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• 7/18/2017

The Application for the 3rd Admin

Here is the application for our 3rd admin spot! The rules to apply are:
- You must not have any bans.
- You must have more than 25 edits.
1. Are you a TRUE fan of Andi Mack?
2. What was your favorite moment in Season 1?
3. What can you bring to the wiki?
4. Have you ever been an admin? If so, list the wiki(s).
5. Have you ever been banned on another wiki?
6. Do you promise to follow the guidelines set forth by this wiki?
Please answer the questions on my wall (NOT the comment section below). Thank you and good luck!
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• 11/1/2017
1. Yes
2. When Jonah breaks up with Amber
3. Fun facts
4. No
5. No
6. Yes
• 11/1/2017
Oh my god I answer it on comments dang it there goes my chances
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