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A Moving Day is the 19th episode in Season 3 of Andi Mack and the 56th overall. It premiered on July 19, 2019 to 0.60 million viewers.



Andi and her family take a road trip; while helping Jonah move, Buffy and Cyrus are surprised to learn the identity of his famous mom.

Full Plot

Cyrus has a toasting contest. Jonah burns his, Buffy arranges untoasted bread, butter, and a match, and Andi makes a tiny toast house (with glue).

Bex won a meal with a retired chef and offers to bring her family with her. Bowie and Andi agree, but Celia is reluctant. Celia agrees to come, but only if her they agree to do a 2000-piece puzzle with her.

Buffy no longer has crutches but still has a boot. Buffy and Cyrus have a “thing” they need to do tomorrow and invite Jonah to come. Jonah mentions that his Dad got a new apartment, so he can’t. Hearing this, they offer to help him move. Jonah is concerned about Buffy lifting heavy things with her injury, but she brushes him off (“see, I can lift Cyrus”).

Celia stalls before driving to the hermit chef, much to her family’s frustration. They drive as far as the road will take them, then hike through the woods to find the chef.

Cyrus finds a pack of Judy Bartholomew dance/workout DVDs and is shocked that they are real. He assumed that they were fake parodies. He shows Buffy the videos online and he and Buffy laugh at them together. Judy turns out to be Jonah’s Mom. When they find out, they seem genuinely impressed, not amused or mocking.

They get lost in the woods, but Bex keeps insisting they aren’t lost. Bowie pulls Bex and asks her what’s going on, but she tells him to trust her and he agrees to.

Judy shows Cyrus and Buffy how to dance like her. She then asks Jonah to demonstrate. Jonah does, and his friends are impressed.

When Andi, Celia, Bex, and Bowie arrive at the top of the mountain, they see Buffy and Cyrus. As it turns out, Bex lied about the retired chef. She brought them there so she and Bowie could get married. Jonah plays "You, Girl," the song Bowie wrote for Bex when they first dated, on his guitar for the wedding. Andi’s phone rings, briefly interrupting the wedding. She ignores it at the time, but it turns out to be a call from SAVA. She listens to the call and appears to look shocked, but Bex and Bowie surprise her and hug her saying how happy they are now that they're married. Andi agrees but looking very unenthusiastic and sad.

Andi’s friends show her a Judy Bartholomew video. Jonah mentions that his father is one of the dancers in the video. His friends laugh, assuming he’s joking, but when he gets mad and walks out, they realize he was serious.


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  • Jonah performs "You Girl", the song Bowie wrote for Bex in Best Surprise Ever when they were first dating. However, several new lyrics were added, it is uncertain if Bowie wrote them originally or if Jonah added them for his rendition.
  • Bex and Bowie finally get married in this episode.
  • Coco Angel, who played Judy Beck, is Asher Angel's actual mother.
  • Jonah claims his father was the dancer "on the left" in the Judy Bartholomew video Andi was watching.
  • This episode is the penultimate episode of Andi Mack.


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