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Amber alert! Amber alert!

— Amber

Amber is a recurring character of the TV series, Andi Mack. She was the main antagonist of the first season. She is a high school student who was dating a middle school boy, Jonah Beck. She has been going through a tough time at home because of her parents constantly fighting. She works as a waitress at The Spoon Diner to help support her family.

Amber is portrayed by Emily Skinner.


Amber is insecure and willing to do anything to feel good about herself. To make herself look popular, she wants to have a boyfriend at any cost, even if it means dating a middle-school boy. Amber comes off as mean and spiteful because she would do everything to undermine anyone she perceives as a threat. For example, she feels threatened when Jonah Beck starts hanging out with Andi, and as a result, she acts mean to Andi, her friends and Bex. Amber is manipulative and controlling as seen in her relationship with Jonah, where she calls all the shots.

Despite her mean-girl persona, Amber is very sensitive and nice deep inside - once you get to know her. Her sensitive side is first mentioned by her best friend and it becomes evident after her break up with Jonah and when her dad loses his job. She is shown to be humble and hardworking as she starts working as a waitress to earn some money. She has since become nice to Andi and has been struggling to prove that she's a better person now.

Physical Appearance

Amber has blue-green eyes and long, wavy blond hair. She usually wears different types of tops, jeans, skirts and dresses.


Season 1


Amber goes to the frisbee field where Jonah Beck and Andi Mack are practicing. She introduces herself as Jonah's girlfriend. Andi realizes that she is in high school. Andi confronts her for using "Amber Alert!" to introduce herself since Amber alerts are for kidnapped children. Hence scary, not cute.

Outside the Box

Amber finds Jonah Beck and Andi hugging after practice and she starts crying; saying that she's worried about losing Jonah. When she notices Jonah wearing a bracelet that Andi made for him, Amber manipulates Jonah into giving her the bracelet. After that she goes to The Spoon Diner to show off the bracelet to Andi Mack and her friends, leading into a long stare-down contest.

Dancing in the Dark

Amber attends Andi's dance party and finds Andi dancing with Jonah Beck. She pretends to be fine with it and wows the crowd with her dancing on the floor. She goes to Andi to make sure that Andi knows Jonah gave her the bracelet. She also tells Cyrus that she wants to set him up with her friend. Amber surprises everyone when she takes over the stage and gives shoutout to Andi for throwing a great party... and for Andi's new mom, Bex. She makes things worse when she makes fun of Andi's absent dad. Jonah Beck confronts Amber about it.

It's Not About You

Amber and Iris want to double date with Jonah Beck and Cyrus. During the double date, Amber seems jealous of Cyrus and Iris for being too cute. When she asks them what they're giggling about, Iris says it's a private joke, making Amber mad. So, Amber gets back at them by making fun of Cyrus's shoes. During the merry-go-round rides, Amber wants Jonah to ride with her but Jonah is scared and stays behind with Cyrus. When Cyrus gets nauseous, Amber says he won't make it and doesn't show as much sympathy as Jonah and Iris. After the date, Andi catches Amber cheating on Jonah by drawing a heart on another boy's heart.

She Said, She Said

When Andi tells Jonah about Amber cheating on him, Amber comes to Jonah's school to "prove" that Andi is lying. She texts Andi from Jonah's phone and when Andi comes to Jonah's locker running, Amber uses it to confirm that Andi likes Jonah Beck. Amber tells Andi that she continues to use "Amber Alert" regardless of Andi telling her it's bad. Amber pushes Andi to admit that she likes Jonah but Andi stands up to her and storms off.

Dad Influence

When Andi arrives at school, Cyrus and Buffy inform her of Jonah and Amber's break up. We can assume this was a consequence of Jonah finding out of her cheating because when Cyrus talks to him about it he says he "doesn't want to get hurt again." However, when Cyrus gives him advice, he's unclear about who he's talking about, leading Jonah to get back together with Amber rather than asking Andi out, which was the original goal.

Best Surprise Ever

Amber and her high school make fun of Jonah's Space Otters Frisbee Team, saying it's not a real team. This upsets Jonah. And when Jonah walks away from them, Amber concludes that he's going after Andi because he likes her. She tells Jonah if Andi looks back, it means she likes him. Both Andi and Cyrus look back. Amber later tries to apologize to Jonah Beck for letting her friends make fun of "Space Ferrets" but Jonah is already too mad. Jonah Beck breaks up with Amber and asks for his bracelet back. Amber tells Jonah that he is very lucky to be dating her. So, she threatens him for breaking up with her, saying that he will regret it.

Season 2

Hey, Who Wants Pizza?

Amber starts working as a waitress at The Spoon Diner. This makes things awkward for Andi, Cyrus and Buffy who regularly hangout at the diner. Iris advises them to give Amber a chance. She tells them that Amber is not a bad person. She is just insecure. Andi wonders why everyone keeps saying Amber is insecure.

Amber opens up to Jonah Beck first about her situation. She tells Jonah that she needs to earn the money in order to help support her family. She just recently found out that her dad lost his job and had been keeping it a secret. Jonah sympathizes with Amber and gives her a hug. He promises to not tell others about it until Amber is ready.

Friends Like These

While working at The Spoon, Amber walks over to talk to Andi as she waits for Buffy and Cyrus to join her. They have a nice chat about the book Andi is reading. She even says that she cried when her favorite character died. Andi acts surprised that Amber has feelings. Amber tells Andi that she just have to get to know her better. Andi wonders why Amber is being nice to her. Buffy says they can't trust Amber because she's a snake.

To avoid Amber, The Good Hair Crew starts looking for a different hangout place besides The Spoon Diner but none of the other diners come close. Jonah tells them that Amber is going through a tough time and could really use friends like them. He reveals that he is the one who advised Amber to talk to Andi, Buffy and Cyrus because she needs it. The trio agrees to go back to The Spoon.

Andi notices Amber waiting to sell her some of her old clothes. She walks over and Amber explains her tough financial situation. Andi buys one of Amber's dresses and makes sure Amber knows that she's there for her.

The Snorpion

As Amber and Andi become closer, Buffy and Cyrus still don't trust Amber. Buffy reminds them that they should never trust Amber because she's a snake and a scorpion. She's a snorpion.

Nevertheless, Andi accidentally invites Amber for a sleepover. Bex is not okay with the sleepover because she doesn't trust Amber either. But she lets them hang out anyway. After moments of awkwardness with Andi and Amber trying to find what they have in common, they eventually settle on doing each other's makeup. They even dress up like each other. Buffy and Cyrus call in to check in on the sleepover. They make it clear that they don't trust Amber. Amber overhears the whole conversation and says she doesn't blame them. She promises to be a better friend.

Later in the night Amber and Andi decide to do something more fun. They sneak out of the house past Bex. Amber takes Andi to a restricted-access rides. Andi takes the first ride, leaving her phone down with Amber. The phone rings and Amber notices that it's Jonah Beck calling. Seeing Jonah calling Andi brings back all the feelings. Amber gets angry and chooses to sabotage Andi. She locks the rides, making it impossible for Andi to come back down. Andi begs Amber to let her down but Amber abandons her just as the cops approach. Andi gets arrested.

The next day, Amber tries to apologize to Andi but Andi, Buffy and Cyrus are done with her.

You're the One That I Want

Despite Andi's distrust in her, Amber steps up to watch out for Andi when she realizes that Jonah might not be someone to count on. Amber finds out that Jonah has been hanging out with this new girl, Natalie, saying that they're just friends. She warns Andi that when they were dating, Jonah used to say Andi is a friend too. But then he ended up dumping her for Andi. So, Andi should be careful. Andi refuses to listen to Amber. So, when Jonah comes to The Spoon later on, Amber confronts him about Natalie. Amber tells Jonah that Andi is a good person but jealous. So, if he continues doing what he's doing, he will hurt Andi. Amber's speech causes Jonah to ditch his plan with Natalie and choose Andi's Grease sing-along.

Better to Have Wuvved and Wost

Amber feels lonely because she doesn't have friends to hangout with anymore. So, she comes to The Fringe to pass time while trying out different make ups. When Bex asks her to leave, Amber tells her about her lack of friends. Bex advises her to be nicer to people but Amber says that it didn't work out the last time she tried it. She mentions the time The Good Hair Crew stopped hanging at The Spoon in Friends Like These just to avoid talking to her. Bex mentions that Amber is seen as the mean girl but Amber insists that she doesn't want to be the mean girl. So, Bex decides to help change Amber's image by giving her a make-under to make her look less intimidating.

Amber agrees to have Bex reshape her eyebrows using wax. However, as soon as Bex applies wax on one of the eyebrows, Amber freaks out and tries to remove it. In the process, Amber accidentally rips off her entire eyebrow. She freaks out, steals sunglasses to cover up her eyes and runs out of The Fringe. Later, she gives Bex a scathing, negative online review, calling Bex "the wax murderer".

Bought, Lost or Stolen

Amber has started therapy to help her deal with her parents' situation back at home. She's been seeing Cyrus' step-mother, Sharon Frank who is a mental health professional. On her way from Cyrus's mom's office, Amber runs into Cyrus and they both freak out. She feels embarrassed. Later when Amber is working at The Spoon, Cyrus comes to apologize for how he reacted. Amber explains that her parents recommended therapy but she isn't sure if it gets better. Cyrus assures her that it will get better. She says that her problem is so bad she doesn't think therapists can help. She tells Cyrus that she has a deep, dark secret. Amber then whispers to Cyrus's ears, saying that she spits on hamburgers and likes to watch people eat them. Cyrus is grossed out but Amber asks him to keep it a secret since he said she can trust him.

The next day, when Buffy orders a burger served by Amber, Cyrus goes into a dilemma - should he let his best friend eat a burger with Amber's spit or should he expose Amber's deep secret? As Buffy goes in to take a bite, Amber stares at Cyrus to make sure he doesn't say anything. Out of options, Cyrus knocks the burger down. He runs to Amber and explains that he couldn't let his best friend eat a spit burger or reveal her secret. At that point, Amber tells Cyrus that he's passed the test. She reveals that she doesn't actually spit on burgers. She just wanted to know if she can trust him. She explains that her therapist recommended that she should talk about her issues with other teens because she doesn't work well with adults. However, she didn't know who she can trust. But now, she knows she can trust Cyrus with her real, dark secrets. Cyrus agrees to help her. Amber and Cyrus make arrangements to start hanging out after school.

We're on Cloud Ten

Amber starts hanging out with Cyrus, which gets on Buffy's nerves. Buffy asks Cyrus why he feels the need to be friends with unfriendly people like Amber and TJ; but Cyrus insists that from Amber's perspective, Buffy is the unfriendly one. Unable to convince Amber and Buffy to become friends, Cyrus tricks them into his dad's office. When Amber finds Buffy there, she wants to leave but Cyrus tries to get them to work out their differences. He gets Buffy to admit that Amber has never really done anything bad to her. She only hates Amber because of things she did to Andi. Amber admits that she only dislikes Buffy because Buffy dislikes her. So, Cyrus concludes that they don't have a reason to dislike each other but they still refuse to become friends. However, both Amber and Buffy share a laugh together as they make fun of Cyrus for being so old fashioned.

Season 3

That Syncing Feeling

Amber is spending time with her family when she notices Andi sitting alone without the rest of her crew. She compliments Andi's crown and sits next to her. Andi explains that she's alone because her friends are canoeing and she doesn't have a partner to canoe with. Amber then flirts with Andi for a while and suggests that they should go canoeing together. While canoeing with Andi, Amber lets Andi express her feelings about Buffy and Walker. She validates Andi's feelings and tells her that Buffy is the problem because she broke the first rule of girl code - do not go out with someone after they've been out with your friend. Amber makes Andi stop doubting herself for how she handled the situation. Andi admires Amber because Amber is older and has so much stuff she could teach her.

Despite Amber being scared of almost sinking, both Andi and Amber admit that they had fun with each other. They start hanging out more. Later that evening, Andi ditches Buffy and Cyrus in order to hang out with Amber.

I Got Your Number

Amber asks Andi to go out with her to a party. On the way, she and Andi joke about the ambiguity of girl code. She holds Andi's hand as they get to the party which turns out to be a high school party in a warehouse. Andi becomes scared but Amber promises to protect her. During the party, Amber and Andi dance while holding hands together. Unfortunately, they get separated. Andi freaks out and calls her parents to come get her. Amber takes the blame but Bowie yells at her and takes Andi away. Amber is very upset to see Andi go.

The Quacks

Amber has booked the Dance Studio for practice but finds Cyrus using it. Cyrus explains that he is under pressure to come up with an original dance choreography for his dance class final. He is worried that he's going to fail since he's terrible at dancing. Amber sympathizes with Cyrus and offers to teach him a dance choreo. She sacrifices her time to help Cyrus because Cyrus helped her when she was going through a really difficult time. Cyrus is really bad at it, so it takes Amber a lot of time and effort to teach him. Eventually, Cyrus masters the choreo. Amber comes to cheer him up as he presents his choreo in front of judges. Thanks to Amber, Cyrus passes the dance class.

The Ex Factor

Amber provides Jonah with a free meal while working at The Spoon Diner, and also gives him free tickets to Adrenaline City. This makes Buffy and Cyrus suspicious that her and Jonah are getting back together. At Adrenaline City, their fears are enhanced when Jonah and Amber share a pretzel together. Andi, however, knows the real reason for their odd behavior, with Jonah having money problems and Amber helping him out since she had similar issues before. The Good Hair Crew feels good about Amber and Jonah being friends, but they then see the two kissing on a bench in the park, indicating they are more then friends.

Mount Rushmore or Less

Amber tries hard to take the perfect picture of herself for InstaPic, with Andi helping her along the way. Amber reveals that she is happy to be back together with Jonah. When Jonah fails to like the picture, however, Amber is upset and asks Andi to tell Jonah that he needs to like all her pictures. Amber calls Jonah, "J-Bear" at the Spoon, although Jonah already feels as if the relationship is too difficult for him.

Hammer Time

While working at The Spoon, Amber overhears Andi telling her friends how frustrated she is because Bex and Bowie canceled their wedding. She sympathizes with Andi and sits next to her. She offers to help Andi release her anger by taking her to a rage cage where she can let go of all the frustrations by crushing things with a hammer. This works great for Andi. later on, when Andi takes CeCe to the rage cage, she finds Amber there as well. Amber tells Andi that she is frustrated because Jonah doesn't seem to put any effort into their relationship. Andi asks her to break up with Jonah if she is not happy in the relationship but Amber reveals that she thinks she might be in love with Jonah.

One Girl's Trash

Amber is at The Spoon when Jonah invites her to go on a go-kart racing date with him. She is so excited to spend time with Jonah that she accidentally says "I'd love you too" instead of "I'd love to." She then passes Andi a secret note, asking her to meet at the back. She tells Andi what happened and asks if she should tell Jonah for real that she loves him. Andi advises against it but Amber somehow misinterprets Andi's words and decides to go for it. While taking a break during the date, Amber tells Jonah "I love you" but she's inaudible because of a passing go-kart. She repeats it again but once again, Jonah can't hear her. She gives up. She goes to Andi's house to tell Andi what happened. Andi says that it is probably for the better because it would have been worse if Jonah heard her and didn't say that he loves her back. Afterward, Jonah reveals to Andi that he actually heard Amber say "I love you" but pretended not to hear it because he doesn't want to be "in love." Jonah starts avoiding Amber so that she never gets a chance to say "I love you" to him again.

Arts and Inhumanities

Amber becomes concerned because Jonah has been avoiding her and ignoring her texts. She asks him about it but Jonah says that everything is okay, he just had his phone turned off. She asks him to hang out but Jonah lies that he's busy getting chess lessons from Cyrus. When Amber runs into Jonah and Cyrus and asks about Jonah's progress in chess, she notices that Cyrus has no idea what they're talking about and becomes suspicious that Jonah is lying to her. During her next counselling session with Cyrus, Amber asks him to play chess with her. Cyrus feels a lot of pressure because he doesn't know how to play chess while Amber was a competitive chess player through the 6th grade. Cyrus easily loses the game to Amber after his first move. Amber forces him to admit that he doesn't know how to play chess. After that, she confronts him for standing there while Jonah was lying to her even though she's her friend too. Amber storms out, saying that she can't talk to Cyrus about how he mistreated her.

The next day, Amber finds Jonah telling Cyrus that now he has to come up with another lie to avoid Amber. Upon hearing that, Amber speaks up and asks Jonah to just break up with her. Jonah says that he's sorry and asks if they can still be friends but the cliche break up lines only makes Amber more angry.

Something to Talk A-Boot

Amber is struggling after her break up with Jonah. Seeing him at The Spoon doesn't make things easier. So, she calls him aside and explains to him how painful it is for her to see him around. She tells Jonah that she needs space and politely asks him to stop coming to The Spoon for a while. Jonah calmly and sadly walks out. Later on, Amber finds Jonah standing outside The Spoon. She reminds him of her request for space, and Jonah says that he understands but he has some news to share with her. Jonah reveals that his father got a job and they can now afford to rent an apartment. He says that he wanted to tell Amber first because she was there for him during the difficult time. Amber thanks Jonah for the consideration. She then asks him if he wants a milkshake and asks him to wait for it outside. She goes inside and asks another waitress to take the milkshake to Jonah.


Jonah Beck

Main Article: Jonah and Amber

Amber was dating Jonah Beck, despite being older than him and in high school. This has led to tension between Amber and Andi Mack who has a crush on Jonah. She is controlling in the relationship and almost always gets Jonah Beck to do whatever she wants even if that means giving her a bracelet that Andi Mack made for him. She's caught cheating on him by Andi at the end of episode 5. Andi tells Jonah, but Amber tells him she's lying. In Episode 7 we're informed Jonah and Amber broke up, but due to Cyrus's unclear advice, Jonah decides to get back together with her. However, he finally realizes that Amber was controlling him after developing feelings for Andi, and dumps her. Furious by their breakup, Amber threatens to make Jonah regret his decision. In Season Two, their relationship improved drastically when Amber confided to Jonah about her family having money problems. Jonah that tries to get the The Good Hair Crew to become friends with Amber. In Season 3, Amber helps Jonah out when he is having similar financial issues. The two end up getting back together, sharing a kiss in the park. As their relationship moves forward in time, Jonah grows disinterested in the relationship, again being uncomfortable with having to treat Amber like his "girlfriend". They eventually break up in Arts and Inhumanities when Amber overhears him and Cyrus discussing how Jonah needs to stall for time.


Iris and Amber were friends. When Iris told Amber that she thinks Cyrus is cute, Amber helped set them up and organized a double date.

Andi Mack

Main Article: Andi and Amber

Amber really despised Andi, noticing her feelings for Jonah from the second they met. She initially does not take her seriously as a rival, but gradually starts to view her as a threat after she grows close to Jonah. In addition, Andi was the first to notice the way Amber manipulated Jonah, and nearly succeeds in exposing Amber for cheating on him. It was partly because of her that Jonah broke up with Amber. This only intensified Amber's hatred for Andi. In Season Two, Amber attempts to make amends and be friends with Andi. It was going well until Amber trapped Andi in a Ferris Wheel and ran away. In Season 3, Andi and Amber go Canoeing together. They then become very good friends.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • She goes to Grant High School.
  • Until Andi informed her, she had no inclination what the significance of the term "Amber Alert" was. She continues to use it anyway.
  • In "She Said, She Said" and "Hey, Who Wants Pizza?" it is said she is insecure, which Andi didn't believe.
  • She started working at The Spoon Diner in season 2.
  • The only season finale episode where she and Jonah don't appear in is The Cake That Takes the Cake.
  • Her father lost his job.
  • Amber says that her parents fight a lot, which makes her upset.
  • Amber says that she does not have any friends, which could imply that her and Iris are no longer friends or that she means close friends, since she definitely has a social life. Recently, she has befriended Andi and Cyrus.
  • There was going to be a scene in which Amber's last name would be confirmed to be "Brown", but the scene was cut.
  • Amber is having therapy sessions with Cyrus' stepmother, Dr. Sharon Frank.
  • Amber used to play chess competitively up through sixth grade.
  • She is right-handed.


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