting the Space Otters frisbee team. Jonah asks if they can still be friends but Andi asks if they were ever really friends. She walks away in confidence. Finally free. Liberated.

Best Surprise Ever

Andi's wish of finally getting a real normal family rises when Bowie comes back to town. Bowie picks up Andi from school and tells her that he came back because the universe told him to come back to Bex. Andi sets up Bowie and Bex in the perfect mood by asking Bowie to play the song he wrote for Bex. She goes to bed, leaving Bex and Bowie dancing, and Andi hopes that Bowie will stay. The following day she's disappointed to find Bowie gone. Bex admits that she likes Bowie but reminds Andi that Bowie is unpredictable and he's not someone they can depend on. Andi finds Bowie at the mall and tries to convince him to come back because both he and Bex love each other. Bowie explains that he needs to prove himself to Bex that he's dependable. While still talking with Andi, Bowie finds an engagement ring in the jacket. Both Andi and Bowie conclude that this is a sign from the universe for Bowie to marry Bex.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

Andi continues to push Bowie to propose to Bex. She gives him proposal ideas. However, when Bowie finally asks Bex, Bex only responds with "um..." instead of agreeing to marry Bowie. Andi remains hopeful that Bex just needs time and will eventually say yes.

Andi's potential relationship with Jonah is revived following Jonah's break up with Amber. Jonah returns The Bracelet that he had given to Amber after Andi made it for him. He also asks Andi to attend the Space Otters Frisbee Team party. At first, Andi is reluctant because she's trying to get Jonah out of her head but Bex convinces her to go. After the party, Jonah asks to speak to Andi alone during which he tells her about his break up with Amber. He also tells her that he likes being around her. She gives him the bracelet, saying that it belongs to him. After that, her crush on Jonah increases. It gets so bad that she replies with "dimples" when Jonah asks her anything.

Chinese New Year

Andi learns that Bex is not planning on marrying Bowie. She asks Bex to tell Bowie because he's going to be heartbroken. But it turns into a disaster when Bowie tries to bring up the proposal during the Chinese New Year festival. Later, Andi realizes that one of the reasons Bex is reluctant to marry Bowie is because of the boy in the picture from Shhh!. Bex says he's nobody and rips the picture apart, then throws it into a trashcan. Later, Bex later tapes it together and puts it inside another box of toaster tarts. Andi figures out that he is the reason she can't marry Bowie. Jonah is there to witness the drama, as he was invited to CeCe's house for Chinese New Year feast.

Friends Like These

Andi helps Bex burn the picture to help her move on and find closure. Andi is happy when Bex and Bowie start hanging out again.

Friends Like These

In a surprising twist, Andi makes an unlikely friend when Amber starts working at The Spoon Diner. At first, Andi becomes very uncomfortable about it. She is surprised when Amber comes over to make small talk. She's surprised that Amber has feelings but Amber tells her that she just needs to get to know her better. Andi and her friends even try to ditch The Spoon to avoid but they can't find a better place. After seeing Amber selling some of her clothes, she figures out that Amber might be in a tough financial situation. She buys one from Amber.

The Snorpion

Andi overhears Amber on the phone and realizes that Amber's parents are fighting. She talks to Amber about the situation and offers her a place to sleep for the night. Buffy advises Andi that Amber is a snorpion (snake, and a scorpion) and can't be trusted but Andi goes ahead anyway. During the sleepover, Amber and Andi have the most fun of their lives. But then things change when Amber convinces Andi to sneak out into a prohibited Ferris wheel for a free-ride. During the ride, Andi's phone rings while she is at the top of the Ferris wheel. When Amber notices that the call is from Jonah, she stops the ride and forces Andi to apologize for stealing Jonah from her. After hearing police sirens approaching, Amber runs away, leaving Andi to be busted and taken to the police station. Andi is picked up by Bex and Bowie. After that, she breaks up the friendship with Amber.


Andi finally learns what caused Bex to leave home. Bex tells her that she left because Celia was so hard on her and she criticized everything Bex did. Celia says that teen mom Bex didn't care about school or anything and she wasn't fit to raise a child. Andi already knows that there was tension between the two. So, what was the final thing that caused Bex to leave home? Ham explains that on the day Bex left, Celia and Bex had been arguing from the doctor's office because Celia had presented herself as the baby's mother and the pediatrician treated Bex as a little girl. In the heat of the argument, both Celia and Bex forgot to bring baby Andi back from the hallway. Ham brought the baby into the house, after which baby Andi said her first words, "mama." The problem is, she was calling Celia mama. Not Bex. This made Bex realize that she had no chance of truly being seen as Andi's mother. So, Bex left home, leaving Andi to be raised by Celia. After hearing the story, Andi blames herself for causing Bex to leave but Ham assures her that there was already too much tension before Bex left. It was bound to happen.

Later that day, Celia tells Bex that she is going to be selling the house, which means Andi would lose Andi Shack. She asks Bex to deliver the bad news to Andi but Bex doesn't want to do it and thinks Celia wouldn't follow through. So, she keeps Andi in the dark.

I Wanna Hold Your Wristband

Andi and Jonah finally hold hands, but Andi's happiness is short-lived. Bex realizes that Celia was serious about selling the house. Bex and Bowie are forced to tell Andi that she is going to lose Andi Shack. Andi does not take the news lightly because Andi Shack is her life. She gets sad and angry. She runs to the Andi Shack, locks herself in and lies on the floor. Hopeless.

Head Over Heels

Andi's relationship with Jonah starts getting rocky. Jonah asks Andi out on a date but then he asks Buffy to come along too. During the date, it is clear that Jonah and Andi don't have the same chemistry that Buffy and Marty have. It gets worse when Jonah falls and Andi laughs at him. Jonah becomes embarrassed and refuses to talk to Andi. They get even when Andi falls and Jonah laughs back.

There's a Mack in the Shack

To save Andi Shack, Andi starts spending time at CeCe's house since CeCe had agreed not to sell the house as long as Andi is using it. Bex is skeptical of the arrangement, thinking that Celia is the one manipulating Andi. The bond between CeCe and Andi becomes so strong that CeCe even starts learning how to dance so she can dance with Andi. She even lets Andi skip school so they can go shopping together. This makes Bex furious but at the end of the day, it helps save Andi Shack. Celia agrees to remove the house from the market.

You're the One That I Want

Andi starts to become jealous when she notices Jonah hanging out with the new girl, Natalie. Amber gets into Andi's head by telling her that Jonah did the same thing when he was dating her, claiming that Andi is just a friend. Andi refuses to listen to Amber. To help Andi, Buffy and Cyrus spy on Jonah and Natalie but they find nothing. So, Andi is happy for a while before realizing that Jonah chose to go to Natalie's videotaping and forgot about his sing-along plans with Andi. Amber talks some sense into Jonah, making him come to Andi's event instead. But deep down, Andi can tell that Jonah would rather be doing something else.

A Good Hair Day

Andi discovers that it's Bowie's birthday. She convinces Bex to throw Bowie a surprise birthday while she and The Good Hair Crew are at the Renaissance Faire. After the birthday party, Andi calls Bowie "dad" for the first time. But that happiness is short-lived . . .

Miniature Gulf

Andi learns that Bowie is seeing another woman, Miranda Patrick. Andi wants to meet Miranda so she can see if she's good enough for Bowie but both Bex and Bowie want her to stay out of it. Miranda even has a little daughter, making Andi feel less special.

We Were Never

Andi's relationship with Jonah comes to an end when she discovers that she and Jonah were never really a couple. Jonah returns The Bracelet, broken, to Andi and tells her there is no need to fix it. Andi fixes the bracelet while also worried that her relationship with Jonah might be in trouble. When she returns the bracelet to Jonah, Jonah refuses to accept it, claiming that he's not a bracelet guy. He tells Andi that wearing the bracelet would make it look like they're boyfriend-girlfriend. All this time Andi thought Jonah was her boyfriend. She is crushed. She throws the bracelet in the trash but Bex picks it up and puts it in a new, smaller memory box for Andi.

Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!

Andi continues to stress out about Jonah. Bex, Buffy, and Cyrus are there for her to help her through it. To show Andi that she's not alone in what she's going through with Jonah, Cyrus comes out to her, revealing that he has a crush on Jonah. Talking with Cyrus about their feelings for Jonah helps Andi feel a lot better. Bex takes Andi to the caricature artist, Walker, to draw a portrait of them but Bowie comes over and makes things awkward because of the Miranda Patrick situation. Afterward, Andi is surprised when Walker comes up to her and shows her a very beautiful drawing of her. Andi is impressed by Walker's skills and they start hanging out together for most of the party. They even go to a photo booth together but Walker is called to return to his station.

Andi is surprised when Jonah says that he still wants them to hang out together. According to Jonah, nothing changed. He simply doesn't like labels. Andi refuses to let him in. She tells him that she used to be so obsessed with him but now she's over him. Jonah admits that he liked the chase but Andi is not okay with it. Jonah leaves and gets a very bad anxiety attack. Later at home, Jonah comes over to talk to Andi. He tells Andi that something happened to him and now he's ready to be boyfriend and girlfriend with Andi. He asks Andi if she will accept to become his girlfriend. Like mother, like daughter, Andi just replies with "um..."

Better to Have Wuvved and Wost

Andi tells Bex that she said "um" because she's not sure she wants to be with Jonah, yet. She finally clarifies to Jonah that even though he's now ready to be called "boyfriend," she doesn't know what she wants yet. He needs to give her time and space especially now that she's worried about Buffy leaving.

Perfect Day 2.0

Andi attempts to recreate a perfect day with her friends before Buffy has to leave. When things start to go wrong, Andi takes every measure possible to not have to call Bex for help, to the dismay of her friends. In the end, the friends realize that their adventure for the day was the perfect day.

Truth or Truth

Andi has her first big mother-daughter fight with Bex when a BFF quiz on a magazine leads to Bex admitting that she regrets not saying yes when Bowie asked to marry her. When Bex says that she wasn't ready at the time, Andi thinks that Bex is trying to blame her because she's the one who pushed Bowie to propose when Bex wasn't ready. She insists that Bex should tell Bowie the truth but Bex refuses, saying that it's too late and Bowie has already moved on and she doesn't want to hurt him. Andi is mad that Bex cares about what Bowie wants but doesn't care about Andi being with her father. This leads to a heated argument between Bex and Andi. When Bex goes to CeCe's house to seek help reaching through to Andi, Andi sneaks out of the apartment and goes straight to Bowie's truck. She asks Bowie to let her stay with him. She returns to Bex after one night in A Walker to Remember.

A Walker to Remember

Andi gets a call from Walker, the artist from Cyrus' Bash-Mitzvah!. Walker asks her to hang out during which she helps Walker complete a painting. They sign their names together. Jonah sees it later and becomes more concerned that he might be losing Andi to Walker.

Crime Scene: AndiShack!

Andi finally meets Miranda (Bowie's girlfriend) and her 7-year-old daughter Morgan officially. She is pressured by Bowie and Miranda to stay with Morgan in the Andi Shack while Miranda is running some errands. She tries to be nice to Morgan but Morgan doesn't appreciate her kindness or like her back. Morgan even destroys a special bracelet that Andi was making for Bex out of the bracelets they wore at the hospital when she was born. So, Andi puts the remaining pieces inside a shiny silver box. The box goes missing and after looking everywhere, Andi suspects that Morgan took it. Bex believes her but Bowie and Miranda don't believe her. While confronting Morgan to admit that she took it, Andi is surprised when Bowie mysteriously finds the box in a place she already looked. She wishes Bowie could believe her.

Andi's Choice

Andi is trying to figure out her feelings for Jonah and Walker. But after Jonah writes and performs a beautiful song for her, she goes and kisses him. In For the Last Time, she is impressed with Jonah when he encourages her and Cyrus to build a time capsule as a surprise gift for Buffy leaving. In Buffy in a Bottle, Andi calls Walker to end things with him since she's with Jonah now. However, Walker gives her shoes he made for her as a gift and insists that she should take them. When Jonah sees the shoes, he becomes jealous of Andi and Walker. Andi realizes that she needs to tell Jonah that she's his girlfriend. But, Jonah comes in with Natalie, which makes Andi jealous. She needs someone to talk to but Bex is busy working with CeCe on her new Cloud Ten business. She wishes Buffy was there. Luckily, Buffy returns to town since her mom's program was canceled.

Keep a Lid on It

Andi tries to make a new bracelet for Jonah because the original bracelet was the symbol of their relationship. She is surprised when Bex reveals that she kept the old bracelet in a memory box. Buffy encourages Andi to give the bracelet to Jonah, confirming that they're boyfriend-girlfriend.

Bought, Lost or Stolen

Andi goes to an art fair where she finds that Walker is showcasing the caricature drawing of her from Cyrus' bar mitzvah and it is getting the most awards. Andi and Walker catch up and start taking photos... just before Jonah arrives and finds them together. To Andi's surprise, Jonah is pleased to meet Walker and he is not jealous at all.

We're on Cloud Ten

Jonah asks Andi out for their first official date. Andi has so much fun during the date that she wants to come back the next weekend. Unfortunately, Jonah reveals that he's leaving the next day for an 8-week frisbee camp. Andi understands but is disappointed that Jonah has to leave her.

The Cake That Takes the Cake

Andi's dreams of a perfect family get close to coming true when Bex decides to ask Bowie to marry her following his break up with Miranda.[1] Andi suggests that she and Bex should propose to Bowie together. So, Andi helps Bex find the perfect ring for Bowie. They bake a cake and put the ring in it. They also prepare a special proposal dinner at CeCe's house. However, Bowie comes in with unexpected company - his former band, The Renaissance Boys. They ask him to rejoin the band. Bowie declines the offer at first because he's just getting to know his daughter but Andi insists that he shouldn't give up his dreams because of her. Given the circumstances, Bex doesn't want to propose because it would force Bowie to stay and not follow his dreams. But Andi insists they should still propose and Bowie will make the right choice.

Season 3

The Boys Are Back

During the summer, Andi learns to focus more on her personal growth without thinking much about Jonah. However, she can't help but dream about Bex and Bowie's wedding. She is beyond thrilled when Bowie returns early from the band tour. Bowie and Bex propose to each other and officially become engaged. While Andi is celebrating her parents' engagement, Jonah returns from camp. She tells him that she just wants them to be friends.

Howling at the Moon Festival

Jonah and Andi agree that they're better off as friends. They also agree to not officially break up and instead call it the "no-breakup breakup."

It's a Dilemna

Despite her attempt to focus on herself, Andi is pulled back into the boy drama after learning that Buffy has started dating her former crush, Walker. Andi becomes upset when Buffy invites Walker to a Good Hair Crew hang out session at The Color Factory. When Walker asks Andi's permission to join them, Andi allows him but she decides not to go. She spends the entire day laying on her bed, upset.

That Syncing Feeling

Andi is disappointed once again when Buffy invites Walker to hang out with them again. To make things worse, the group goes canoeing, and Andi is left with no one to canoe with because Buffy is canoeing with Walker and Cyrus is with Jonah. So, she sits alone and lets it all sink in. That's when Amber arrives and wonders why she's sitting alone. After talking with Amber for a while, they agree to canoe with each other. During their canoeing, Andi explains the Buffy-Walker situation to Amber. Amber validates Andi's feelings and tells her that Buffy is the problem because she broke the first rule of girl code: you shouldn't go out with someone after they've been with your friend. Andi is relieved that she wasn't being unreasonable. She and Amber started hanging out together.

The New Girls

Andi notices Jonah with a new girl, Libby, and decides to introduce herself to prove that she is okay with Jonah moving on. When the girl doesn't respond, Andi thinks she is icing her but later learns that Libby is deaf. Jonah then formally introduces Andi and Libby to each other. The girls quickly connect because Andi understands some sign language. They also end up having a lot of chemistry and so many interests in common, especially their love for crafts. Andi "steals" Libby from Jonah and takes her to Andi Shack where they have fun together. Andi tells Libby that she and Jonah decided to be just friends because even though Jonah is cute, they didn't have much to talk about. This makes Libby conclude that Jonah is boring. Andi becomes worried that Libby might break up with Jonah.

I Got Your Number

Andi turns down Buffy's sleepover invitation to go out with Amber to a party. The party turns out to be a highschool party which scares Andi. Amber holds her hands and promises to protect her. However, when Andi and Amber are separated, Andi freaks out and texts Bowie to come pick her up. After that, she goes to Buffy's sleepover.

One in a Minyan

Andi and CeCe keep arguing while planning Bex and Bowie's wedding because they can't seem to agree. Unable to reconcile over centerpieces, Andi storms out. After attending Cyrus' grandmother's shiva, Andi realizes how lucky she is that her grandmother is still alive. She goes to CeCe and apologizes for not appreciating her more.

The Ex Factor

Andi, Buffy, and Cyrus notice that Jonah and Amber have been spending a lot of time together lately. Andi's friends suspect they might be a couple again, but Andi believes there is another reason for their closeness. She finally reveals to them that Jonah's wish fell out of his lanter on Chinese New Year. The wish says that Jonah wants his family to be happy again. This led Andi to conclude that Jonah's family must be having money problems, and since Amber went through a similar thing, it would make sense that Jonah would lean on Amber through this difficult time. Andi and her friends try to get Jonah a job without him knowing, but it backfires and they are forced to tell Jonah that they know about his financial situation. Even though they feel bad for what Jonah is going through, they are relieved that there was a non-romantic explanation for Jonah and Amber hanging out. But then . . . they see Jonah and Amber kissing! It seems like their closeness wasn't just about money problems after all.

Mount Rushmore or Less

Andi is shocked to learn that Jonah and Amber are back together. Andi keeps getting caught in the middle of their relationship as Amber keeps asking her to talk to Jonah for her who doesn't seem to put any effort into the relationship. Tired of being their mediator, Andi asks Jonah to do what he thinks is right. Andi wants to do a "Mount Rushmore" group costume with the Good Hair Crew and Jonah. While going through the closet to look for a sheet, she is disappointed to learn that Bex never sent out the wedding invitations. Bex and Bowie reveal that they have decided not to have a wedding. While Andi is still angry about the canceled wedding, she becomes even more disappointed when Jonah refuses to honor his commitment and drops out of her Mount Rushmore costume.

Hammer Time

Andi is still frustrated about the canceled wedding. Amber offers to help by taking her to a rage cage to smash things with a hammer. After breaking the news about the wedding to CeCe, Andi takes CeCe to the rage cage to help her release some of her anger.

Unloading Zone

Andi reads about how a clothing company called Mint Chip throws away expensive clothes they can't sell instead of giving them away for free. She and her friends dive into Mint Chip's dumpsters to take the clothes and give them away for free. Because they don't have permission to do so, Andi and her friends are arrested for giving away clothes they don't own. They're given 20 hours of community service.

One Girl's Trash

While picking trash as part of their community service, Andi realizes that she could use the trash for some of her arts and crafts. Later in school, Andi is shocked to learn that students in her class don't really know her. Instead, all they see is a bunch of Asian stereotypes. This angers Andi, pushing her to do something big to make a statement. It inspires Andi to build a collage masterpiece using important items from major events in her life to show people who she really is. She puts the huge collage on display at school with the caption, "Trashing Stereotypes: Do You See Me Now?" To Andi's surprise, the art piece gets so much attention and praise from a lot of people, including her teachers and Bex.

Arts and Inhumanities

Bex is so impressed with Andi's masterpiece that she wants her to apply for an art school to help nurture her art talent. She sends Andi a link to Shadyside Academy of Visual Arts (SAVA) but Andi is overwhelmed by the application since it is designed for people with formal art instructors. To settle the argument between Bex and Andi, Bowie asks them to visit the school to see it for themselves before deciding whether or not Andi should apply. After visiting the SAVA campus, Andi loves the school so much and decides that's where she wants to go.

Something to Talk A-Boot

Andi completes the SAVA application but gets cold feet about submitting it. She doesn't want to tell anyone about the application because she's afraid she might not make it. She asks Jonah for advice on whether she should do something if she's afraid of failing. Jonah tells her not to do it, and Andi agrees. However, Andi reopens the laptop only to realize that she sent it by mistake. She receives an acknowledgement card from SAVA but decides to keep a secret so that she doesn't disappoint anyone if she doesn't get in.

A Moving Day

Bex tells Andi, Bowie and CeCe that she's won a meal with a famous chef and wants to take them with her. After a long drive and an exhausting walk up the mountain, Andi is surprised to find out that Bex was actually taking them to her surprise wedding. Andi is thrilled to finally have her parents married. While celebrating, Andi gets a phone call and a voicemail from SAVA regarding her application. She listens to the call and doesn't appear to look to happy but Bex and Bowie surpise her and hug her not telling them if she did or didn't get into SAVA.

We Were Here

Cece is leaving town so Bex and Andi decide to throw another party. They find so many different supplies from their first party and decide to reuse them. Bowie then comes in to pull Bex aside and show her a letter from SAVA to Andi. The party is alive and everyone is dancing and having fun, then someone in an inflatable dinosaur costume comes down the stairs and starts dancing, winning over the crowd. Everyone assumes it's Andi again, but it's not her. So they assume it's Jonah, but he shows up behind them meaning it's not him either. The person in the costume finishes dancing and reveals that the person inside is Cece. She says she had to come back because she forgot something: how much she wanted to go to one their parties.

Andi and her friends and family then sing Born This Way.

Jonah then comes outside and then says he has something for her which worries her that it might be one of his weird presents he used to get her. He says that it's not a present but its the Bracelet. Which they both thought he lost. He asks her what she's gonna do with it. She says that she'll bury it, but he says he wants to keep it since he's always liked it. She puts it on his his wrist. She then says that she wonders what would've happened if they'd met when they were older. He says that someday they will be older and she smiles.

The Good Hair Crew, and Bex and Bowie are all sitting by the fire passing and Andi shows them a picture of her, Buffy and Cyrus when they first met in second grade. She shows them Andi Shack which is completely empty. She says that she doesn't need a shack because she needs a studio because she got in to SAVA! Bex asks when did she get in. Andi says that the phone call she got in the middle of their wedding was letting her know that she got in and they'll send her the acceptance letter. Buffy and Cyrus are sad that she'll be leaving them but they're still happy for her.

Bowie says that Andi Shack was outstanding and Bex chimes in saying that a lot of life happened in there. This then leads to flashbacks from the time Andi discovered Bex was her mother, Andi and her friends inside Andi Shack thinking Bex has a secret baby, Bowie and Andi thinking of proposing ideas the first time, Jonah leaving for his frisbee camp and Andi finding out Cece was in Andi Shack, to Bowie thanking Andi for throwing him a party and her calling him "Dad" for the first time.

Bex and Bowie hug Andi saying how proud they are of her, and they go to clean up after the party. This leaves all 4 friends outside. Cyrus says they should cherish this moment because it's probably the last moment they'll be together, which Andi rebuttals saying that no matter where they are or where they go, they'll always be in each others' lives. They all picture themselves in the future. Andi being a famous artist, Buffy being a coach in the WNBA (or NBA), Cyrus being a screenwriter, and Jonah being a rockstar. Andi then asks Jonah to take a picture of the three of them in the same position as the photo from when they were little. He takes it and gives it to her. Buffy then says that tonight was big. Cyrus then says some words from Winnie the Pooh "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." They then all engage in a group hug saying the party was great (in Buffy's words), life-changing (in Cyrus's words), and he missed some stuff (in Jonah's words). Andi then asks if they can all meet at The Spoon the next day. They agree and each give her a hug

She then takes the two photos of her friends and pins them side by side in Andi Shack and turns off the lights and goes back inside. Ending the series.


Bex Mack

Main article: Andi and Bex
Bex is Andi's mother. Out of all her relationships, Andi shares the most personal bond with her. Before discovering Bex's identity as her mother, Andi thought of Bex as her adventurous, cool, older sister, and even looked up to her. However, she was concerned that she was merely an insignificant part of her "sister's" life, and was upset that she didn't know her better. Although at first excited about Bex's arrival at the beginning of the series, Andi slowly begins to realize how far she and Bex have drifted apart. This later worsens when Bex admits to being Andi's mother, causing the tension between the two to increase.
Despite this, Andi slowly comes to accept the fact that Bex is her mother, and the two struggle to adjust to this change. However, Bex continues to act as more of a sister to Andi rather than a mom, which Andi herself notices, admitting that she feels uncomfortable being the "adult" in their relationship (referring to Bex's careless attitude).
While their relationship isn't perfect, the two gradually become closer and form a strong and firm bond of trust. However, it did take some time, due to Bex's secretive attitude around Andi in the beginning. An example of this was when Bex refused to reveal the identity of Andi's father (Bowie Quinn) to her, something which often caused Andi to lash out at her. But they eventually got there after Bex resolved to no longer keep secrets from Andi, and vise Versa.
Andi's role in Bex's life also caused her to become more responsible, although she does, at times, pull Andi into trouble rather than the other way around. Despite this, Andi starts to see Bex more like her mother rather than a sister and eventually begins referring to Bex as Mom, to the latter's delight.

Bowie Quinn

Main article: Andi and Bowie
Bowie is Andi's father. Having not known that Bex was her mother for the first 13 years of her life, Andi remained unaware of her father's very existence. However, when Bex eventually revealed the secret, Andi became determined to find out who her father was, and pressured Bex to tell her. When that didn't work, she began looking for clues herself. Eventually, Bex decides to become more open with Andi and sends Bowie an email. This causes Bowie to come to visit Bex, but to Andi's immense shock, Bex reveals that Bowie is her father instead.
At first, Andi is overjoyed by his arrival. She even agrees to skip school to spend the day with Bowie, where the two continue to learn more about one another. Bowie's adventurous nature and faith in the universe surprise Andi; however, she gradually begins to see much of Bowie's personality on her own. The two bond on their many similarities and Andi quickly becomes attached to him. Bowie even misses his tour for a short time just to remain with Andi and Bex.
However, the longer Bowie stayed, the more Andi became annoyed by him. She is distressed when Bowie embarrasses her at one of her games, and even tells Bex that she wished for some space. Andi gradually becomes more hostile towards Bowie, to his dismay. The last straw was when Andi caught Bowie going through her laptop, accusing him of invading her privacy and yelling for him to leave. However, Bex discovers that Bowie had been working on a music video of their time together, but by the time Andi goes after him, Bowie is long gone.
Bowie later returns for Andi and Bex, where the two apologize to each other and make amends. Andi decides that she does love her father, and even starts hoping that Bowie and Bex will get back together and marry.

The Good Hair Crew

Main article: Good Hair Crew
Buffy Driscoll and Cyrus Goodman are Andi's best friends. They spend most of their time together and don't usually keep secrets from one another. Andi tells them her one secret that she is the secret baby. Cyrus tells them that he has feelings for Jonah. They help each other by sharing pieces of advice and standing by one another whenever one is going through a tough time.
Main article: Andi and Buffy
Main article: Andi and Cyrus

Jonah Beck

Main article: Andi and Jonah

Andi had a crush on Jonah while he was dating Amber. They are former frisbee teammates and best friends. After Andi tried to let go of the romantic relationship between her and Jonah, Jonah realized he likes her more than he thought. Jonah tries hard to win Andi back, succeeding when he sings to her and they share their first kiss. In Keep a Lid on It, Andi and Jonah became an official couple. Andi and Jonah were upset to part ways at the end of Season 2 since Jonah was going to frisbee camp. However, by his return in Season 3, she finds that she views him as more of a friend now. They agree to just be friends and are better off that way. Andi is even supportive of Jonah's new relationship with Libby.


Main article: Andi and Amber
Initially, Andi and Amber didn't have a good relationship with each other. After meeting her when Jonah was teaching Andi Frisbee, Andi goes on to think of her negatively, mostly out of jealousy because of Amber being Jonah's girlfriend. After Amber ruined her party and cheated on Jonah, Andi's dislike of her continued to grow. At Jonah's asking, they try to become friends, but it doesn't work out well, leaving Andi in huge trouble. However, once Jonah and Amber had broken up, Amber's more sensitive side has started to show. Throughout seasons 2 and 3, the two seem to bond pretty well. In the episode, That Syncing Feeling, the two are shown to have fun together.

Walker Brodsky

Main article: Walker and Andi

Walker is an artist that Andi meets at Cyrus' bar mitzvah. When she expresses her distaste for caricatures, Walker draws a portrait of her. The two bond at the party and he asks to keep the portrait so he can remember this. Walker invites Andi to an art fair to help him with a painting. He then gives her shoes of the design. Andi is conflicted between Walker and Jonah but chooses Jonah for the time being. However, when Buffy and Walker start dating, the conflict emerges again and Andi is jealous.


  • Her number is 13 on the Space Otters Team. (However, Andi's not a part of the Space Otters Frisbee Team anymore.)
  • She tends to wear a hair barrette on the right side of her head.
  • She has made bracelets out of many things including soda tabs, comic books, a shoelace, and a straw, and her old retainer.
  • She's left-handed. Left-handed individuals are typically very creative and good at art.
  • Her birthday is on September 28th, which means that she is a Libra. Libras tend to be highly creative with an eye for art and beauty. 
    • There is some confusion over her birth year. According to Andi's hospital bracelet, she was born in 2003. However, a statement by Cyrus in We're on Cloud Ten implies that she was born in 2004. 
    • During Chinese New Year, it was the year of the dog, implicating that it was 2018. Because of this, it seems more likely that Andi was born in 2004.
  • Andi and Jonah were a couple until they decided they were better off as friends.
  • Andi and Cyrus both had a crush on Jonah. 
  • Andi made a bed canopy out of scarves that her mom sent her.
  • At the beginning of season one, Andi made a bracelet for Jonah. Jonah then gave it to Amber who gave it back to Jonah. Jonah, feeling guilty, returned it to Andi. Andi gives it back to Jonah, and when it falls apart, Andi repairs it. Jonah gives back the bracelet to Andi after he says that he doesn't like labels. Then, Andi threw the bracelet away and Bex finds it and puts it into a box dedicated to Andi. Bex gives the bracelet back to Andi, who places the bracelet on Jonah's wrist. Later on, Jonah loses the bracelet during summer camp. That makes this bracelet probably the most passed around a piece of jewelry in Disney history. In the series finale, Jonah reveals he had the bracelet all along.
  • Andi now calls her former "parents," now grandparents, CeCe and Pops.
  • Andi is the first Chinese-American lead character and fourth Asian-American Disney main character after London Tipton from The Suite Life franchise, Tiffany Chen from Bunk'd and Frankie Wong from Bizaardvark.
    • She is the only Asian-American main character to be the titular main character.
  • According to The Perfect Day 2.0, she has known Buffy and Cyrus since second grade. (It's been 5 years since they visited the alpine slide.)


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