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You. Buffy, I choose you. You're my best friend! Buffy, I choose you!

Cyrus to Buffy

A Walker to Remember is the seventeenth episode in Season 2 of Andi Mack and the twenty-ninth overall. It first aired on June 25, 2018 to 0.92 million viewers.[1]



Andi and Walker realize how much they have in common when they spend the day together. Buffy steps up to lead the team in T.J.’s place when he is sidelined.[2]

Full Plot

Bex is worried sick about Andi having moved out. She can't handle one night without Andi. She calls Bowie to ask about how Andi is doing. She tries to come up with a codeword to use so that Andi doesn't suspect Bowie is talking to Bex. Luckily, Andi walks into Bex's apartment. Andi tells Bex that they are okay. Bex is relieved.

Since Buffy is playing one of her last games before moving, Andi and Cyrus, along with Bex and Bowie, have made huge plans to go cheer for her. Jonah Beck asks Andi to go to the game with him but Andi wants him to join their group. Jonah is disappointed because he wanted it to be just the two of them. They all carry megaphones to cheer Buffy. Hopefully, she will get a chance to play this time. Andi says if TJ doesn't pass the ball to Buffy, they will just yell at him. This upsets Cyrus who is quick to defend TJ. Cyrus notices that TJ is not playing.

As the rest of the crowd cheer Buffy, Cyrus walks up to TJ to figure out why he isn't playing. TJ blows him off at first but Cyrus follows him as he leaves the basketball court. Cyrus sits next to TJ and offers to listen. TJ explains that he has been benched from playing because he failed math. He reveals that he has dyscalculia, a math learning disability, but he doesn't want anyone to know about it. At that point, Cyrus explains to TJ that a lot of people have learning disabilities and that it is okay and normal. He also mentions that Mr. Coleman wouldn't fail TJ if he knew that he had dyscalculia. TJ admits that Buffy was right but thanks Cyrus for being the one to help him. Worried, Cyrus brings up the fact that he told TJ how to manipulate Buffy by saying "you're right." TJ promises Cyrus that Buffy will never find out. Buffy leads her team to victory with her impressive game. Everyone is cheering her. They've even given her a nickname, "Slayer!"

After the game, Cyrus comes to congratulate her but Buffy is upset because instead of cheering for her, Cyrus spent the entire time with TJ, her worst enemy. Cyrus apologizes and offers to buy Buffy baby taters to make it up to her. Buffy later runs into TJ. TJ talks rudely to Buffy and reveals that he's been reinstated into the team after telling Mr. Coleman about his learning disability. To make things worse for Buffy, TJ reveals that he's told the teacher that she cheated for him in the math homework. Buffy realizes that TJ manipulated her to do the homework for him. TJ rudely agrees and tells Buffy, "you're right!" At that point, Buffy realizes that TJ has been using "you're right" a lot lately to get her to do stuff. She knows that's her weakest spot. She figures out that someone must have told TJ how to get her to do stuff for him. She figures out that it must be Cyrus.

Later, Buffy meets up with Cyrus and reveals that she's been suspended from the basketball team for doing TJ's homework. She confronts Cyrus for telling TJ how to manipulate her. Cyrus apologizes but Buffy tells him that he can't be friends with her if he's friends with TJ. She gives him an ultimatum. He must choose. Her or TJ. Buffy angrily walks away from Cyrus.

Meanwhile, after the game, Bowie takes Andi, Bex, and Jonah to Red Rooster Records where he will be working instead of Judy's Blooms. He shows them around and starts flirting a little with Bex, which makes Jonah wonder if they're getting married. On their way to The Spoon to celebrate Buffy's victory, Bowie asks Jonah to remain behind. He asks Jonah about his panic attacks. He gives him a free guitar so that he can play whenever he gets anxiety. He once again teaches Jonah how to play the guitar and he's impressed by his improvement. So, Bowie books Jonah an audition with Sid, the greatest music teacher he knows. He says that Sid is a perfectionist but he cautions that she is prickly and very difficult to work with. He gives him the address and tells him that he has to be there at 11 am or else Sid won't accept him.

Andi gets a video call from an unknown number. It's Walker, the caricature artist from Cyrus' bar mitzvah. He asks Andi to meet up with him. Together, Andi and Walker have fun walking down the street. Then Walker reveals that he's taking Andi to an art gallery where they have one of his paintings. At the art gallery, Andi and Walker have fun taking pictures with all the magnificent paintings. Walker then asks Andi to guess which painting is his. It turns out that his canvas is still blank. He tells Andi that he has a deadline to paint something by the end of the day or else he loses the space. Andi agrees to help him paint. Together, they come up with a beautiful rainbow-themed painting. They sign both of their names on it. Andi then realizes that Walker didn't really have a deadline. He just wanted to spend time with her. After the adventure, Bex asks Andi about her day with Walker and mentions that it must be bad for Jonah. She asks Andi to be honest with Jonah but Andi refuses, saying that she will do it only if Bex is honest with Bowie too.

The next morning, Jonah goes to audition for guitar lessons at Sid's. On his way, he passes by the art gallery. He notices (from the corner of his eyes) the painting that Andi and Walker painted together. He is very upset to see Andi and Walker's names signed on it. He looks at his watch only to realize that he's late for his audition. He panics and returns home.


Main Cast

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi Mack
Joshua Rush as Cyrus Goodman
Sofia Wylie as Buffy Driscoll
Asher Angel as Jonah Beck
Lilan Bowden as Bex Mack
Lauren Tom as Celia Mack (credit only)

Recurring Cast

Trent Garrett as Bowie Quinn
Luke Mullen as TJ Kippen
Darius Marcell as Walker Brodsky
Jay Whittaker as Coach Purcell
Clinton Brandt as Jefferson Player


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  • The title is a play on a 2002 Coming Of Age Film called "A Walk to Remember".
  • This is the first time we see Cyrus and Buffy fight.
  • It is possible that Buffy's nickname "Slayer" is a reference to to TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Mr. Coleman the Math teacher from There's a Mack in the Shack is mentioned.


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